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A European Princess is dragged around Europe by her handlers. She is forced to keep up appearances and say the right thing politically. It is a monotonous and demanding existence. This is way before what horrors befell Princess Diana.

Her caretakers and handlers even drug her to keep her "happy." Somehow she manages to escape from them and enjoys a holiday in Rome with a handsome young man from America. He turns out to be a newsman and realizes who she is. At first he thinks he is on to the biggest story of his life, but in the course of spending time with the princess he falls in love with her.

Gregory Peck is very appealing as the American Newsman and Eddie Albert (later Oliver on Green Acres) is amazing as Peck's photographer buddy, Irving. Some of his scenes are hilarious as Peck tries to stop him from saying the wrong thing by throwing things at him and knocking him out of his chair. Physical comedy is definitely part of this movie and Audrey Hepburn is very young and gorgeous. She won an Oscar for her part in this.

I enjoyed it more than I thought I would after I realized it was made in the 1950's. Some of it is dated, but most of it is as relevant today as it was then and brilliant.

I can see why it is a classic. I wonder if Princess Diana ever watched it. Gregory Peck is a prince.
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