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November 21 1961
Village of Elora, Ontario, Canada
About Me
I left the corporate world in 2017 after dabbling about as a CEO and University Lecturer, to write full time. Thus far, publications have been confined to corporate guidance works, none of which are very funny. However, with one novel complete, one draft in the works, and dozens in the on-deck circle, my second-half looks promising (assuming I live to 110). I was born in England and again in Canada, where I currently reside in the village of Elora, next to two cows and a nest of red squirrels.
Type of Writer
Humor - quirky - observational philosophy
Writing Style
Being British born, my DNA is steeped in Python, Douglas Adams, Peter Sellers and parliamentary nonsense.
Writing (of course), Finding an Agent, Abstract painting, physics (yes, for real) and time travel for the singular purpose of collecting advanced winning lottery numbers.
Favorite Genres
Humor. Satire. Science. Sci-fi. Philosophy. History. Religion.
Favorite Books
A Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. (and all 5 books in the trilogy). Anything by Christopher Moore. Any classic worthy of leather binding. Selected bits of Nietzsche - the funny parts.
Favorite Authors
Douglas Adams Herman Wouk Margaret Atwood Neil Gaiman
Favorite Music
Progressive Rock Americana Folk rock
Printed from http://www.writing.com/main/profile/biography/mjfeatherston