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 This week: Digital Dilemma
  Edited by: Lonewolf
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About This Newsletter

Hello WDC my name is Lonewolf and this is my first Newsletter so please bear with me. It has been a pleasure to write the Love and Romance Newsletter this week.

This week’s Newsletter will focus on the Love and Romance of Online Relationships.

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Letter from the editor

Love and Romance of Online Relationships

The digital age has made numerous things possible along with many modern marvels and the ability to reach people miles, states, and even continents away from one another invoking friendships and so much more.

Many online relationships start on various dating sites, but my research has taken me to online video games; for example one that I frequent as of late deals with the forging of friendships in order to finish whatever quest you may have to do. It pushes people to work together in squads in order to finish whatever they have to do. During the game, conversations leads to friendship and that friendship can in turn make you want to play more thereby getting to know the person and revealing bits of yourself on a deeper level.

As with any relationship there are dangers being in an online relationship, which is why I do not suggest this type of relationship for anyone under the age eighteen. When embarking on this type of relationship whatever the age you must be careful because there are predators that tend to prey on people to get what they want from money to other things.

I believe the love formed between the two people online to be real whereas others don't because you cannot trust what a person will tell you over the internet because there are those that will lie to you. My answer to this is that the same thing applies to a face-to-face relationship. People will lie regardless. A few relationships that have formed online have made it past being something only online to a loving marriage and two children.

Trust is a major factor in an online relationship because you are not able to be there with the person you love. Therefore, there are moments when tempers flare and faith questioned. I think the reasons behind online relationships is that people seek out a person to give them what they are missing ranging from a multitude of things from someone to listen to without judging to just a little attention they may not receive in everyday life. I personally believe online relationships are necessary for those that do not have friends, or for those that are sick in the hospital with this as the only way for them to act socially.

Online relationships are just as real as any other for the simple fact that you meet someone and develop strong feelings for that person and yes there are those that well deceive and mislead whom are not accustomed to this type of relationship. However, you have to follow your heart and use common sense that is also something that must be kept in mind when attempting this type of relationship. Do not allow yourself to be taken advantage of; ask questions, and get to know everything about that person, and let the relationship flourish before giving out sensitive information. Overall as with all relationships it takes a leap of faith.

I thought this movie would be a good example of how online relationships can develop.

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From young love, to aged love 'twas all found in a moment, and held for a lifetime...
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