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Psalm 90:10, "The length of our days is seventy years—or eighty if we are strong....
Three Score and Ten the Introduction,

Well here we go, After 50 years I am going to take another attempt at writing. The first time was the Palmer writers correspondence school in 1969. The writing will be not a book that will be written with the idea of being published, But will be a writing of thoughts unencumbered by possible publishing and monetary gain. This writing will be a hybrid of Journal and Reminisce. It is important to me that the writings are my true thoughts at the time, not influenced by any factor. The writing will try to explain how a 70 year old white, male USA citizen now relates to today's world. Is every oldest generation lost in their own world, that they aged into? What do I see, and feel as I age farther. I know I am not normal as in what this world today would consider normal. But I hope I am in the ball park writing the thoughts of a 70 year old. I hope for you to learn to know who I am, As I search for Who I am at 70+ This work will carry on until I am no longer able to think or write. This will be done on a nearly daily writing interwoven with a life's reminiscing. This writing has been in the planning for 10 plus years. and I have now made it to this starting point. This writing is dedicated to My Wife The Kitten, My family, My grand children, Lukas, Levi, Luis, Lydia and Sonora Pearl. I thank you God that you have allowed me to have your Three Score and Ten Time.
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December 2, 2020 at 12:17pm
December 2, 2020 at 12:17pm

I did not write last evening as I had planned to do. I got real tired and did not have the ambition to write. But my sleep was not good the Little Dog kept hogging the bed. He does not sleep with us every night, but it was colder last night. It is a treat for little Dog. At any rate I did not sleep well. I was thinking about what I wanted to write on this blog. I feel I am being very shallow in my writing, Just under the surface of my existence. I am writing the easy to write things, my daily behaviors. What I want to write is what is deep in my thinking, My Soul and my Spirit. But that is difficult for me as I am a very private person and guard my independence greatly. My philosophies of life are not main stream.

I am a Traditionalist Conservative with some libertarianism, The Independent part of me. You can Advise me, Give suggestions, Educate, But I will not follow because you said too. I will give good thought and make the decisions for me and follow what I think is correct. I will not try to make decisions for you either. When I started this Blog It was with the understanding I would not make it a Political Cultural Rant. And I will not, Except to say, In todays world everything is political. For me not being political on this site takes away much to write about.

The next Philosophy is religion, It is and is not a Philosophy. But it is a very Private thing for me. I have my thoughts that have been thought out over a life time. They are not widely held ideas on our existence and or lack of existence, Nor the existence to come. I am a serious Spiritualist Christian. But I do not wish to push my Ideas onto others, As I may be wrong and everyone needs to find there own way. What I will say is that there is more to this world then physical humans can ever know or understand. But TRUE Knowledge STARTS with a belief in the Trinity of God.

You will be able to pick out bits and pieces of Religion and Political philosophy as I write. I will not be always able to help myself. So that leaves the Weather, Prompts and my Daily details to write about. I hope I do not bore you. I will throw a Zinger in the writing every now and then.

Dec 2. Today is National Fritters Day!

Speaking of Fritters, I frittered the evening away instead of writing Last night. On a more serious Fritter, The wife made Zucchini Fritters last summer, about four times. They were good but you can get to much Fritter. I do not want to fritter this morning away so I better get writing.
November 29, 2020 at 10:16pm
November 29, 2020 at 10:16pm

I now have gotten signed in, but what to write. I will give you the days low down. I get up in the morning, and take my two pills and say a Thank You prayer. Then have the coffee and check emails, weather, News, and my internet sales site. By then today it was after 10:00 am. and I went outside to the garden. I did some cutting back and deadheading, and covered the Strawberries and garlic with straw for the cold season. I covered some ever green perennials and winter outside onions. I came in about 1:00 and started doing listings for the Internet site, Did six listings. I did get the listing done by the time we had dinner at about 3:00. Of what else home made Turkey Noodle soup and Garlic Bread. The wife makes great soups. Then during and after dinner it is off the the auction site. I won three lots, Bottles and Match books. I then ended up here. That is my day in a Nut shell. I did make three good sales since Friday that needed to be shipped tomorrow.

PROMPT Saturday, November 28, 2020
What’s on the top of your mind right now that you need to tell someone about?

What is at the top of my mind at this moment, Is that I am at peace and all is good in my world. It does give me a guilty feeling somewhat as that is not the case with a lot of people who have problems. That maybe me tomorrow, but tonight all is well. The Garden and outside work is finished for the year. I like the yard and garden but I am always glad when it and I can rest a few months. The porches are painted that were planned to be done this year. The van is back where it needs to be. All the extra things that needed to be done have been done before the winter cold and snow arrives. The dog and cat are healthy. The wife and I are healthy for our age. Yes all is well this evening. I give Thanks to God for providing this evenings Peace and Satisfaction. I wish Peace and Satisfaction to You also.
November 27, 2020 at 1:56pm
November 27, 2020 at 1:56pm

My youngest daughter came for Thanksgiving dinner. The wife made very taste turkey and all the trimmings. It was good, She works hard at doing her best at cooking and it shows. but I could not help being somewhat down. We live in a crazy world. If you have not noticed I am OLD School. I refuse to accept or partake into todays Cultural Correctness, Globalism, Instant Entitlement, Lack of Personnel Responsibility, Main Stream Media Bias, The Main Streaming of Violence. The lack of valuing Human Life, and the list can go on, but you get the idea. I will fight back First at the Honest ballot box, Then second with my money spending. I will not fund this type of corrupted culture and society.

On a lighter note, I wanted to write on this November 24th Prompt, Think back to a time when you felt completely at peace. What made you feel that way?

Finding complete peace for me is not easy. I am always in my head Thinking, Planning, Remembering, There is never any down time, Except: When I am sitting in a kayak on a pleasant day, with little wind and a good fish pole in my hand. Everything else goes out the door. I am completely focused on the next cast, What the shore line is like, What the vegetation is like, Do I see any fish on the locator, Where do I want to paddle too and fish next. There is not much room in a Kayak Fishing, But the Holy Spirit of God insists on coming along. And the Holy Spirit is always welcome.
November 25, 2020 at 6:52pm
November 25, 2020 at 6:52pm

Well as you can tell I am back at the computer and the van is back in the driveway. But getting the van was a bear, going I had to drive through the seasons first snow storm here in South Central Wisconsin. Then coming back more snow part way to warmer temps then rain. The last hour I drove in the rain in the dark. Which is difficult for me, The glare on my eyes is bad, Cataracts. I left at 8:30 am and got back at 5:00. A long day for me, But the van is home and seems to working well.

We did get the carpet cleaned yesterday and today we got everything put back to normal. The wife worked on a Thanksgiving Dinner while I worked on normalizing. This will be the first time in my three daughters lives that we have not had a Thanksgiving Dinner all together. We these last years have been all going to my daughter Sarah Pearls home in Northern Illinois for Thanksgiving dinner. They do not want to host this year. Her husband is very virus cautious. So we will have a dinner here. My youngest daughter from a Milwaukee suburb will join us. Thanksgiving day is an honored holiday for me. [No gifts, No commercialization], with a shared family meal, Giving a Thank You to God for a year of Family Blessings. Our family has been truly Blessed by God this past year, No sickness, No family disagreements, Everyone getting along, Everyone paying there way and financially doing well. The grandkids with the help of a Christian Education are coming and will become independent adults with Christian Values, ethics and integrity, Good up right citizens. Yes, The wife and I are truly blessed this Thanksgiving Day and may I add all the Past Thanksgiving Days. I pray for YOU a Blessed Thanksgiving Day, Keep your family close to you.
November 23, 2020 at 8:47pm
November 23, 2020 at 8:47pm
Three Score and Ten + Day 98

I had a change in plans and did not drive north to get the van today. I decided I needed to be sure the van had its repair before driving to get the van. They phoned late morning that the van is ready to go, But to late for today pick up. I will drive up earlier tomorrow and hopefully be back early evening. Vehicles are a real pain in the neck or else where.

So today I worked cleaning up in the garage. I planted some late small tulip bulbs. Then turned off the water for the season. I always try to bring the outside season to a close by Thanksgiving Day. God has granted us, My wife an another successful outdoor season. The outdoor season is important to us. It provides, Stress Therapy, Physical Activity, A years supply of vegetables, and satisfaction for a job done. It keeps us healthy.

Tomorrow while I am gone, a carpet cleaner is coming to do his thing. it is the first time we have hired a thorough carpet cleaning. I hope there are no problems while I am gone. I hope everything is ready for him.

Now that I will have shifted gears to inside work, I hope to play more on this site. I still have a lot of details learn here. I know it will come with time, But time for me is always in short supply. it does not help that my vision is getting bad and I am do one finger typing. I keep hitting the wrong keys trying to go to fast. Have a Blessed Rest
November 21, 2020 at 11:31pm
November 21, 2020 at 11:31pm

We got back from the Northwoods yesterday later then normal after a unexpected rough experience up there. Everything was going great. I did everything I needed to do the first day. I stopped and lined up a sign painting for the garage. Then went to the farm and started clearing the fence line. My nephew came shortly after I got there to get ready for the deer hunt. He has a deer stand, should I say small cabin on top of the small silo there, nice. But anyway I gave him the key fob for the truck so he could move it and get by my van. Then drive down to the buildings where the his stand is, about a quarter mile. I was getting tired so I decided to quit brushing and see him before he left. I get there and he says something is wrong with the van, It will not start. Now we have never had a problem with starting it before hand. So now we have walked over to the van. I put the key fob in and it says BAD KEY. What the .... The van is completely dead the fob will not operate anything. We try different things their. Nothing helps. He offers to drive my to town, about 15 miles away and check the battery in the Key Fob. The battery shows it is bad. We put a new battery in key fob and return to van, Nothing again. What The .... so then he takes me over to my brother, [20 miles away], his dad which is about 2 miles from our home place up there. It is now late. my brother has his buddy is over there working on the tractor I wrote about earlier. We decide I will call the Chrysler dealership the next day. My brother took me over there in the morning, about 15 miles the other direction. It turns out there was a recall on the ignition, Unknown to me. So believe it or not last February we joined AAA. I felt it was time to not fight situations on the side of the highway at my age. To shorten this story up some. Triple A picked up the van and took it to the dealership. Now that is great, but the dealership has to order parts, That will not arrive until Monday, the 23rd. They say it is a half hour to fix the problem, then program the new key fobs. So now what I have to get back to this location. My brother, God Bless Him, took me back the other direction where I rented a Mini Van to get us back to this home location. Now Monday I need to drive back up there and return the van, and pay the bill. And hopefully I am able to pick up our van. If not I will be up there till I can pick it up. I am crossing my fingers. We did manage to get to the auction house by 10 minutes and pick up winnings.

Now my thoughts on why this happened. The vehicles they produce today are way over the top complicated. They take something simple like a key and improve on it until they break it. If anyone would build a simple bread and butter vehicle without all the bells and whistles, and a standard transmission. That is priced to match, people would line up to purchase. I really did not want to purchase a 2009 van. I do not like what I can not see and understand. The Old Foggy's ways rise to the top again.

I will write again tomorrow before I leave, Have a Blessed Rest
November 17, 2020 at 12:13pm
November 17, 2020 at 12:13pm

We are getting ready to leave for a visit to the Northwoods Compound. A few things need to be done up there before our winter schedule of visiting one a month if the weather cooperates. The deer rifle season starts next week and I want to walk the farm property before the season starts. The farm is the beginning of my adult life, and dear to my heart. But I find it hard to get there during the garden growing season. The farm is about 24 miles from the house. Just enough to make it difficult to visit. This week will be my last chance to do so this year. I will write again upon return. Best wishes to all
November 15, 2020 at 10:27pm
November 15, 2020 at 10:27pm
Today was a windy cold day outside. I did not venture outside much. I stayed in and worked my miniscule internet business. I crossed 2300 listing today. It will not feed the habit but it helps. I do want to write too the following prompt.

PROMPT November 15. 2020

What does “a good life” mean to you?

At the beginning Three score and Ten +90, At birth I was not supposed to survive, BUT I had a ace in the whole, God was looking over my shoulder way back then, Blessing me. I was hurriedly baptized Catholic, But I am still here and God has continued too bless me every day. And I give Thanks for that. There have been trials and I am not yet what I need to be be, BUT I have had a Good life. My thoughts on this, On a Good life is that No one else can Judge and say He Had for certain a Good Life. Know one walks In your shoes and can know how you feel. The observations of someone else's life can be misleading. I am the only one that can make that judgement call. For me a good life is being SATISFIED with that life what ever that my be. It is different for each one of us. In my mind to be satisfied to to find BALANCE in one life, To shoot for a balance of TIME and Money. One is not good without the other. To have balance in raising a family. Being not too hard, Not too soft, Raising children that know how to stand on their own, Being trained to raise their own families. There needs to be balance in Work and Recreation, I still need help with that. but with dare I say retirement I am getting better. If at this time I can say I am satisfied with what my life has been, I have had a Good Life. I will have some regrets at the end everyone does I suspect, But with God walking with me and carrying me at times, It has been a Good Life and anyone is welcome to say so.
November 14, 2020 at 8:11pm
November 14, 2020 at 8:11pm
It is a Day I am down somewhat, II Didn't sleep well last night. It is easy for me to be down when I do not sleep well. I was up to many times last night. I drank some Ginger Tea too close to bed time. I think that was the problem. It is not normally a problem.

Today I went and pruned Black Raspberries canes for the winter. I will need to thin and prune harder in the spring. It is now raining lightly and we are due for a heaver long term rain today and tonight. So it is good to have that job done. I did a quick repair cultivating of the potato onions. They are out all winter. The tree rats want to dig any loose soil [potato onions] up in the fall. We finished raking leaves yesterday and storing them for compost. We do still have some spinach and romaine in the garden salad boxes, That we will still cut. But it looks like the radishes will not amount to anything, I planted to late. The outside work is really winding down now. It is now time for inside projects. Have a blessed evening rest.

PROMPT November 14th

Describe an epiphany or "a moment when you suddenly feel that you understand, or suddenly become conscious of, something that is very important to you" that had a profound effect on your life and/or personal opinions.

I have put this on hold as it deserves good thought, Good Prompt. Yes, I think I have recently had such an awakening, about a month ago. after visiting my brother about a month ago, and thinking about how he flies by the seat of his pants. We are as close to the same age as possible, less then ten months apart, but years apart in personality wise. He is what I would call extroverted. and I am if you have not guessed introverted. And in being so I realized that for last 25 plus years I have subconsciously worked to avoid stress. The first half of my life I was immersed in the stress if I wanted it or not. I got burned and recovered and so now that I am able, I work to avoid stress. I avoid situations that can lead to stressful situations for me. Such as using technology that I can not see and understand it workings, Getting too close a relationship to people and there entanglements and commitments. And situations where I have to rely on others for help or materials. My loosing control of who I am and what I do is scary. Any perceived lose of privacy or independence is a waving red flag for me. This unrealized behavior has guided by behavior or the last years. Understand I am not complaining, Life is good. and my family and I have been blessed. But me realizing I have a fire wall around myself answers a lot of questions regarding the situations I allow myself to get into. For me Planning, Organizing and Logic, and Thought lead my life. Writing is so much more my style.
November 11, 2020 at 10:47pm
November 11, 2020 at 10:47pm

The Little dog did get his grooming, hair cut today. We had to change horses in the middle of the stream. the original groomer was at a vet clinic in a neighboring town. They decided the Biscuit needed more shots and an exam if they were going to groom him. They were trying to cram more chargers into the bill. We see a vet in our town when necessary. So we walked away. Then looked up another groomer here close to our town. It worked out, but the Biscuit looks like a big rat after the cut. I like his looks with the traditional longer course hair, terrier style. She did a smooth job but I consider it at this time of year too short. The wife thinks its fine, need I say more. This morning I watched You tube videos on trimming Cairn Terriers. I have a clipper, I at one time did cattle for showing. I think I will give it a go next spring. After all It should only take a hour and I have lots of time. And by that time I will need some excitement, the wife and I trying to trim the dog together.

So on to, PROMPT November 11, 2020
What is your favorite meal to make when you are really hungry?

Since I am a guy that never cooked, I am at a disadvantage. I guess some guys would say find a place to eat out. But I am not big on eating out, Never feel well after doing so. So I seldom do. What I can do is make a peanut butter sandwich with good bread. Or I can graze on bananas, apples, cheese, Or I can take in a bowl of cold cereal with a smaller amount of milk.
The wife is a excellent cook, Our problem is cooking for two. At times I think she thinks she is cooking for an army. She is getting better though after much discussion. I do not mind left overs for one day. But it gets old after that.

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