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For the month of October I will be joining the "30-Day Blogging Challenge

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October 4, 2018 at 9:29pm
October 4, 2018 at 9:29pm
Happy Friday WdC peeps!

Day 4/30

So today's blog prompt is a tricky one, Write about a lesson you’ve learned the hard way.

As someone who grew up with no rules, apart from "Common Sense" rules I don't think I've every learned any lessons "the hard way"... but upon reading the prompt the title "Lessons Learned" popped into my head straight away. This is also happens to be the title of a short feature I was honoured to be apart of making, by supporting its Kickstarter campaign *Pthb* It was one of the campaigns I blindly joined. Why? Simple, the person behind it is Toby Froud. Better known as the baby, Toby, in the Jim Henson movie "Labyrinth".

Which got me thinking about this scene from Labyrinth (please watch before reading on, spoilers)

One of the things I could never understand was that Sarah answered the riddle correctly and got caught in a trap. It wasn't until I was older that I realised it was to show that sometimes you can do everything right and things still don't work out right/correctly. Things don't always go as planned, no matter how well you execute the plan. I think that is an important lesson to learn in life, that people should be taught early on.

This is my all time favourite movie. I could go on further with it, but I won't. I've been planning to write an in depth review, so don't want to bore you all with it now *Ha*

On the subject of Kickstarter, there is one thing I learnt through them. Another campaign I've supported there was Jill Thompson's Scary Godmother Doll   campaign.

It was there that I learnt not to stress about lack of progress in my online/market stall. Jill's campaign, through various setbacks and delays, showed me that delays and setbacks happen. You just continue pushing forward until you reach your goal. It was a five year delay in delivering her reward (collector doll) to backers *Shock2* I received mine earlier this year *Heart* I've been working on my goal, in various forms for just as long... I think I'm doing well, considering I didn't have a clear vision on the goal until recently (1-2 years).

I really hope to get things off the ground this year, however if I don't manage to reach this goal I know I can keep pushing forward and reach it eventually *Smile* Delays can come in many forms, these delays can be blessings in disguise... improving the direction of your project/goal. Not every delay and setback is a negative thing.

I don't think I've learnt this particular lesson the "hard way", but seeing it happen to someone else made me look at my own setbacks and delays in a new, more positive light.

I'm happier for it too *Inlove2*

*Genielamp* CJ
October 3, 2018 at 5:49pm
October 3, 2018 at 5:49pm
Happy Thursday WdC peeps!

Day 3/30

I don't speak a second language, I'd like to though. I was quite good at French in school but it was one of those subjects that came so easily to me I dropped it as soon as I could. I've forgotten a lot of it, do remember some phrases and words - not enough to say I speak it *Wink*

I have been planning to learn Gaelic. I've even purchased a course through Udemy to learn it, haven't had the time yet to start *Cry* I do hope to start soon... I have a couple of weeks off from the day job coming up, perhaps I can add it to my to-do list... I may learn a couple of phrases before my birthday - that could be cool *Starstruck*

Why Gaelic? It's something that just calls to me. I wanted to learn something different, it does fit the bill *Laugh* I've always wanted to visit Ireland. Their myths/legends/old history has always fascinated me, learning how to pronounce their names correctly would be cool.

Learning Elvish would be awesome, though I believe it's only taught at Oxford. *Confused* not 100% on that, I do know only a small group of people speak it. A book series I love by Katherine Kerr uses some Elvish names and words for her "Elves", in fact she has been taken to court by some scholar/Elvish speaker because she removed all the accents/squiggly lines on the lettering to make it easier for non-Elvish speakers to read *Rolleyes* No, seriously. Katherine does mention it in a couple of her books in the 'Note from the Author'. I agree with her about that person being extremely petty about it.

Ancient Egypt is another place I'm fascinated with, I love all their histories too. I've recently been looking into Sumerian history too, it's dated as the first coming together for us humans as a society. Many of our practices today are based on their traditions and society. Even mundane things like divorce and receipts have been found in the ancient Sumerian sites. Learning how to read their clay tablets would be very, very cool. Sumerian texts also mention things from the Bible long before the Bible was even thought of *Shock2* It is extremely interesting, I just finished watching a lecture about some of these topics, highly recommend looking into it.

The lecture mentioned a book by Zecharia Sitchin called "The Twelfth Planet", going to add it to my to-get book list. At the top of said list, as the whole topic is fascinating... at least for me *Wink*

*Genielamp* CJ
October 1, 2018 at 11:03pm
October 1, 2018 at 11:03pm
Happy TueSaturday WdC peeps!

Today's entry is day 1 of 30 entries for the "30-Day Blogging Challenge ... I'm hoping it will get me back into blogging (and being more active here at WdC *Wink*). I guess we shall see how I go *fingers crossed*!!

It's going to be a busy month for me, lots to catch up with and lots do!

One of my biggest goals this month is to get myself organised to run a market stall at the Calliope Markets (28/10); I want to make a few more pieces and work on a better layout for the stall itself. If you haven't been following my Newsfeed here; I make gemtrees and crystal art that I infuse with healing reiki energy. Crystals have their own healing energy, I find adding reiki energy helps amplify the energy of the crystals. I've been working on opening a stall/store for quite some time... has taken me way too long to get organised, but I'm finally moving forwards with it *Smile*

I did a market stall August 31, however did not sell too much (only a couple small things - a tumbled gemstone, some keyrings and incense packs). The lack of sales was not because of lack of interest, it had a very, very small turn out - basically only the families of the children of school hosting it. Being a farming area and in the middle of a drought, not much money about. I enjoyed doing it because it allowed me to get a feel for running a stall, start small and work your way up *Wink* it takes the pressure off a bit.

I hope to make a few sales of my art pieces at the Calliope Market. I'm still waiting for confirmation that I can hold a stall there, if for some reason I'm unable to there is another market on that day, so I can try there as well *Smile* I am hoping to hear from the Calliope people this week... I'll keep you all posted *Inlove2*

The projects I hope to make this month are some Tree of Life hangers, some new gemtrees on gemstone slices (also called charging plates). And the biggest undertaking? I'm making some pendants, from scratch! *Shock2**Shock2* I've got a couple of gemstone cabochons and I'm going to wire-wrap them... If I'm lucky I'll get them done before the Calliope Markets.

I also hope to get my online stall open and running. I thought I did have it launched, but had technical issues I didn't realise until a friend enquired when I was launching *Rolleyes* It's actually on my to-do list today/tomorrow to get that sorted out.

October is also my birthday month *Inlove2* I'm working on a couple little surprises here at WdC to celebrate! I was busy during the WdC birthday celebrations, so I've decided to do something special on my birthday for the site. I'm still not 100% on what I will do ... a couple contests for sure, just need to brainstorm some ideas for them I am open to suggestions! I hope to release the contests/activities October 14-15 and close October 20 (my b'day).

In other excitement, I'm taking a few weeks off the day job to help keep me focused on achieving my goals as well as to give me a break from it before the Christmas insanity (I work at a department store). Time off starts October 15 (yep, right on time to get things going for my birthday surprises here *Laugh*) I had planned the time off before deciding on the birthday thing, just lines up nicely *Whistle*

I need to get moving, it's getting close to midnight at WdC - it's actually October 2 here right now *Blush* just after 1pm ... kind of cheating with the "daily" entries, I know. I did look for day 1 prompt yesterday, but wasn't posted *Sad* and I went to be early with a headache. Slept in (thanks headache) and have spent the morning doing chores, getting the boring mundane stuff done early so I can spend my 'weekend' working on my projects.

Hope you all have a fantastic day

*Genielamp* CJ
August 16, 2018 at 9:12pm
August 16, 2018 at 9:12pm
Happy Friday WdC peeps!!

And it is actually Friday for me *Shock* *Inlove2* Have the weekend off to go to the Rockhampton Gem Expo *Inlove2* Going on Sunday, and having an extra "work" day on Saturday for my stall at the Luna Markets... it's a good thing we organised the Gem Expo for Sunday, at the beginning of the month it said August 18&19... now it says Aug 19/20 *Rolleyes*

Super psyched about going, have $350 to spend... have to get lunch and petrol out of it too. Remember "Note: Happy WedneSunday WdC peeps! Did not get an ea..."? My goal for this weekend was to save $320... it was not looking good but I got some extra cash from the day job, toil for the local public hol (show day)!! *Shock2* Not sure if that is considered cheating on the budget... is it? Perhaps Elle can give a ruling *Laugh*

When writing the budget I forgot about my layby payments for my stall shelter and table *Shock* *Blush* Oops! But it has all worked out, so no harm *InLove2* Still have $50 on the layby, hope to get it out on Wednesday. I will need to work on my stall layout soon...

Hope to get some 'base' pieces for more projects, perhaps a couple other things... and get ideas for the Gem Expo @ Bundy in November, I'll have more money for it (if the budget goes to plan 🤞). Want to have a look at the expensive gems too, not to buy just look *StarStruck* I'm thinking if saving goes well I might treat myself to something nice, a belated b'day gift perhaps? Not sure, it's in the we'll see how things go column *Wink*

Hope to get a bit of work done on Saturday, will have the morning free of others - so no distractions ... that is if I get up early *Laugh*

Still have some work to do for my stall, I am a little behind but I'm off the day job end of next week to help get myself organised... I'm confident it will all work out *BigSmile*

Sorry for the radio silence of late. Been busy trying to keep up with things, the days just don't seem long enough *RollEyes* I'm hoping I will have some more time after the Luna Markets... have a few writing projects I want to start. Am also leaning towards doing another market stall in October (see if I can improve on some things for it/get ready to do it on a more regular basis in 2019).

I also took a friends advice and have held off on posting pics for the market stall, will be posting some pics soon though... and also held off on the online store relaunch. Glad I did because I haven't had time to focus on it with everything else I've been doing.

I'd love to do the relaunch on the 22nd but more likely will be the 26th - with daily additions to the store leading up to the Luna Markets on the 31st...

Really need to catch up with my email, currently on my phone so it's going to wait a bit longer *Pthb* so if you are waiting on an email, hopefully over the next couple of days I will be able to catch up. Didn't think to bring my tablet/laptop with me this morning as I'm actually going home tonight instead of staying in town... a novel experience, so didn't think it necessary to load up a ton of gear for the couple of hours I need to kill before the day job shift starts.

Hope you all have a shiny and productive day. I'm undecided whether I'll have an early or late night... or even what I'll work on... I guess I shall have to ponder the options while greeting customers (I'm the door greeter today, my easy "cheat" day job shift of the week)

*Heart* CJ
August 3, 2017 at 10:18pm
August 3, 2017 at 10:18pm
It's 11 weeks until my birthday, and I want to focus on my health - be the best me I can be type thing. My health generally takes a back-seat so I'm giving myself a personal challenge this year. Starting today I will be completing a daily ddp yoga workout - think I might make it a 100 day challenge but first things first *Pthb*

First things first - August is takeaway free month, I will only allow myself sushi if absolutely desperate but as it is also a goal to save money I'm going to try for zero take-out.

While purchasing some new hair serum (can't live without the stuff) I thought why not extend my health idea and get my hair straightened professionally for my birthday, I haven't bothered in the past as I've been told it only lasts a month or two before needing to be redone (plus a friend got it done once and it just turned her hair puffy *Shock2* it was awful!). After a little research for a new hairdresser in Brisbane (my fav isn't there any more *Cry* & I refuse to have it done in my home town as they all suck); I found one that offers a treatment that lasts up to nine months *Shock**InLove2* It's $512, but they offer a nice payment plan...

All I have to do is cover the $100 deposit plus travel and accommodation for a night (or two) - they require a strand test 24hrs before the treatment. Which is fair enough, the treatment take 2-3hrs and it is expensive, I'd like to know it will take before putting in the time and effort.

It got me thinking about alternatives, should I not have the money for travel/accommodation and I came across a couple of products that I'd heard about previously but never got around to looking at. The first a mask treatment for your hair - friend of a friend raves about it. Admittedly, her hair looks great so I think it is worth a try (and it's only $39 so nothing to lose there) from PumpHaircare.com.

I'm also going to try supplements, in the past I'd tried the Hair/Skin/Nails one from the grocery store to no success. I've heard about hair only supplements but not seen any. I found two different brands I've decided to go with the one that is better recommended. Who knows, perhaps my hair will become
fabulous and not require the expensive straightening treatment.

I finally got some more Rejuvinit Nails, so I'm going to re-try them. Last time I just started to see improvement before I got sick, stopped and never got back to. The bottle I had expired and it's taken awhile to get more *Wink* I don't start it until Wednesday - I'm using Herome nail hardener 2 week treatment - you can't use both together, discovered that the hard way. So I may even have some nice, healthy nails by my birthday too.

I'm also going to try a new face mask - made from Australian "pink clay". I told a friend of my birthday plans and she said I should try it, then went online and purchased a tub for me *InLove* She says my skin is fantastic so what I'm doing can't be to bad but I did make the mistake of saying I didn't use a mask, I just cleanse daily and moisturise. I'll let you all know how it works.

Do have some other plans but they will have to wait, just looked at the clock and seriously need to start getting ready for the day job.

Hope you all have a super
shiny day

*Heart* CJ
April 4, 2017 at 8:35pm
April 4, 2017 at 8:35pm
The past week or so has been particularly horrid. The past few weeks I've been pretty much broke, March is a busy bill month - all the big bills that are only once a year or quarter. Plus I had to pay off my tablet I had on layby - I'm lucky I stretched the budget that week otherwise I'd never have been able to get it off *Shock2* On top of all that, the bro I stay with over the weekend was away (working up north) so I not only had his house to run off my leftover pay, I also had to put in at home too. I forgot I also have a large bill to pay this week, the one I was unable to pay due to last week's disaster (see "Note: So it's raining... has been for a couple weeks..."). So another super short week *Rolleyes* $50 to live off after bills. Luckily the bro is back this week, so that will help a little - due to Cyclone Debbie he got stuck up north and the extra money he earned went straight onto his hotel/living bill so the trip actually cost him money *Rolleyes*

On top of that, the day job pulled some very low blows, well mostly one manager, the rest were good and work mates sided with me on all the issues - long story short, work cost me a lot of money last week (that I couldn't afford) and a lot of pain. My neck and shoulder, which was feeling quite good for a change, is still in a bit of pain.

Enough of this negativity!

Had hoped to spend yesterday writing/typing up notes and such but we got the niece on Sunday through to this morning. It's been ages since I last seen/spent time with her. Normally I'm in town working when she comes to visit on weekends (and even those visits are few and far between). So most my writing time was interrupted or just abandoned as the niece takes priority, it's the one family 'distraction' from writing that I enjoy and will never mind *Inlove*

I went over some of the stuff I typed up over her visit... let's just say we definitely need to do some edits/rewrites *Facepalm* No idea what happened but there is a lot of gibberish and things out of place *Rolleyes**Rolling*

Not sure how much I'll get done today, considering how much editing I now have *Laugh* also want to try and get some of my workshop fixed up. There is rubbish that got drenched with all that rain and I really need to get the place sorted so I can use/access it. I think the best thing to do is to get a proper stock-take of what I have available to create with. If I want to open in May/June, I need to get creating! I'm sure I have some more wire, I couldn't find it all at Christmas, it has to be somewhere. If I can't find it, I'll just have to wait until next week to buy some more, and wait until the following week or two for postage *Facepalm* Naturally, nowhere in town has it. There is one craft shop that stock some of the wire I use but it's only the smallest size and not suitable for what I want to create. I will do some of the smaller projects on my to-do list in the meantime with what I find.

I've actually been contemplating setting up a *Go* GoFundMe page to try and raise funds for set-sup and supplies. Crystals and gemstones are expensive! I'd rather do something with Pozible.com.au (it's the Australian Kickstarter) with rewards and such for donating. Though I must say kind of scary; would anyone give me money so I can create some artwork to sell? *Confused* How would I feel if I raised a big fat zero??

A couple of my favourite campaigns :

Amanda Palmer's "Theatre is Evil" - Amanda is Neil Gaiman's wife, I saw it on his twitter-feed and just donated without even looking at the video. Wanted to be totally surprised by the music, no spoilers. Totally loved it *Inlove2* I'd had some kind of tune in my head for months leading up to receiving my rewards... It filled that musical spot in my head perfectly - amazing! The song "Smile" got me through a pretty bad time, as all good song do. It is actually one of my favourite albums as writing background. I also received an awesome artwork book and the cd was in a hard cover book that has the lyrics in - very awesome rewards. Happy that I was apart of it. Was one of the most successful crowdfunding campaigns at the time, raised over $1 million *Shock2*

Toby Froud's "Lesson's Learned" - The Froud family worked with the Jim Henson on Labyrinth and The Dark Crystal. Toby actually played the baby 'Toby' in Labyrinth. I could only afford one of the lower dvd rewards at the time - got some awesome postcards too. Was another that I just donated straight to without looking into much. I know the type work that goes into "muppet" performances/shows and the Henson name was attached to it as well. You know your are getting quality *InLove2* Very awesome show, if you can find yourself a copy I highly recommend it.

Hope you all have a fabulous day! I think I might do the workshop clean up first... who knows, I may find some wire and supplies and be compelled to create instead of write *Shock2**Inlove2* Either way, an update will be on the cards tonight!

*RainbowL**Rainbowr* CJ
March 27, 2017 at 9:46pm
March 27, 2017 at 9:46pm
Wow. I'm honoured, this long neglected little blog is featured in "March 2017 Blogging Bliss Newsletter *Shock2* I'm a little intimidated too - now people are watching (possibly) *no pressure *Worry** I need to get some entries posted… and I haven't finished writing them yet *Blush* been sick (again) so no progress has been made.

Spent most of yesterday sleeping, seems to have done the trick, feel more alive today. Not going to push myself, which leaves writing as the go-to task of the day *Inlove2* Need to do the initial work offline - sorting through notes, finishing outlines and drafts… Plus there is the main writing project - need to post some start stats to it, it needs to have a start point and if I don't make it now then it kind of misses the point *Rolleyes**Facepalm* Was supposed to make the posts a few weeks ago but totally forgot - so starting the project/s from scratch.

Also need to get to work setting up the new main computer - started organising the media files on the drive the was saved last week, but didn't get very far, at least it doesn't look like it *Facepalm* I've decided to use the new computer set up as an "excuse" to organise my files/stuff properly instead of the usual just dump everything anywhere method. Once I have it set up I can use the framework to organise my laptop and external drives *Bigsmile*

If I'm going to post anything tonight, I best be moving on - especially since I actually want to post stuff this time *Wink*

*Shield7* CJ
March 23, 2017 at 9:32pm
March 23, 2017 at 9:32pm

Been awhile, hasn't it? I think I'm back... had a couple false starts over the past few months.

I've been kind of productive today - had a real late night and was woken before 7am by a neighbour mowing their yard *Shock2* Naturally all the 'productive' stuff has just been the boring, mundane tasks but it has freed me up for after the day job *Bigsmile*

Don't have much time right now, the day job is looming *Frown* and have a few things I need to do tonight. Things have been on hold for far too long, and the backlog is looking a little scary... Think I have a plan off attack, that will get things moving over the next few days *Inlove2*

I just have to be patient and focus on doing one thing at a time *Rolling* we shall see how that works out... There is a writing component to tonight's activities, I'm not sure if I'll post anything for this project, yet. I think some more research and planning is required for it.

See you all soon-ish!

*Inlove2* CJ
June 29, 2016 at 8:42am
June 29, 2016 at 8:42am
It's been a dream of mine, for some time, to make jewellery and gemstone art and build a business around it. Up until a couple of years ago, I thought it a pipeline dream, something that would never eventuate. Then I discovered Etsy.com   and realised that the dream was more achievable then I first believed.

It's taken me a couple of years, but I'm nearly ready to open my first Etsy store!

I'm working on some more stock - most of what I made has been given away as presents to various friends and family over the past seven months or so (being broke sucks but handmade gifts are well received)... I needed to test durability of some glues I was using and needed some opinions from others - everyone I've gifted seems to love my work *Smile*

I'm not 100% sold on the title, "The Crystal Journey", it was all I could come up with. My original title 'Sra Studios' was causing me issues with a certain troll. I was bombarded with cease and desists at the end of last year because that was their title... even though I had the shop name at Etsy ready to go (and a twitter account). A simple Google search also reveals thousands of people using 'Sra Studios' for various industries. This troll wasn't interested in using the name for an Etsy store OR because they were making gemstone art and jewellery *Confused* I got sick of the headache and having to deal with them - there are enough crazy people in my life that I have no choice in dealing with. So I gave in, and moved on.

Only one problem... I hate titles and naming things. While I'm happy to have "The Crystal Journey" as a blog title (coming soon), I'm not sold on it as a store name. It will do for now but at some stage it will need to be changed.

I want to focus on making my art and getting qualified. I've already made a start on the qualifications, I found a locally run workshop, 'Intensive Crystal Therapy', to help get me started in the right direction. Some of the course information I was already aware of, but it opened my eyes in other areas *Smile* I can't wait to incorporate into what I am doing. I haven't done much this year, creating-wise. I've been sick for most of the year (flu's and such), it's hard to create when you are constantly sick.

What I really need is more money to buy various supplies, I do have enough to get me started (I hope). Once my current supplies run out, that's it until I make some sales *Shock2* And there is another Crystal Healing course (it's accredited) I'd love to do but it costs $1500 *Shock2**Shock2* I've been thinking of starting a Crowd Funding campaign (I'm thinking of Pozible or Go Fund Me). It's possible that people might be willing to help with a start-up of some kind or help pay for the Crystal Healing course... you never know your luck *Smile* I think I'll wait until I get some more stock made so I can show off my work a little, show people what I'm doing when I ask them for money *Wink*

I also need to organise how I am going to run the business - supply receipts, pricing of stock, packing and posting orders, organising supplies, etc. I found a couple of ebooks that may help with this that are based on creating your business through Etsy, so I have a starting point to organise myself. I have a couple of goals I'd like to achieve in July, depending on my success I hope to launch my online store in August... Going on current delays and such, it may be pushed back but I hope to do a release of some kind in August, get the ball moving *Smile*

I'm even open to donating some items for Auctions/Raffles here on WdC - spread the word and all. I will keep you all posted but if you are seriously interested, drop me a line so I can send you some info when I've got things ready (or ready enough to donate something *Pthb* )

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June 29, 2016 at 8:34am
June 29, 2016 at 8:34am
Anyone who follows my Notebook or Twitter feed has heard about "Operation Global Domination (aka #OGD)

It is an actual a thing... several years in the making, seriously *Rolleyes**Crazy* A pet project that ran out of control and keeps getting interrupted by real life. Or the people in my real life who seem to have a problem with me living my dreams, making things difficult... As well as various sicknesses and injuries *Irritated*

It's one of those projects that won't go away, just develops and evolves as time goes by *Heart*

However, once I have it set up and running I believe it will be easier to deal with any outside "distractions". Set up and getting the ball moving seem to be the hardest part of any project. The delays have not been in vain - each setback seems to develop the project a little more, not to launch ready but it's been getting there, slowly. Consider it Research & Development.

All I've done this month is reorganise the project folder - created a new one "Overlords Inc to house it all in because I had this idea that will eventually incorporate OverlordsInc.com   ... Sort of making it's 'first run' here on WdC *Angelic* *Trophyg* ... The little work I've done tells me that things are far from ready...

I had hoped to have the project up and running by the end of the month but due to (another) injury [see: "The Accident] it has been delayed *Headbang* *Headbang*. So new goal for the project:
Launch July 31 There is a reason for this date, but you will have to wait for a reveal.

So what is O.G.D.? Well, I don't want to give away any spoilers but the aim is to have a safe place for people to share and encourage each other to live (and achieve) their dreams of World Domination *Bigsmile* The WdC side of things will be a little different to my final vision - contests, review raids, perhaps it's very own Merit Badge... I'm even thinking that The StoryMaster's new Trinkets could play an exciting role *Smirk2*

At the moment I have so many notes and ideas for the project, some I even lost and found at later dates over the years. I want to sort through all the notes and organise everything properly, fixing any problems/holes I find. Releasing everything in a logical order - mainly so I don't look like a crazy ... I realise I may be too late for that but I'm sure you know what I mean *Wink* *Crazy*

I'm curious. How would you take over the world? Something nice and simple or completely over the top? Feel free to share your plans in the comment section below!

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