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WELCOME TO MY PORT! I love to read, write, and think. I especially love writers who think, and eloquently write. Some of my favorite authors include Noam Chomsky, William Trevor, Gore Vidal, and Arundhati Roy. I find I do my best writing when I feel passionately about something, and really have something to say. I suppose you'd call that "persuasive writing," or perhaps, "critical writing."
    Rated: 18+ · Romance/Love · #1310009
    Poem inspired by ancient art, and modern man.
    Rated: 18+ · Political · #1309944
    A poem about U.S. foreign policy during the Nixon administration.
    Rated: 18+ · Cultural · #1353701
    My thoughts as the pseudo "peace talks" take place in Annapolis.
    Rated: 18+ · War · #1310232
    Explores the darker side of U.S. foreign policy; our hegemonic motives.
    Rated: 18+ · Political · #1310036
    . . . to protest the Bush administration's devotion to war, and dictatorship.
    Rated: 13+ · None · #1310448
    From raising a child, to guiding a nation- let us keep character in mind.
    Rated: 18+ · Political · #1311217
    It is important to stay informed, because we are all connected. War must end.
    Rated: 18+ · Educational · #1309440
    Just a silly little tribute to one of my favorite authors.
    Rated: 18+ · Romance/Love · #1310437
    It takes courage to love.
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