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I have to say that I am a fan of Sally Field. When I was a kid, I watched reruns of Gidget and The Flying Nun. I followed her career and always liked her. I was happy when she won the Oscar twice and other awards.

This book comes across as an honest and painful look back on what was a horrific childhood and flowed into a troubled adult life. I did not experience what she did, but from reading her thoughts in lots of explanatory words, the hesitation the fear and the pain comes through.

Her primary abusers were her step dad and more painfully, a mother, who looked the other way. She adored her mother so there was a lack of communication in order to keep that relationship in tact.

I would have liked to see more about her co-stars, like Tom Hanks and Robin Williams. However, I learned stuff that totally shocked me about Monkee Davey Jones. I wish I could unsee what I read about him. What a tool.

People seem to show up and want things from her - the step dad who abused and her real dad were big on asking for loans. I cannot imagine the pain that caused when they both were pretty lacking in the "parenting" department.

The stepdad should have been in prison for what he did to her. It makes me sad that she went through this. A lot of bad can be perpetrated in the name of "family."

It is an honest and disturbing story. Burt Reynolds comes off as self-centered, which isn't surprising. At least he wasn't one of the family members who mooched off of Ms. Field's success. When they were together he was the big star. I think recently he said she was the big love and regret of his life, but in the end in order to grow she needed to move on. That was clear to me from what she wrote.

She's had a lengthy and interesting career that anyone would be proud of. After reading this I was sad for her and all that she went through. I think she deserves to feel happy now, in her 70s and proud of all that she achieved.

No one has a perfect life, but I hope that Gidget would have had better parents and family who didn't always have their paws out for her earnings.

The fact that she's accomplished what she has with a group like that is remarkable and admirable. In the end, though, the book had me feel pretty sad for her and angry at her so-called family.

At least her kids seem nice.
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