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Summary of this Book...
This book took me back to watching the TV series with my Mum when I was little. And, again, after my Dad died. It was a favourite of Mum’s, so I bought the dvd and we had a wonderful time watching it together. I have such fond memories of that time, even though we were both grieving for Dad. This show gave us a little bit of happiness.

Because the TV series meant so much, I was worried I would be disappointed with the book. But I wasn’t. I found myself smiling on just about every page. Anne’s passion and imagination shine. I love how she speaks the longest sentences ever, and how she constantly lets her mind run away with itself. The writing is funny and engaging. The way Anne grows as a person as she gets older is really well written. She speaks less and is more grounded. The ending of her rivalry with Gilbert Blythe at the end of the book is something I had wanted, pretty much, since they fell out. I think Gilbert has always loved Anne. Although, we don’t see any of it in this book.

Anne’s friendship with Diana is lovely. Before they even meet, Anne decides they will be bosom friends forever, and that is exactly what they become. I think my favourite character is Mrs Rachel Lynde. Not just because she’s called Rachel, but because she is funny. She likes to gossip and she dislikes Anne at the start. She thinks her unruly and uncouth, but she changes her thoughts and ends up really fond of her. Even so, her Christian, moralistic view of things often make me laugh. I love that she isn’t afraid to admit when she is wrong. I also love Miss Josephine Barry. She and Anne are perfect friends for each other, and I loved to read about their relationship.

I have to be honest when I mention Matthew. I know he is meant to be the loving, caring (albeit, shy) person who all readers adore, but he bugged me big time. Every single sentence, he began with, “Well now.” I get that Montgomery was establishing a speech pattern for him, and she wanted to show his shyness, but seriously … Every. Single. Sentence: “Well now.” I don’t think this was necessary. Also, he remained shy and uncomfortable around Anne and, even, Marilla until the end. This seemed a little far-fetched. He didn’t grow as a character. And every other character did grow. Anne became less flighty and more realistic. Marilla learned how to show her love. Diana finished her schooling. Gilbert learned to give up what he wanted to do for someone he cared about. Matthew just stayed the same.

Okay, another thing I was slightly disappointed by. The middle of the novel was a little soggy. Pretty much the same things happened, but in different ways, over and over. I got a little bored for a short time. Overall, though, I was entertained.

I enjoyed this. I think it has some great morals in it, and I’m sure little girls will still enjoy it today. Not-so-little ones, too.
This type of Book is good for...
Children. People who want an easy read that won't involve too much thinking.
I especially liked...
Mrs Rachel Lynde. She is so funny. I like the author's humour, in general. I found myself laughing out loud and smiling a lot as I read this.
I didn't like...
Matthew. Just didn't like the man.
This Book made me feel...
Happy. Warm. It made me remember with fondness a time with my Mum that I'll never get back. So, a little sad, too, I guess.
I recommend this Book because...
It's a feel-good story with characters who will make you smile.
I don't recommend this Book because...
It's pretty tame. If you're looking for excitement and action, this book isn't for you.
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