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Rated: 18+ · Folder · Steampunk · #2186896
Six more tales of steampunk adventure in the skies of Victorian Africa
The second book of the Beyond the Rails trilogy

         Following the success of Beyond the Rails (not monetary success, but the way everyone who read it expressed their great enjoyment) I undertook a sequel, or more properly, a continuation. Six more novellas following the format of the first book, offering a crew trying to make a simple living as life kept getting in the way. I tweaked their situation just slightly to create problems for them, and began with a jarring first story just to shake it up a bit; wouldn't want to get in a rut, now would we?
         I'll be transcribing these stories in their entirety between now and mid-month, so keep an eye to your newsfeed. I'll be announcing each one as it goes up, and I sincerely hope they bring you as much fun reading them as I had writing them!


         This collection is dedicated to the wonderful friends and fans who had the patience to wait while I dealt with a rough patch, as well as my long-suffering family, who continue to put up with my shenanigans. May the God of Harried Authors bless and keep you!


         These are the continuing adventures of the crew of the airship Kestrel, an insignificant cargo vessel plying its trade in and around 1880s Kenya. It is first and foremost a work of extreme fiction in which history is recognizable, but somewhat skewed from that you might find in a history book. There were no dirigibles in Africa in the 1880s, the technology being then in its infancy, nor was Kenya colonized by the British until 1888. The “Rails” of the collection's title began construction in 1896, and rubies weren’t discovered until 2001; as friends can attest, I’ve never been one to let cold, dull facts get in the way of a good story! The crew of the Kestrel has seen a few changes since Dr. Nicholas Ellsworth joined them a year ago, and to get the most enjoyment from these tales, it is recommended that the reader begin with Volume I, but that isn’t necessary; these stories are designed to stand on their own. I very much enjoy meeting my readers and hearing your opinions, but above all, enjoy the ride!

         To order a cover of similar style and quality to this one at a great price, contact Bryce Raffle .
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/portfolio/item_id/2186896-Beyond-the-Rails-2-Soldier-of-the-Crown