Amla's Alternate Form
Jun 23 2020 at 3:35pm EDT
While she has a very good nature, it takes very little to set her off. When she does go off, she has an alternate form which she uses to torment travelers (very much like her sister, Nadite, when she flips the hood of her cloak) and terrify them.

Large and terrifying wings unfold from her back, the skin is thin and partially transparent so you can see veins running across them. Her skin, as equally transparent and so pale in color that it was basically white with a silver like shimmer, has a wet and nearly slimy appearance. Sharp points break out on different points on her body, such as the tops of her thighs, the outsides of her upper arms (both of them) and shoulders. She has two sets of arms and two tails, with sharp ridges, that move independently of each other, along with a large broad brow that extends forward and off to each side, the ends sharpened to points. Knowing that at one point she was female would be entirely eradicated due to the fact that the parts that make her distinctly female are gone.

If for some reason you weren’t blanked by shock and thought you could go against Amla in this form, her magic would remove you from all planes of existence.
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