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Hi, I'm Lisa*Cat*, I am a former news commentator for a radio station in Harlan Ky., I also worked as a staff writer for our local newspaper. I love to read and review but I also love to write. I am not an experienced poetry or short story writer. in fact my short stories aren't very good. I make too many mistakes, as I just runoff writing and forget to check it afterword.If you review my stuff please be kind. *Laugh*I am happily married and living in Eastern Ky. I have published a book called A Fairy's Tale It is available at Lulu publishing. Visit my website at:*Angel* http://misskittynoe.tripod.com/
a peaceful winter scene, in which a male cardinal spots food.
Rated: E
~109 Words
Animal, Contest, Nature
Type: Poetry
Updated 2 years ago
soldier aiding his brother in arms that tells a story. 2012 Quills Nominee. for Daddy!
Rated: E
~291 Words
Drama, Experience, Military
Type: Other
Updated 2 years ago
The story of a woman who learns the hard way about the bad results of smoking.
Rated: 13+
~538 Words
Biographical, Health, Experience
Type: Article
Updated about a year ago
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