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Hello, I am smjones. I began writing poetry as a child and have continued writing - sometimes sporadically - since then. I love to read, though I read much more when I was younger than I do now. I enjoy interacting authors and readers on this site. I am primarily working off-line projects right now, and trying to finish some unfinished things in my portfolio. They are marked private because, as they are not finished, I am not ready to share them yet. I hope that you will find something of interest to you in the completed items in my portfolio. Thanks for stopping by.
6 quatrain poem, abca rhyme (24 lines)
Rated: E
~225 Words
Nature, Regional, Environment
Type: Poetry
Updated a day ago
Longing for Autumn ~ 44 line poem (abab rhyme)
Rated: E
~272 Words
Holiday, Cultural, Food/Cooking
Type: Poetry
Updated 15 days ago
Nature poem, 12 tercets/ 36 lines
Rated: E
~165 Words
Nature, Environment, Writing.Com
Type: Poetry
Updated 2 days ago
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