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I could never fit in. At school i was awkward & clumsy. 'To straight for the hips, to hip for the straights' (from Dave Warner's album 'From the Suburbs'). Most of my time was spent reading novels by Peter Benchley, William Blatty, Issac Asimov, Arthur C Clark & Stephen King, whatever my dad was reading. My past has brought me to my future and in order to be a good writer you must first be a good reader. Not that i am good…yet….but i have ambition, a want to write something not just good, but great. No matter what, i will keep on banging the keys, taking the good days with the bad, honing my skills & awaiting inspiration for that one story.
Just a comedic observational view of people...mainly the givers and the takers.
Rated: E
~257 Words
Comedy, Nonsense, Entertainment
Type: Poetry
Updated 3 months ago
Facing our own mortality and hindsight on what we achieved.
Rated: E
~234 Words
Philosophy, Personal, Death
Type: Poetry
Updated 3 months ago
A comical look at how all of the religions compete for our soul/money.
Rated: ASR
~224 Words
Satire, Religious, Opinion
Type: Poetry
Updated 3 months ago
    Rated: ASR · Experience · #2196796
    Written mostly from personal experience, there is some darkness but also some light.
    Rated: E · Sci-fi · #2196392
    Six SciFi short stories based on how we critters eventually get whats coming to us.
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