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Hello, I am an inflation writer that stated out over on deviantart. You can find me just about anywhere with the the same username as here. I open requests every once in a while, but I am still sort of new at this, so any feedback is insanely helpful. I am trying to get better to possibly do this for commissions, but that probably won't be for a while. Things I will write about: Gas or liquid inflations (Including stuff like helium, air, water, coffee, blueberry, etc.) Things I will NOT write about: stuffing, fat, vore, muscles, basically stuff that stays solid when entering the body. Thank you for stopping by and have a nice day.
    Rated: 18+ · Adult · #2198373
    Kaylee breaks up with her boyfriend, so he decides to place a spell on her the next day.
    Rated: E · Erotica · #2197520
    Three Vocaloids perform together in an attempt to get as big as they can.
    Rated: 18+ · Adult · #2196924
    A TG MtF Blueberry Inflation Story. Request for rommel39 on deviantart.
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