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Summary of this Book...
How to write romance, but its advice is valuable for any genre, not just for romance writers.

She talks about how "writing a romance novel is one of the best ways for a novice writer to achieve publication." It's an easier market to break into, because there are so many readers of this genre, and they always want more.

This type of Book is good for...
...those who want to write better romance novels, or be a better writer in general.
I especially liked...
Her chapters on making your characters come to life, writing believable dialogue, and how to submit a manuscript to a publisher.

She writes easily, as though she were talking to the reader one-on-one. Her suggestions are easy to understand and follow.
I didn't like...
I wish this book had been longer. I always want to learn more, and I hate when a book ends.
When I finished reading this Book I wanted to...
I wanted to write more! Not necessarily a romance, but to use her principles to work on my own stories. Her list of "53 Reasons Why a Book May Be Rejected" was interesting and helpful. I know I've made some of those errors, so it's good to be able to fix them before submission.
This Book made me feel...
...like it is possible to learn the basics from anyone, regardless of the genre they write in. Like most books on writing, it made me get my notebook and do some writing.
The author of this Book...
Phyllis Taylor Pianka has sold twenty novels that have been translated into twenty-two languages. She is well-known for her seven how-to booklets for writers. She's also lectured at colleges throughout our great nation.
She is a charter member of Romance Writers of America.
She has many more credits which I didn't go into here.
I recommend this Book because...
I feel I learned a lot from this book. Even though I write dark fantasy/thrillers and she writes romance, I still learned from her advice. She gives solid information that is easy to follow.
I don't recommend this Book because...
It might seem boring to more advanced writers.
Further Comments...
OK, I can hear you know--"Just why is a horror/thriller writer reading a book on writing romances?"
It's because I found a wealth of information that is applicable to all genres. I think it's a great guide to anyone who wants to become a better writer. Sometimes a book outside your favorite genre can teach things you never expected, or thought of before.
May the Muse be with you!

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by Starr* Rathburn
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