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This is about two people who go through a living hell for years because of the Nazis and their monster of a leader, Hitler. It is about the survival of love and strength of the human heart in the face of unimaginable brutality and cruelty. It is also about a people who follow evil so readily and do whatever they are told to do. That would be the SS and the horrible followers of that ghastly regime.

To survive, what would you do?

He has skills with languages and that is what saved his life ultimately - his educational background and a gift for communicating with others. This won him the horrible position of carving numbers into the arms of his fellow Jewish prisoners. Imagine having to do that to survive.

I hope you never have to answer the question that a brave man named Lale had to answer of years in Auschwitz-Buchenwald in Nazi Germany. Taken from his family, he is alone in a world that scarcely resembles the past and promises nothing but horror and terror for the future. I don't think anyone can rightly judge unless they walk a mile in his shoes.

It is about the war, where my father saw these things and fought to liberate the world from a horror that people today cannot begin to comprehend. Most people, that is.

Certainly not some ignorant member of Congress from Michigan who likes to shoot her mouth off, not understanding a thing about history. Or maybe she does understand and that is even worse. That was in the news today, an antisemitic idiot spouting off nonsense on her twitter or whatever.

She should be required to read this book before she is required to resign her seat in Congress. This stuff has no place in the 21st Century politics. She needs to go back to Michigan and learn about the world a bit before she mouths off again.
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