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MY Weekly Writing Prompts - Organized by Year
This folder contains all the writing prompts I have given/written in the last few years in "The Writer's Cramp.

These do not include instances where a prompt was furnished to me - these were all mine.

The prompts are organized by year starting with April 4, 2016 and continuing presently. I put the results in terms of how many people tried the prompt on any given day.

As I get a bit forgetful, sometimes I come and check through these to make sure I'm not giving the same prompt twice. *Laugh*

You are welcome to try any of these out for size. Someday I might try to go through these and write. You never know.

I get ideas from what's going on in my pasture, events of the day, historical notions and so forth. If it pops into my head during the week, I write it down and try to sort through it in order to come up with an interesting prompt. I'm always on the lookout these days.

Happy Writing!
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/portfolio/item_id/2162034-Prompts-To-Ponder--237-Prompts