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Charity is an award-winning author of two children's books and has over 100 publication credits spanning 20 years. She has written for Coldwell Banker, iPhone Life Magazine, and more (still trying to get into Writer's Digest though!). Scheduled for release in Spring 2019 is a four-book nonfiction series called Understanding Libby: A Mother's Journey with Childhood Paranoid Schizophrenia. Also planned for 2019 is a YA fantasy novella and the third in her children's series. She is a full-time Realtor, a certified Paralegal, and a married mom of two living in Texas. She's been with WDC for over 10 years. This is where it all started for her.
A blog dedicated to my daughter, Libby, as she battles not to lose her mind.
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Are you looking for a home for your nonfiction? You've found it!
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When faced with an impossible situation, I learned to forgive.
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