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by Shaara
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Holding out your hand to others is a service to our Lord.

This is a real orchid put into a scanner.

Holding out your hand to others
remembering what's important,
being a believer in a world
that's sometimes harsh and cold.
These are the things we cherish,
we who seek the Lord.

Giving thanks for all that's good
Loving our fellow man,
Doing our best in this earthly world
to spread good any way we can.
These are the things we practice,
we who honor God.


The following is a tale that does not belong in this folder since it is about a vampire. Yet, it is the tale of a man who seeks God. Perhaps, it might also interest you to read.

The Redeemed  (ASR)
He gave up his soul to bring his wife back from death.
#948908 by Shaara


In her newsletter, Sophy recently asked her readers to write "what they believe."

I thought it was an excellent idea, one that might allow me to explore my true beliefs. This is what I wrote:

What do I believe?

I believe in the essence of God, a God that’s a positive force of good.

I believe that in meditating/praying to God, I am offered the journey toward harmony, equanimity, and knowledge -- not only in a book-learning sense, but on a path of affirmative growth of spirit.

Do I believe in the opposite? Yes. Sin is a step into negativity, onto the wrong path. Disobeying any of the Ten Commandments brings malevolence into a person’s life. Such sins/errors fill days with aggravation, plunge a soul into hopelessness, push a person into the dark waters of despair.

I believe that systems of religion can provide helpful instruction for attaining this enlightenment, but historically many of those churches have taken a turn into prejudice and the kind of thinking that says, “I’m right and everyone else is wrong.” I avoid such institutions, especially the kind where rants are called sermons and Biblical wrongs (like the original sin of Eve) are heaped upon shoulders, leaving people distraught, fearful, and even more distanced from God.

I believe that Faith should guide us toward acceptance of differences, encourage our ability to see the worth of each individual, bolster us against adversity, provide hope when it seems there is none, and offer instruction that leads us further on the path toward enlightenment.

I believe in Peace (another name for God) – the peace of spirit and goodwill. I pray that everyone will find its contentment. I like to picture this as Martin Luther King did in his famous Dream Speech – a world in which we all join hands and sing the sweet song of peace.

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