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Noticing Newbies

 This week: I Dare You!
  Edited by: ember_rain
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2. A Word from our Sponsor
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About This Newsletter

As a Newbie, I struggled to find my place here. It took a couple of tries. Then I found a group and a friend that put a smile on my face and made me want to be here. I want to be that friend for all of you. So grab a cup of tea and have a nice read as I help you find your ways through the ends and outs of

The best thing about this place... Even Dyslexics like me, that like to tilt at windmills, have a chance for greatness. If you find a grammar or spelling mistake accept my apology now. Spell and Grammar check just doesn't get them all.

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Letter from the editor

I dare you!

Have you ever taken a dare? If so you know how it feels to get that rush right before you actually go through with it. On this beautiful Spring--for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere--Day, I want to challenge you to make the most out of WDC. Are you up for it?

I dare you too

Meet new friends--Do a review for every person who joined WDC on the same day you did. You can find your join date by going to your profile and clicking on the community tab. You can find others by scrolling over the tools link in the left hand column of your page in the first box between Shop and Gift Point Tools and clicking on Account Birthdays. Find everyone listed with your account birthday. Note: you don't have to do them all. But, do a few. Introduce yourself, do a review for them and ask them to return the favor. Who knows maybe you will have something in common with at least a couple of them and make some great friends. That's how I met a lot of my friends on here. I can't imagine life without them now.

Check out - The Contests page under things to do and read. Pick a contest and enter. But, don't just enter a contest for something you could write in your sleep. Enter one you don't think you can do. Push yourself. Try a different genre, try writing a micro story. Then... Read the other entries. Review them, even if its just to say, this is awesome! Again, its how I made many of my friends.

Respond to a review - With more than just a thank you. I don't mean blasting them for hurting your feelings. I mean, pick up on something personal they might have included such as, "I use to have this problem with my writing too." Then, respond with, "So how did you get past it?" Not only will you learn something that might be useful, but you just might get a good friend out of it.

Join a group--We have tons of groups here that are for newbies, improving your writing, specific types of genres, and special interests. Do you have a learning disability? What about a physical one? We have groups for that. Do you have an emotional issue? We have groups for that too. Are you a teen? Are you Native American? We have groups for that. And yes, we even have groups for the really insane among us,myself included, known as Nanowrimos. You can find the list of groups under Browse by Type. Who knows you just might make a friend.

Whatever you do, never underestimate the power of friendship to help improve your writing. I have too many friends to name. I am afraid I would miss someone and I wouldn't' be able to live with myself if I did. They know who they are and without them... My writing wouldn't be what it is today... I dare you...

Make a Friend today!

*Starstruck* *Starstruck**Starstruck*

The Newbie Corner

By The Run-on King PDG Member

         I was looking around Writing ML help (the question mark in the help section you get every time you compose an e-mail or static page.) When I stumbled on ROTATION. Quote: "Writing ML tags which use id numbers, or colors are able to rotate up to 10 different things." You can read the rest in Writing ML Help, under Miscellaneous, under Rotation.

         Basically it says {b-item:1962252,1965689,1973531,1965216}My spot light Items.{/b}(If you want to show off some of your writings and/or items your proud of in your port. Remember your allowed to list ten items or it stops working. Here is an idea I came up with. Using this idea you can show case three items in our port. What if we create three static pages each one doing rotation of ten different items. Now you can show off different items each time the page is reset. I thought it was a clever way to show off thirty items instead of three.)

         I ran into a little problem with my rotation of the four items. Now in the instructions it says you don't need the {/b} but farther down it lists it. So I used the color example added the text"These are my spot light items."I added {/b} and it now rotates correctly. By the way to test these use 'F5" key it works pretty slick.

         Now if you want to show off your friends. You would use {user:gungunwarrior,gungunwarrior,gungunwarrior,gungunwarrior}. and the last part is rotating color you can use on a single text line it looks like this {c:lblue,green,violet,red}Watch this change color as you reload the page{/c}. You know you could even create a friend of the day and have it rotate each time some one visits your page on one of the spotlighted items. You can even put this in your guest page!

The Friend of the Day coding:
{c:violet,blue,green,navy,grape,borange,rose,yellow,brown,red}Friend of the Day{/c}
{c:violet,blue,green,navy,grape,borange,rose,yellow,brown,red}When you see them online please say hello!{/c}

Examples: (Remember to hit F5 right here to see it change.)
 Invalid Item 
This item number is not valid.
#1973531 by Not Available.
My spot light Items
The Run-on King PDG Member
Writing.Com Signature Image for Upgraded Registered Authors!
Watch this change color as you reload the page

Example Of Friend of the Day:
Friend of the Day
When you see them online please say hello!

Now remember these are only examples of how the rotation works. Please feel free to cut and paste my examples and modify them to fit your needs. If you run into trouble please fell free to ask me for help. I'm always willing to help.

Editor's Picks

Some Potential New Friends!

 Fire doesn't scare me (Annie, Tristana)  (E)
Annie and Tristana play Truth or Dare
#1989689 by HiroshimaAB

Chosen for the obvious reasons

 Rant about Spidey  (E)
This is a comical rant about my sister, for the "Truth or Dare" contest.
#943245 by poisonivy

Spidey's sister could be me if she was almost 20 years older, and you substituted Poison for the Killers, CC Deville for the lead singer, and hair bands for Punk. Oh and I don't have an online boyfriend. But, I have been informed I am addicted, mainly to WDC.

 Truth or Dare  (E)
Definitely the epitome of childhood games, played by older children. Very tacky. R&R pls!
#1445928 by Jadedwolf

I don't usually pick scripts but I thought in the name of challenging ourselves...

 First Almost Kiss  (E)
This is a memoir of a truth or dare moment which led to my first almost kiss.
#1801697 by Lauren Smolen

Who doesn't have a similar story?

 Truth or Dare  (13+)
A funny game of truth or dare
#1984852 by sillymilly327

Will you review to get part two or will you back out of the dare>

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