Mail an Awardicon!
Jan 21 2014 at 1:06pm EST
Awardicons are wonderful to give and receive on Writing.Com, but wouldn't it be great to receive a matching memento in the mail? YES!

*Bullet* Recipient receives a 1" button in a congratulatory card and envelope
*Bullet* Collectible card with your unique printed title or message
*Bullet* Pin on back of button allows for easy display anywhere
*Bullet* Display individual Awardicon and Merit Badge cards in pocket page protectors for easy keeping and showcasing

See "AwardIcons for complete details.
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Thank you SM and SMs *Heart*
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Wow. These look great. Do you send yourself Awardicons often, The StoryMaster ? It looks like you sent the ones in the picture to yourself!
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All of you are jumping leaps and bounds on this site I call home. Wow! Now this I must say was a stroke of genius! I really do like this now...this is a treasure, this is actually something that I can leave to my grandchildren. It is that important to have this. Sometimes, you like to look at your treasures when you're down and having this would lift anyone's spirits. This puts smiles on a face that is so racked with pain that for just a while, looking and dreaming, looking back to the time you received it and from takes you away from your trial in your life and you can dream for a little while until that next pain hits. You all have done something really wonderful here and it is making me tear up just thinking about it. Call me an old sentimental person. You have just created for all of us by making this, a wonderful memory that will never die, that we can share when we are gone. Thank you for this. Very Sincerely, Cissy
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