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December 20 1988
Southeastern CT, amongst trees and haunted houses
About Me
Hello! Thanks for visiting. I'm in my 30s living the DINK (double income, no kids) lifestyle with my boyfriend and two guinea pigs, and I'm an undergraduate student in social sciences and humanities, set to graduate in 2022. I work two jobs, and my next big goal in life is to find a realistic path into grad school. It was a heck of a ride getting through my undergrad program, but I still want to keep going.
Type of Writer
Short stories, poems, reflections, critical analyses, and whatever I feel like. Writing is my escape from the angst of life.
Writing Style
I'm a big fan of the marriage of humor and tragedy, so I try to combine both elements in the things that I write.
Hobbies: Reading, writing, baking, hiking, Magic the Gathering, decorating, cleaning and watching too much YouTube. Accomplishments: I lost 95lbs in four years, got hired by entrepreneurs, and almost have my bachelor’s degree. Life is good.
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    Brief personal disclosure.
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    If weight loss is as simple as diet and exercise, what's stopping people? Well...
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    Articles, stories, reflections, and anything else I write pertaining to weight loss.
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    One injury can change your life forever.
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    I swear I had time just a second ago. What happened?
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