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D. R. Prescott has written a novel, a nonfiction book, award-winning short stories, essays, a full-length play, planetarium show/display scripts, family histories, and technical articles as well as written for and edited several newsletters. As former director for a Fortune 500 company until 1997 and as Tessmann Planetarium's Program Director until 2007, he now writes and explores life in Orange, California.          
"Sentience can be annoying." - Prescott, 1990
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    Should Mars be the next destination for human colonization?
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    A potpourri of thoughts...
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    Shorts and short shorts...
    Rated: E · Drama · #1698597
    SNAGS and more to come...
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    Videos created as trailers or otherwise.
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    Written over the years as the mood struck.
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    Links to other web presence...
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