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Summary of this Book...
I’ll be honest, futuristic sci-fi novels aren’t generally my bag. However, I do love a bit of dystopia now and then. And this novel fits the bill perfectly.

This is the story of Henry Kitson, an intelligent young man who makes the mistake of acing his exams with 100%. Getting this score can only mean he has cheated, according to the people in charge. So, instead of Kit being turned out into middle class luxury, he is sent to a school for Techs.

So, here is the thing. This book was written in the mid-eighties but set round about now. In this world, people were all separated into classes. The Ests were the middle class who sat around most of the day watching the lower class Unnems in a kind of reality TV. (How similar is that to the actuality of life today?). The Unnems sing, play pinball, ride motorbikes. All for the entertainment of the Ests. The final class is the Techs. They control everything because they control the computers that control everything. So, the Ests dislike them intensely. There is also a group of military police called Paramils. These are the people who catch offenders and take them to the lobo-farm. A place where, once you leave, it is with part of your brain missing so that you never get to think for yourself again.

Kit, due to his intelligence, is assigned as teaboy for Idris, the man who controls the main computer, Laura. And Laura controls everything. Idris created Laura and loves her, but he knows that one day she will have to be shut down. He knows he won’t be able to do this, so he tells Kit how to do it. Idris takes his own life, leaving Kit in charge.

Kit, however, wants to go “on the razzle” and outside of his compound. While there, he falls in love with a champion motorbike rider, Keri. After a time, the two of them escape and embark on an adventure the length of Britain. The journey is fraught with danger. Psychocopters patrol the skies, reading the emotions of people on the ground. If they feel the slightest amount of fear, the psychocopters will swoop down and cart them off to the lobo-farm. Paramils patrol the roads, meaning Kit and Keri must go off the grid.

The book ends so cleverly. I did not see it coming at all. But it is perfect. I enjoyed Westall’s writing. This book was written for teenagers, but it works equally well with an adult audience. And it really is so accurate when you look at the world today. Sad but true.
This type of Book is good for...
Well, I enjoyed it, and I wouldn't have predicted that. So, probably, most people would get something out of this book.
I especially liked...
Well, I really liked how accurate much of this novel was in predicting the way humans would become. However, that is also something I don't like about it because the predictions weren't for a better world. I really loved the ending. It was perfect and a bit of a surprise.
When I finished reading this Book I wanted to...
Maybe, look at finding some more dystopian novels to read.
This Book made me feel...
I felt admiration for Robert Westall's writing. His imagination was huge. That made me happy.
The author of this Book...
Robert Westall. I've never read him before. However, my friend has recommended Yaxley's Cat by him, so I might have to read that next. I liked his writing style a lot.
I recommend this Book because...
It's clever. It gives you pause to think.
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