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Rated: E · Book · Action/Adventure · #2242469
All my adventures down the rabbit hole...
This is a story that begins.

And it's a story that might end.

You see a rabbit and you see a hole...

But you don't know where it goes.

Whether it is blue or red.

The matrix is where it said.

So jump in that hole.

So you'll know how this mystery ends.
February 23, 2021 at 4:52pm
February 23, 2021 at 4:52pm

Dear Time,

I know in my last letter, I asked you to continue. You never replied, so now I ask that in favor of letting everyone else's time continue, you stop mine. I know in order to stop time, you need my memories. I have a lot of them, but to me, each one is very deep. I ask you to be careful when you look at the time I first took my picture at my bus stop. I don't remember my age or time, but I remember how shaky I was. Also, be careful of the time I had my first accident at school and the gym teacher gave me gum while I waited for my parents. It explains a lot of how memories make you the person of how you are. I never wished to give away my memories even through my regrets. I have many I wished I could stop and change while I can. I know I had to write this letter in the way it had to be requested, but it would've been better if I could've asked for time to continue as most of my memories have regrets. There is no specific memory I wish to stop at, as I wish to stop on all of them. Although all my favorite ones were with my friends. One memory I can think of stopping at was when I was at school with my friends. I was in a socials studies class and we had a substitute teacher that day. He had glasses, but he still couldn't see. I knew he should be able to read if he had proper glasses, but I had a feeling he didn't even try to see an eye doctor. On the same day, one of my friends received a flu shot, but it was starting to cause her problems. At some random time, another friend teased her jokingly and accidentally jabbed the flu shot area with a mechanical pencil. This caused a WHOLE lot of pain for my friend and she was trying not to cry. As she was trying not to cry, the teacher told her to read what was on the board. I knew he couldn't see, but I couldn't believe he ignored the issue. "Excuse me, sir, but as you can see, my friend has some issues that require tissues," I said. My two other friends who were nearby started cracking up. The friend who was in pain looked at me and tried not to laugh or cry. "Uh, Alisha!" She said. "What?" I replied, smiling. "You're literally dying over here." Then the teacher looked at me and asked, "Well then, what about you?" I had few minutes to think about how I wasn't going to die. "Well, um sir, uh my throat hurts to read." I stared at him. "Uh, can you ask someone else, please?" That is all I remember. I hope you'll use this memory to save everyone else. I'm the one person that you'll push the lever to kill to save the world.

(Word Count: 511 words)
February 23, 2021 at 7:38am
February 23, 2021 at 7:38am
The Mad Tea Party  (E)
A Madlib based on Alice in Wonderland's Mad Tea Party.
#2244722 by Alisha P.

This is based on the mad tea party in Alice in Wonderland. However, the party seems a little off. The time seems to have stopped, the Mad Hatter is gone, and I'm probably, now writing a letter to time to have it continue...

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