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Summary of this Book...
The book is written by Joanna Ho and illustrated by Dung Ho. It is a cheerful discovery of family and traditions with diversity.

The book 'Eyes That Kiss in The Corners' is written from the perspective of a little girl.
The book begins with the eyes of the girl and how they are not similar to her friends. Her friends had big eyes with lashes like lace trim on ballgowns. Her own eyes glow like warm tea and kiss in the corners. They are different.

The tender eyes of the little girl show some similarity with her mama. Her mama eyes crinkle in the crescent moons as she smiles.
Her mama's eyes are like her grandmother's. She is close to the little girl and can read her inner thoughts. Her grandmother's eyes are like her sister's eyes. She keeps them blinking at the window, waiting for to sister to come home. The girl feels like she can fly when she's around her. Her eyes are like the girl's eye which sparkle and kiss in the corners.

Throughout Eyes That Kiss in the Corners, which is Joanna Ho’s first picture book, she explores themes of family and tradition to construct an intimate portrait of a young girl’s growing sense of herself. The girl draws strength from her relations to the other women in her family, she clearly cherishes. Guided by these strong, loving women, the girl comes to realize her place in the continuum of both her family and her culture.

In the hands of less talented creators, Eyes That Kiss in the Corners would be a simple exploration of how physical differences make us all unique or special. But Joanna Ho’s powerful language and Dung Ho’s dazzling illustrations have instead created a celebration of family and heritage that’s both luminous and revelatory.

This type of Book is good for...
Young children of age 2-10 can read this. It has a beautiful message in it of self exploration and self discovery. No matter how you look, you have something great in it to find.
I especially liked...
The illustrations and the imagery. The beautiful floral illustrations and calm pictures with light background enhance the understanding. The imagery used for depiction of those beautiful eyes and the tender family bonding is heart touching.
When I finished reading this Book I wanted to...
Honestly, I read this book twice as it gave me immense pleasure and a way to find myself. When I finished reading this, I wanted to read more books from the author.
This Book made me feel...
A trip to my childhood days when we were free from all the pain and worldly things and we had people to love and care for us.
The author of this Book...
Joanna Ho has made a debut in picture books with 'Eyes in the Corners'. She writes cheerfully. Determined to refute a childhood of media consumption that solely validated “impossibly narrow” Western beauty standards, debut author Joanna Ho told PW she set out to write a picture book that “celebrated not only the physical beauty of Asian eyes, but also the power we have to create change in the world.”
I recommend this Book because...
It will take you to your childhood days and will make you love yourself. This book teaches us how we all are diverse yet beautiful.
Further Comments...
With quality illustrations and a relaxing story, this book becomes a must read for children.
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