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Summary of this Book...
Sister Fidelma, a dalaigh or an advocate of the law in seventh-century Ireland, is called to the abbey of Lios Mor, where one of the brothers has been murdered. His door was locked from the inside, and several precious manuscripts he had brought back from a recent pilgrimage have disappeared.

When Fidelma and her companion Brother Eadulf travel to the abbey, an attempt is made on their lives. Upon arrival, they discover that a heretical brother has been making many changes, few of them popular. The Abbot seems helpless.

Fidelma has to demonstrate her authority, not only as a dalaigh, but also as sister to King Colgu.

During the investigation, there are "accidents" at the abbey, which is under a massive expansion. One of these "accidents" nearly costs Brother Eadulf his life.

Fidelma puts everything together and presents her findings in court, which, of course, is a shock to everyone.
This type of Book is good for...
fans of historical mysteries and readers of ancient Irish and Celtic cultures. Also, people who like reading about the early centuries of the Christian faith may or may not like it, because Tremayne introduces a number of ancient texts written in those times that call into question Christianity and Christians.
I especially liked...
Eadult has his moments, where he helps Fidelma with her investigation that she finds useful. I also liked when Eadulf finally put her in her place, because she is always snapping at him.
I didn't like...
Tremayne is a pseudonym for Peter Berresford Ellis, who is a renowned scholar on ancient Celts and Irish. He puts a lot of that into his stories which does bring ancient history to life, but there are many of such terms. We get it. Tremayne knows his stuff, but sometimes it gets in the way of reading. There were many instances where "Eadulf knew that term meant this" or "Eadulf remembered that term meant that."
When I finished reading this Book I wanted to...
Read his next book.
This Book made me feel...
Confused at times. It is sometimes difficult to follow Fidelma's logic when she is presenting the final solution.
I recommend this Book because...
it is a great mystery!
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