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Summary of this Book...
What has this book taught me? Hmm. That I do not enjoy cozy mysteries. I thought I would because I'm quite partial to a little Agatha Christie now and then. This book, though. I did not enjoy.

The plot is ridiculous, to begin with. A woman gets inadvertently caught up in a bank robbery. She manages to escape, but the police question her when a woman who looks like her is seen with the bag of money getting into the getaway car. She is cleared, but decides to leave her Florida home and go to the coast to run the B&B her aunt has left her in her will.

Trouble follows her because the police released the photo of the mystery lady who looks like the protagonist. The robbers want to find her to recover their swag.

Enter a bunch of untrustworthy guests, written with absolutely no unique or interesting details. Even the guy who is sent to save out heroine is dull and two dimensional.

I really have nothing good to say about this book, and its a shame. I thought I would enjoy it. I think, had the writing been of a better quality, I might have been able to overlook some of the other problems.
This type of Book is good for...
Propping up an uneven leg on your coffee table.
I didn't like...
Plot. Characters. Author's writing style. It was almost 100% telling and mostly passive voice.
When I finished reading this Book I wanted to...
This Book made me feel...
Angry. Disappointed.
The author of this Book...
I won't be reading anything else of hers.
I don't recommend this Book because...
It's badly written. The plot is predictable. The characters are not likeable and two dimensional.
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