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This is the ninth of ten short stories in monosyllabic words by Aunt Fannie.
Poll Question:
Ann, the Good Girl, is available online in Ten Short Stories by Aunt Fannie   at Project Gutenberg  . This user poll is an introduction to democratic voting for readers of Ann, the Good Girl.

In the story, a poor boy died by being bit by a mad dog, which could not have happened had the poor boy stayed indoors. It had recently rained upon the whole village. The villagers know to stay indoors until the sun warms and dries the area enough to go outside without catching a cold. Why was the poor boy outdoors where he could catch a cold or be bit by a rabid dog, and almost no one else was outside?
Poll Options:
      Poor people cannot have an education so do not know to stay indoors.
      Since he was poor, the boy has to work more and take more risks.
      Everyone has indoor work in the village, so the boy was being naughty.
      The boy likes to play with dogs, and made a mistake.
      The boy's parents are to blame since they did not let the boy stay inside.
      The country is to blame for aiding and abetting rabid dogs.
      Nor poverty nor education are the issue, prudence is what was missing.
      The boy was an extra so everyone pushed him away.
      The boy is an athlete who taunted rabid dogs for fun.
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