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Reviewer: ♥hOOves♥
Review Rated: 13+
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Summary of this DVD...
This is a screwball comedy from the mid 1930s. I love screwball comedies, but had never seen this one.

It is the story of a socialite (Carole Lombard) who is on a scavenger hunt for a party during the Depression. She goes to the city dump to find, "The Forgotten Man", a homeless fellow named "Godfrey". As it turns out, she rescues Godfrey and employs him as her butler and mayhem ensues.
This type of DVD is good for...
anyone who enjoys a good nonsensical Screwball comedy.
I especially liked...
William Powell (The THin Man). He totally cracks me up with his deadpan, lightning fast delivery of a wise crack. I also like Carole Lombard. She is no Jean Harlow (who would have aced this) but she is pretty funny as a scatter brained, but good hearted heiress.
When I finished viewing this DVD I wanted to...
watch another screwball comedy with William Powell.
This DVD made me feel...
like the 1930s aren't so different from now. I see a lot of homeless people milling around who remind me of Godfrey.
The cast of this DVD...
knows how to deliver fast and sarcastic dialogue. This as very amusing.
I recommend this DVD because...
I love a good, nonsensical screwball comedy with a cheesy message for the masses.
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