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A terminal for all blogs coming in or going out. A view into my life.
Started July 1st 2019 for contests, etc. as other blogs are filling up and have other purposes.


I'm starting a new blog because
L'aura del Campo  (18+)
Online journal capturing the moment and the memory of moments. A meadow meditation.
#982524 by Kåre Enga, P.O. 22, Blogville
has over 1,200 entries and that's getting close to full. I don't want to trim it by deletion. I did that once, much to my dismay.

Hoarfrosts from Hell  (GC)
Anything I'm not happy about or that I don't want in my main blog!
#997339 by Kåre Enga, P.O. 22, Blogville
is still hidden from the public and will remain so. I don't post there often. It's more personal and full of angst.

Enga mellom fjella  (18+)
Enga mellom fjella: where from across the meadow, poems sing from mountains and molehills.
#1317094 by Kåre Enga, P.O. 22, Blogville
is full...

I'll be linking to
On The Write Path  (18+)
ON THE WRITE PATH: travel journal for Around-the-World in 2015, 16, 18.
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as I need to post there about my travels.

O Pinions!  (XGC)
May my opinions gather wind under their wings and fly, perchance to soar.
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is for my opinions. *Laugh*

Nurture your Nature  (18+)
Look around. Let Nature nurture your Soul. I record images I sense and share them here.
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was set up for nature observations and musings.

Watt's Gnus  (18+)
On topics and today's gnus. Definitely opinionated. Set to 18+ for a reason.
#1439092 by Kåre Enga, P.O. 22, Blogville
come out of a need to share interesting stuff I come across. When I was young I did a small newsletter named as such. (or was it column in the newsletter? Been 30 years... I think.)

Flash Fiction  (GC)
Short 300 word, more or less, "stories" .
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is where I put my flash fictions. Maybe someday I'll figure it out and have enough good ones to publish. Ratings vary and some are hidden from view.

I love to be prodded (poetically). I'll be trying on new forms to see whether they fit my portliness at The Ultimate Poetry Challenge and posting them in:
Andy's Poetry Prompts 2019  (13+)
52 forms. What will they be?
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April 4, 2020 at 5:19pm
April 4, 2020 at 5:19pm


SPRING: 16 Baha 177 (4 April 2020)
Thy name is my healing, O my God and remembrance of thee is my remedy.
- Bahá'u'lláh


Not as depressed today. Spoke to man who's ill that's being refused testing because 'there are no kits'. Informed him that there were over 200 tests done yesterday. Just checked: 459. They are still seriously rationing testing here. Lawd help us po' folk. We discussed about me moving into a room with a bathroom. Well ... the difference in rent is $3,000/year. I didn't tell him that but I'll tell all y'all.

What dreams of yours will die this month?

1. I will lose someone to this pandemic; when was our last good-bye?
2. I can't travel or make travel plans. It may affect my travels for 2021.
3. At my age 'planning' to do anything other than die needs to be short-term.
4. It wasn't the lack of time to dust ... it was never the right time to dust.
5. Getting better. This event triggers traumas in odd ways. A lifetime isn't enough time.


*Clouds* 6°. noon in Missoula
*Clouds* 7°. 2 p.m. in Buffalo
*Clouds* 30°. noon in Cartago, Costa Rica where my friend Bryan lives.
*Sun* 2°. 8 p.m. in Tallinn, Estonia where my "grand-daughter" Anna-Maria resides.

*Baretree* IMAGES

There's been some rays breaking through the haze! Inside: peanut butter-bologna sandwiches and coffee. It may be warm enough for me to go out later! Opened the window. One new purplish geranium in bloom. *FlowerP*

*Chicken* POULTRY

"This Death of Dreams" in "April 4 prompt: heartbreak

"Bob" in "April 3 poem: recall a person you did not know well

*Pig* PORK

Yesterday's non-winner: "Face on a stamp [177.17] (248 words) Yes, one could get a custom made stamp at one time. I still have the one (somewhere) that Fivesixer sent me.

*Reading* READING

"Guardian of the Veil" by Gregory Spencer, page 58. Surrealistic and strange.

*AsteriskBr* QUOTE

"One chapter ends and the next one takes up the bookification. ... Len and Bennu are page-flipping in their own way. We've got to get to the end y'see," Vida Bering Well in "Guardian of the Veil."

*CoffeeO* MY LIFE

I'm reading up on Portuguese every day but came across this about Norwegian:


Not today. Only spoke to two neighbors.

*Angry* O PINIONS!

They aren't getting me anywhere so why should I have any?


I found a site that shows the per capita positive infections/testing/deaths. USA is 'winning' with overall numbers but Italy, Spain and Switzerland have more per capita cases. And many countries are doing more testing. Iceland has tested 7% of it's population. USA is at 0.45%. I will need to write an entire article about what the statistics suggest at this point. I'm good with numbers and patterns.


I responded to ♥hOOves♥ :

"Is chloroquine a medical miracle or snakeoil? Too early to tell.

Yes, NY and LA are self-absorbed. But who in Montana is actually reporting about anything? Our TV stations are owned by Sullivan and our newspapers are owned by Lee. And although the state publishes facts there's still no word as to whether people are adequately being tested.

We have someone ill in our building. Positive? Who knows whether he has been tested. Will they tell us?

Frustrating. I would've been better in Taiwan. Because? They are transparent, truthful and proactive."

June 11, 2008: snow over downtown Missoula, Montana


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