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A poll asking what kind of trinket I should create.
Poll Question:
In honor of the National Trinket Month celebration, I have decided to create a brand new trinket to share with everyone. But the big question is, out of all the many, many possible options, what kind of trinket should I make?

Then, I decided why not ask? So, let's have a bit of fun and take a poll! YOU tell ME what kind of trinket to create!

If we can hit 50 voters, I'll create not one but TWO brand new trinkets for your collecting pleasure.

If we can hit 100 votes, I'll create not two but THREE brand new trinkets for you!

The deadline for getting your vote in will be Sunday, September 26th by midnight WDC time & All trinkets will be created and up for collecting by Monday, September 27th by Midnight WDC time, and all trinkets will be unlimited!
Poll Options:
      Fall themed - leaves, harvest etc
      Halloween themed
      Historical in theme
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