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Noticing Newbies

 This week: The Tour Part Three
  Edited by: ember_rain
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1. About this Newsletter
2. A Word from our Sponsor
3. Letter from the Editor
4. Editor's Picks
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About This Newsletter

As a dyslexic writer, I understand how scary it can be to put yourself out there for others to read your work. But, it is something every writer needs to do. Whether you're submitting to a publisher or posting here for the WDC world to see, you have to get over it eventually or die forever in obscurity with your children wondering why Momma/Daddy never did anything with their work.

The purpose of my newsletter is to entertain a bit if I can, but it is also to help you look at writing ideas as a new member you might not have thought of. To address issues every writer faces at some point in time so you know you're not alone. On occasion, I will throw in a WDC technical issue on how to find your way around here or the ML. What I won't do is give you something that bores me. Yes, I know there will be spelling mistakes. I won't use every their, there or they're correctly. I may spell collage when I mean college. But, what you will get are real answers to problems I have conquered and some I'm still struggling just like some of you.

My one and only goal is to help our new members feel like the belong because you do. Different ideas are welcome. Different styles are welcome and yes even if you have in the past spelled cat K A T out loud and thought you were right or struggle to let characters lead and the plot follow, you have a place here on WDC. None of us are perfect. We all struggle and we are all here to help each other in that struggle.

Friends have jokingly suggested that I drank the WDC kool-aide. I will happily agree. I did and I am so glad I did. Here is to all of our new members finding their writing home with us as well.

Quick note: I lost my editor, He's moved three hours away and has very little internet access, all for the love of a girl. So please bear (or is it bare) with me there will be mistakes. I'm doing the best I can. Lucky for us all Firefox now offers a Grammarly app and it works here on WDC.

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Letter from the editor

To see the first to parts off the tour in case you missed them you can see part one at "Noticing Newbies Newsletter (February 8, 2017) and the second part at "Noticing Newbies Newsletter (March 8, 2017)

Welcome Back! Wow has it been a whole month already? Those of you who have been with us since the start of this tour are very patient. The rest of you, Welcome! We are glad you joined us! Please check out the first two parts of this tour. The entrances to them are just above us here.

As you can see this area is a little more colorful compared to the Basic Item wing. The black door to your left leads to folders. These folders help keep your portfolio organized. You can name them and add things to them as you like. How? When adding a new item or editing an item you will see a drop down that shows My Portfolio. If you leave it as it is then it goes directly into your port. If you click on it, it will give you your folders as options. You just pick the one you want then save the item when you're done with it.

Directly in front of us, you will see a blue door. That is for interactives. Interactive are a lot like a campfire where other people can contribute to the item but instead of just being a continuation of a story or a poem added to a collection this requires for the reader to pick their own ending. It can go in many different directions and have a dozen different endings. I myself have never tried to write one but I do enjoy reading them.

Then to your right, you will see a red door. That door leads you to message forums. These are the voice of WDC. You have probably encountered at least one already. "Noticing Newbies. There are versions of these all over the web so I don't think you need an in-depth explanation here. So if you will follow me up the steps we will explore the Upgraded area.

As you can see there are several doors here. The one with a book painted on the door is our book option. It doubles as a journal. You can set it to do journal entries or for chapters. This has a different linking ML {entry:#####}. That is regardless of chapter or blog.

The one with the image of SM and SMs's beautiful family is our image room. This is where you can add images you wish to use on your items or signatures for posts. It too has its own ML {image:#######}

That big open area just outside the window that looks like its been divided into individual corals is the heart and soul of WDC. Those are our groups. They use the original tag I first showed you for linking things as do all the other things I have showed you unless I said otherwise. Groups can bring people together or they can be used to store gift points for games, raffles, contests or just to hold the funds you don't want to spend so you can save for a paid membership.

That line of people over there standing in front of other people that is our survey system. The people they are standing in front of have questions they would like answered, like who do you think wrote the best story in this contest or who do you think is the best writer out of a certain list of people. You can go get in line if you like just after we get done here for the day.

Over there in that far corner is our community note area. Community notes are WDC's version of Hallmark. We have all sorts of e-cards for all occasions. Those who host c-note shops do so to help raise gps for groups or themselves.

So the next question is how to navigate what you have seen so far when you aren't creating. On the left-hand side of the device you were given when you joined, you will see browse by type. You can look for any item based on its type.

We will continue on to the last two membership levels next month. Have fun exploring what you have learned already and don't forget to ask if you have any questions.

Editor's Picks

Just a few of our newest members

#2116997 by Dorsidhion Mephistopheles

 Fairytale Lullaby  (E)
Has been reviewed for years with high regard as to one of my best works
#2116990 by Jinx

 Invalid Item 
This item number is not valid.
#2116973 by Not Available.

 The Innocent  (GC)
In 94 a man in NY was arrested for Kidnapping Heidi Allen.Gary Thibodeau.This is his story
#2116945 by Mason Dain

 The Ordinary Life of an Ex-Super Villain  (13+)
Steven Salt has decided to leave his super life behind him.
#2116888 by The Writer In Red

 Invalid Item 
This item number is not valid.
#2116881 by Not Available.

 The Walk  (ASR)
Poem Soldiers Promise
#2116840 by Tarasia Gay

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