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Although it is claimed that this book is a must read for managers and entrepreneurs, it contains many refreshing and practical concepts for everyone and anyone who has ever worked anywhere and on developing ideas into actions and objects. It is difficult to review a book of this caliber and not give a taste of a few benefits one can gain from it; therefore, I am going to mention a tiny part of its contents.

The substance of the book, in general, is about the creative process and why some ideas succeed and others do not. What I most liked in it are the truthful, eloquent, and motivating statements the author makes such as: “The true value of an idea lies in how we evolve it” or “A trigger is a concept or a hunch that arises in our imagination” or “Drafts are important because they are a physical manifestation of our ideas” or “Work is our holy grail of creativity because work itself generates more triggers and drafts...”

Although Levy gives much importance to work, he justly puts down working ineffectively because such work does harm to its idea. He also understands the fear of exploring contradictory ideas and the creative people’s concerns about going against the establishment. He says the value of the ideas that are “foreign and unfamiliar” and how they may intimidate us due to their uncertainty. He calls them our own “Other Ideas” and advises to follow their lead because that uncertainty is better than always working with certainty and coming up with expected but dull work. This is because due to our survival instincts, our brain wants certainty.

Then, most people in the visual and writing arts usually do store their ideas in some place easily accessible to them, but not everyone does that. The author’s mention of it made me think twice about the way I treat my ideas, the way I write them on scraps of paper and have them all over the place and later throw them away because of the mess. Although some of the information in the book was familiar, I came across quite a few concepts to focus on. This was one of them.

I believe this book will help anyone whose work involves exploring new avenues, improving products, and hiring worthy people, be it in a roundabout way, yet with authority.

This type of Digital Ebook Purchas is good for...
rethinking our priorities when it comes to working wisely.
I especially liked...
just about everything, although I was familiar with about half of the advice in the book.
The n/a of this Digital Ebook Purchas...
is is Yonatan Levy, “a product leader, user-experience expert, and entrepreneur who has been developing digital products for more than a decade. He’s an experimenter and a problem-solver by heart and soul; he is also an artist…”
I recommend this Digital Ebook Purchas because...
it shows what to do with our ideas and to pay attention even to those of them that make us uncomfortable.
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