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Summary of this Book...
This is the second book following the Pomegranate Soup, which I had read and enjoyed. Unfortunately, a third book isn’t going to follow because the author passed away tragically.

I can’t say I enjoyed this book as much as the first one. Although the author’s talent still shone here and there, I found the ending rushed and a bit confused, in contrast to the major part of almost two-thirds of the book, which was way too slow and leaned heavily on the recipes and cooking. I have no problem with Iranian cooking, In fact, I quite like it, but too much was too much, and the ending was abrupt and confused. I even thought, should Hemingway write this book, of the 292 pages, he’d cover the first two-thirds in ten pages and elongate and restructure the last part.

In the story, the sisters Marjan, Bahar and Layla Aminpour continue with their life in Ireland’s Ballinacroagh, and their Café Babylon flourishes and becomes famous under the astute organization by Marjan, the oldest sister.

When an older Italian woman, Mrs. Estelle Delmonico who was the earlier owner of the café, finds by the sea a strange young woman with webbed hands who has just tried to abort her baby, Marjan ends up helping her, and the troubles begin.

A solution does come eventually, and the puzzle of the young girl with webbed fingers is solved, but not without taking odd turns and twists, and this reader, although understanding the plot, ended up thinking, “What just happened here? Couldn’t it be told better?”

Starting from the first book, I like the contrasting characters of the three sisters. I think, if anything can save this plot, it is this author’s insight into characterization. Should she have had a longer life, I am sure her talent would have carried her to the stars.
The author of this Book...
Marsha Mehran (1977-2014) was born in Tehran, Iran, left during the Revolution, at age 2, with her family.
Further Comments...
This was an author in the making. Unfortunately, the latest time in her life didn't favor her, and her mental health deteriorated. This made me wonder if this last book was the victim of her illness.
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