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December 29 1991
Linköping, Sweden
About Me
I live in Linköping, Sweden, where I study theoretical physics. I also play keyboards in a band or two. Inspiration comes from the science I study, the music I listen to, stories that make me think, and my subjective experiences, but mostly, my chaotic brain inspires me involuntarily... Thoughts, phrases, concepts and memories sometimes annex my mind, so I silence them by dragging them into sunlight...
Type of Writer
I write about things that get stuck in my head, mostly in the form of poetry.
Writing Style
Planning was never my strong suit. I write when I need to get my head straight, or whenever a decent idea pops into mind...
Language. Mathematics. Music. Mythology. Philosophy. Physics. Psychology. Religion. Technology.
Website / Homepage
https://chalicetheband.bandcamp.com/ — Melodic Rock from the Plains of Ostrogothia
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The Poet's Place   (E)
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Favorite Poets
Dante Alighieri. William Blake. Amal Donqol. Johan Edlund. Elias Lönnrot. John Milton. Edgar Allan Poe. Martin Walkyier. Oscar Wilde.
Favorite Music
Beethoven. Black Metal. Folk Rock. Fusion Jazz. Industrial. Post-punk. Post-rock. Progressive Rock. Psychedelic Rock. Trance. Reggae.
Favorite Movies
Blue Velvet. Dead Man. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Inland Empire. Jackie Brown. Lost Highway. The Matrix. Memento. Reservoir Dogs. Shine. The Square. Stalker.
Poems on life, love, nature, philosophy, science, beauty, mythology, or plain nonsense.
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Poems on death, hate, trauma, insanity, addiction, insanity; the dark side of the mind.
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Whatever thoughts pop into mind and, for some reason, decide to stay there.
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A slowly updated sci-fantasy project inspired by Planescape, Numenera and quantum physics.
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Poets can discuss, review, request reviews, etc. of their unique form of writing.
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