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Noticing Newbies

 This week: Greetings from the Land of Nano
  Edited by: ember_rain
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About This Newsletter

As a Newbie, I struggled to find my place here. It took a couple of tries. Then I found a group and a friend that put a smile on my face and made me want to be here. I want to be that friend for all of you. So grab a cup of tea and have a nice read as I help you find your ways through the ins and outs of

The best thing about this place... Even Dyslexics like me, that like to tilt at windmills, have a chance for greatness. If you find a grammar or spelling mistake accept my apology now. Spell and Grammar check just doesn't get them all. I will, on occasion, use this space to explain things I have learned to both help solidify them in my mind and to help others that might struggle with it as well. Homeschooling my kids taught me that I learn best when teaching.

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Letter from the editor

For those of you who are doing Nano for the first time this year...Welcome to the Madness! For those of you tired of hearing about it, It's almost over. In fact winning starts tomorrow. If you have already won, Congratulations! If you haven't yet hit your word count, what are you reading this for? Get back to work! *Laugh*

I have been asked many times by people who don't do Nano why I would want to try to do something as insane as write a novel in a month. They talk about how publishers hate November now because they will spend the month of December throwing away unedited, poorly written novels. After all, everyone has a story to tell, just not everyone can do it well.

This is where I say, if you are sending in your manuscript unedited... Well don't send in an unedited manuscript. Do yourself a favor and edit it, get people here on WDC to help you. We love to edit novels. We have whole groups dedicated to doing just that. But, I digress.

The reason Nano is so important to anyone wishing to write a novel, is a little something known as a deadline. We all have heard of them, most writers loath them. Nano is your chance to practice them. The last thing you want to hear as a writer is, "I know your struggling to finish this but we have to have it ready for editing in the next month or the project is going to get pulled." Nano takes the fear and panic out of that. If you have won, you already know you can handle it. Put a gag on your inner editor and just write.

Sure, you can do it on your own anytime you like. Pick a month set a word count goal for every day, then sit down and meet that goal, Or take advantage of the three times a year Nano gives us and do it with other insane people so that the lonely job of writing a novel at least doesn't feel so lonely.

I believe that is the true appeal of NANOWRIMO and websites like WDC. No one likes to write in a vacuum. We all need feedback and understanding.

If you are actually new to WDC, Welcome to a world where we all struggle to be the best writers we can be and everyone here wants you to succeed as much as we want that for ourselves. It isn't just paying lip service to the idea of being polite. Get a review where someone seems to hate your work... Consider whats been said. Perhaps, they just really want to see the story become something amazing.

I can hear my word count screaming my name. I have a plague to stop, a slayer to find, and a war to get started. Yes, I know I've already won. But, so has anyone who sits down puts pen to paper or fingers to keys and writes something, or even tries to write something.

Welcome to the first day of your writing life, even if you have been writing for years. Make the most of it.

Editor's Picks

I thought we would highlight groups that can help you write your Great American Novel. After all It isn't that long till we get to the first session of Camp Nano in April.

The Steampunk Authors' Guild   (E)
Group for those who wish to learn, practice, write in, promote, and review Steampunk.
#1776061 by Beck hibernates in winter

 Invalid Item 
This item number is not valid.
#1919215 by Not Available.

P.E.N.C.I.L.  (E)
Looking for novel reviews? You've come to the right place!
#1916109 by Gaby

Fantasy and Science Fiction Society  (E)
For Fantasy and Science Fiction authors. Open to all applications. come in and learn
#2014050 by David the Dark one!

 Invalid Item 
This item number is not valid.
#1984237 by Not Available.

 "Pantsers" United  (ASR)
For folks who write "By The Seat Of Their Pants" Sit down and let the story flow. :-)
#1979030 by Lawless - Proud Pantser

Hell Inc.  (GC)
Collaborations, contests and community... Welcome to Hell, Inc.
#1612796 by EvilDawg - Vigilante Ranger!!

World Weavers  (13+)
A group supporting world building for authors of all genres
#2012120 by Tileira

NaNoWriMo Plus Forum  (ASR)
The forum for nanowrimo plus group. NaNoWriMo and beyond with monthly goals.
#1606269 by Dawn Embers

30 Days of Character Building Group  (13+)
30 Days of Character Building Group
#2011744 by ~ Aqua ~

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Ask & Answer

If your doing nano this year how is it going? If not would you ever consider it?

comments on my last newsletter:

{suser;linnann} Ember, I felt so sorry for you while reading this. I was so fortunate that I had English teachers who admired my work and gave me lots of support, even when I had millions of grammar and spelling mistakes. I'm so glad you won out!
love, LinnAnn

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