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This is a compelling portrait of my favorite Beatle, written by his first wife. There is a lot in here about the early days that she knew and revelations about John's relationship with his eldest son and also Yoko Ono.

I did not totally buy the claims of impoverishment at the hand of a very wealthy man, because of Ms. Lennon's net worth of several million pounds. But, maybe it is all relative in that sense, compared to the fortune left to Yoko Ono and her son.

It made for very interesting reading as I have always been and will be a Beatles fan.

I enjoyed reading about the early days and the family dynamics, as well as the changing relationships within the group and their hangers on.

I totally enjoyed it so much that I purchased a hard copy - having initially read it on Kindle. The actual physical book has some awesome pictures I had not seen before. I would heartily recommend this book to Beatles fans who remember Cynthia, John's first wife and the one who was with him when the truly great music was written.
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