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I have a sense of adventure, join me & find out what's happening. Long writings & more.
Books, blogs a lot of information about writing & related topics; & probably a variety & more writing, different topics & whatever may happen in the future. I have written some poetry which is an exercise in learning about poetry, so any suggestions or comments are very welcome. Now, where did I place all of my poetry? Yikes, I will have to go to lost & found!

Welcome to my Blog City community members. I'm thrilled & pleased that you have come to visit with me.
Welcome all of WdC, I enjoy company & am pleased that you are for a visit.
Whoever comes for a visit is welcome any time. My door is open to you. No, I need no locks because my heavenly father will be here to keep watch over me and my family. I am never alone even when I am apparently alone. People may not be here, yet my father in heaven is always with me guiding and caring for me. My house plants brighten up my home, & my four footed, winged, and fur family members are here to share their friendship with me, you, and even someone new. Come one, come all, we're going to have a ball...Bella give that ball back! I guess she though it belonged to me & so decided to get it for me.
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