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Heart Happy 13th Birthday!!! Heart

You are... almost.... grown-up!


Okay... just wait a few more years.
My account is 13 years old today. Where's a rabbi? Time for a bar mitzvah.
Mazal tov!
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Shalom Aleichem! Enjoy your bar mitzvah of Writing.Com! I think that is a lot of Hebrew to recite. Are you ready? *Smile*

Congratulations on 13 years with WDC! *Cool*
Old geezer.
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Happy 13th WdC Anniversary, Robert.

Thanks Smile
Look who is a WDC teenager! *Bigsmile*

Now we're in for it!

Happy WDC birthday, Waltz!
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Last week, I traveled to Missouri (or as I call it, Misery - though the place I visited had craft beer, so it wasn't) to see the total eclipse. Since roughly 3 trillion other people made similar journeys, I didn't bother taking photos or writing about it, since there would definitely be better photos and/or descriptions out there. And I was right - here's one, from one of my favorite scientists.

Well, that's a good thing I guess! Columbia is more of a college town anyway though.
So's Charlottesville. Didn't stop the Nazi scum from showing up.
Can't argue with that. *Think*
I know many of you have heard, by now, of unfortunate events in my hometown today. I would apologize for the disruption of news coverage of more pressing problems in the world, but I had nothing to do with any of it. I will, however, reassure you that Charlottesville is usually a really nice, welcoming, inclusive place to live, work, drink and visit.

Just not today.
I suspect there will be more drinking than usual today, though, for various reasons.
Wanna grab some GPs? Enter "The Writer's Cramp [13+] for the chance to win up to 10K Gift Points! Today's prompt, due at noon WDC time tomorrow:

It's St. Patrick's Day! Or, as I like to call it, International Drinking Day. Write a story or poem about overindulgence and its consequences (could be positive or negative) on this fine day.

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#1633129 by Sophy

Okay, so my plans for NYE, which involved ensconcing myself in the welcoming arms of my favorite brewery for the evening, fell through when said brewery decided to close at 8pm tomorrow night.

So I googled "places to drink on new years eve" and got a bunch of neoprohibitionist propaganda.

Fuck google.

Maybe I'll just sit at home and listen to my entire Leonard Cohen playlist while wiping out my massive wine collection.
Hit my favorite winery today ... I'll be drinking with you *Laugh*
"Dance me to the end of wine ..." Wink
🌜 HuntersMoon - which one is that? If it's in central VA, I've probably been there.

The best thing about living in this area is the abundance of breweries, wineries, cideries and distilleries.

Even if they're not open for New Year's Eve.
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It's Thanksgiving in America.

Fuck that - this year has sucked balls. Thanks for nothing, LIFE.

I admit I'm torn between wanting to write off 2016 for this month or celebrate that this is the year I made a huge dream come true.
I thought of you when I heard the news. Heart he was a gem. (Rough cut, little muddy, but a gem)
Jay : There is a crack in everything. That's how the light gets in.
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Missing Leonard Cohen too.

After, even during, election night, I avoided news outlets. Last night, I brought up CNN.com and saw the awful news.

My favorite song was *Music2* Everybody Knows*Music2* . Loved it ever since I heard it in the movie Exoctica
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Today will be the 10th and final day of Andrew's port anniversary celebrations, so we're spreading some cheer in his honor! *Bursto**Balloong* *Burstb* *Balloonp* *BurstR* *Balloony*


Hi I just read the editorial of the newsletter about refugees and comedy, I think it was very good.
Keep Writing!
Io Saturnalia to all!