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Rated: E · Book · Action/Adventure · #2242469
All my adventures down the rabbit hole...
This is a story that begins.

And it's a story that might end.

You see a rabbit and you see a hole...

But you don't know where it goes.

Whether it is blue or red.

The matrix is where it said.

So jump in that hole.

So you'll know how this mystery ends.
February 2, 2021 at 5:56pm
February 2, 2021 at 5:56pm
To be honest, falling through this hole, I felt quite lost. I didn't expect to be facing a white house guarded by something or someone. To my heart's content, I've wondered where I've gone. I walked towards a young healthy-looking fellow who told me to get lost.

"Why?" I asked.

"Just do as I say." He replied.

"If I do as you say, how will I ever understand what ponders beyond this place?" I asked.

"If I tell you, will you walk away?" He asked.

I nodded, waiting for my answer.

"It is a place of higher works. The duchess, that is all I'll say." He replied.

And with that, I walked away. But, as I walked away, I wondered. How does the inside look? Is the duchess a kind person?

And with that, I came back, sneaking within the bushes not far away.

How do I sneak into the house? I thought.

The answer came as I saw an open window, big enough for me to fit through. I rushed towards it and looked at my surroundings, making sure nobody caught me. As the coast was clear, I painfully squished myself into the window. I almost roasted myself on the oven.

"Silly girl!" I heard a woman's voice. "What do you think you're doing coming through our window?!"

"I thought you might need help." I lied. "The guard wouldn't let me in."

"Well, there might be some use of you. Stir the soup on the stove." The woman said.

I walked towards the pot near the woman. It smelled horrible like burnt socks and toads."

"Chop Chop. What are you waiting for? You said you wanted to help. Now stir it." The woman said "We don't have all day. Make sure you don't burn it!"

I started stirring the stinky soup as I was afraid of what could happen if I waited longer.

"What is this soup for?" I asked, continually stirring.

"That is classified. Only the duchess knows." She replied.

"This reminds me of something. Do you know a girl named Alice?" I asked.

The duchess stopped in her tracks.

"How in the devil's name do you know her name?" The woman asked.

"I only know her by tale, but I'm reliving the tale," I replied.

(Word Count: 378 words)

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