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Currently my poor excuse of a NaNoWriMo entry
This will be where my creative writing for NaNoWriMo goes. The rest of my word count is a bunch of projects and essays for school.
November 6, 2019 at 4:24pm
November 6, 2019 at 4:24pm
“Dance for us, Hannah!” Briel cried. The ballroom immediately filled with other Arazians echoing the request.
Hannah whipped around to face the female Verabis. “What?”
“You heard her!” Yliri chuckled. “Show these humans what it means to party, Enfulzi style!” Everyone voiced their agreement as Hannah shook her head.
“While I’m sure that would be fun,” Hannah replied, “our guests are probably tired after an… intense day of traveling.” General Morgan snorted at that remark. “As such, it is not wise for them to be around such powerful magic.”
“Or you’re just… what is it you humans say? “Chicken”?” Vonokova chuckled. “I thought you said Enfulzi need to be more willing to throw caution to the wind, Teacup!”
Hannah’s head snapped back, her green eyes glowing with indignation. “Yellow Citrine Enfluzi Vonokova Ekthron, what did you just say?!”
Several chuckles rippled through the room. Yliri whispered, “Oh, frone. You’re in for it now, V.”
Vonokova leaned back in his chair and folded his arms, a smug look on his face. Though he hadn’t been around many Chalcedony-classed Enflulzi in his lifetime, he did know one thing about them: they are stubborn as frone. The ultimate way to push a Chalcedony’s buttons is to either call them a coward or tell them to give up. And Hannah’s Onyx Shard, coupled with her Preim Emete being will-power, took that stubbornness to the extreme.
“It’s a shame that the infamous Green Onyx is making excuses for something so trivial,” he said. “Come on, we all know you’ve been itching to show off in front of your kind.”
Hannah looked like she was going to explode. “Is that a challenge, Citrine?!” She launched herself out of her chair and kicked off her boots. “Fine then! Let’s see if you can keep up with me, you old fool!” She turned to Briel and the other spectators. “To what tune shall I reel?”
“Balia, Defr Dtyra!” a voice in the back of the room cried, and several people nodded and shouted their agreement.
Hannah grinned. “Very well,” she said as she took a stance in the middle of the great hall. “I’ll need you all to keep rhythm for me and the fool.” Everyone hooted as Vonokova rolled his eyes at the obvious jab.
Yliri began clapping the rhythm of the song, and Hannah waited for others to follow suit before she started to slowly sway. Briel sang the first verse as Hannah spun around the room.
November 2, 2019 at 11:18pm
November 2, 2019 at 11:18pm
Link to the song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pzmq0Ylzj1k

"General Morgan!"
Andrew faced the soldier running towards him at top speed. "What is it?"
"We found her! She went back to Opal!"
Andrew's brow furrowed.
"What are your orders, sir?"
Andrew started walking towards the hangar. "Prep a jet. The fastest one we have available."
"Yes sir!"

They arrived in Opal an hour later. However, as the pilot circled the town, looking for a place to land, Andrew could quickly tell that something was amiss. There were several leveled buildings, and huge spikes made of ice, rock, and metal were sticking up out of the ground. The town square now sported an enormous crater, which was tinted deep red. Civilians were flocked around the crater, along with the town's only ambulance. But there was an obvious lack of magic lasers or glowing aliens or his niece--
The pilot landed the plane, and Andrew hopped out of the cockpit and dashed over to the crater. Something was wrong. What had happened here? Where was Hannah?
As he neared the former battlefield, he could hear what the townspeople were saying.
"Where's Doctor Mason?!"
"Are we sure they're gone?"
"Yes, she got rid of them."
"But at what cost?"
"Oh, the poor dear!"
"We need to get her to the hospital! NOW!"
"Oh no..." Andrew's heart dropped as he quickened his pace and prayed it wasn't her they were talking about.
He finally made it to the crowd of people and broke through...
Only to find Hannah being loaded onto a gurney, unconscious and covered in blood and another black substance.
It took Andrew a moment to register that his niece, his last living relative, the same relative that he had declared war against, his seemingly invincible opponent, was being taken to the hospital in critical condition. He finally shook himself out of his state of denial when he saw that they were closing the ambulance doors.
"Wait!" he reached out and grabbed the door. "I'm coming."
One of the men looked at him and asked, "Are you family?"
Andrew didn't take his eyes off of Hannah as he replied, "I sure as hell am."
Andrew spent the rest of the ride holding his niece's hand, thinking about how the promise he'd made his sister only a few years ago.
"Andrew... if something happens to me and Marcus, you'll be all Hannah has left. Please, promise me you'll take care of her.
"I will."
Andrew hoped that the ghost of Judith Broeman didn't know how royally he'd botched that seemingly simple task.
November 2, 2019 at 4:24pm
November 2, 2019 at 4:24pm
Link to the song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JvZ2dA5vgg8

“Do it again, Hannah!" Cassidy squealed.
“Again?” Hannah Broeman smiled as she knelt in front of the five-year-old, “Are you sure?”
“Yeah! Again!” Cassidy nodded with delight.
“Okay. Grab on, then!” The little girl giggled as she clambered onto Hannah’s back and wrapped her arms around her babysitter’s neck.
“You ready?” Hannah asked.
“Alright then!” Hannah stood up and started slowly walking around the Carsons’ living room.
“Go faster!” Cassidy giggled. Hannah obliged, breaking into a jog.
“Faster!” Hannah was now full-on sprinting laps around the sofa and TV, Cassidy clinging to her and squealing with delight.
After Hannah ran out of breath, she set Cassidy down on the sofa and collapsed on the floor, panting.
"That was fun!" Cassidy grinned as she slid off the couch and sat next to Hannah.
Still trying to catch her breath, Hannah simply nodded to show her agreement.
At that moment, the front door swung open, and in stepped Mr. and Mrs. Carson, each carrying bags full of groceries.
"Mommy! Daddy!" Cassidy ran over to her parents and hugged their legs.
"Hey, sweetie! Did you have fun with Hannah?" Mrs. Carson said.
"Yeah! She gave me lots of piggyback rides!"
"She did?"
"Yeah!" Cassidy giggled.
"Wonderful!" Mr. Broeman said as he readjusted the bags in his arms and pulled a ten-dollar bill out of his pocket. "Thanks for coming over and watching her on such short notice," he said, handing the bill to Hannah.
Hannah grinned. "You're welcome, Mr. Carson. And it was no trouble at all!" She knelt in front of Cassidy. "I'll see you later, alright?"
Cassidy nodded and hugged Hannah. "Goodbye!"
"Bye!" Hannah stood up and walked out the front door, waving to the Carsons as she made her way across the street back to her house.


"That's what the natives, the "humans", call it, yes."
"That's a silly name. That'd be like someone naming their child "Offspring"."
"Judging from the information our spies have gathered over the last twenty years, humans are not the most creative species in the Mortal Realm."
"And you think an Onyx shard is on "Earth's" surface?"
"It has to be an Onyx, Sire. Its wavelength is too similar to yours. Unless it's a True Spinel, but that seems unlikely due to the amount of energy it's releasing; no Spinel of any color could hold that amount of raw power, especially when it's not tethered to a soul."
"Very well. You may send a retrieval team down to the surface to collect the shard. But be careful. Do not interact with any of the planet's lifeforms. The last thing we need is an Onyx Enfulzi fighting against us."
"It will be as you say, Sire."
October 3, 2019 at 11:23pm
October 3, 2019 at 11:23pm
Link to the song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k53NGe64RBU

"Are you ready?" Omal turned to me.
"Heck no," I muttered.
"Great. Let's go."
The huge double doors in front of me swung open, and I walked into the courtyard, remembering what Madriga had told me not ten minutes ago.
"Stay calm. Whatever you do, don’t lash out. That will only worsen the situation. You're already their enemy. Don’t give them evidence against you."
At first, no one noticed me. They just kept talking among themselves, laughing and having a good time. Then--
"Holy-- Is that the Green Onyx?!"
The room exploded into chaos, all previous conversations forgotten. I was now the center of attention, and I hadn't even said or done anything. I found myself surrounded by several Enfulzi of multiple Shard classifications, many of them voicing their opinion.
"Who are you?"
"Where did you get that Shard?"
"There must be a mistake. There simply must be!"
"Don’t the Overseers remember what happened with the last Onyx?!"
"She's just a child! A CHILD!"
"The Overseers weren't thinking straight when they gave you a Shard."
"We should shatter her now, save us from having to do it when she's nigh unstoppable!"
"No! She is Madriga's apprentice! She must have faith in the girl!"
"Another Onyx?! This is terrible!"
"Oh, why couldn't she have been given something simple, like a Diamond or an Emerald?"
"Forget an Emerald! I would have even taken an Obsidian over an Onyx! They're just bad news!"
"You're so lucky! You're so rare. There have only been two other Onyxes in all of history besides you!"
"But remember who those two Onyxes were?! One vanished after being declared insane, and the other is now leading the enemy hoards! Onyxes are cursed!"
"Are we being punished?"
It took everything I had to not push them away, and even more effort to prevent my Marks from glowing with rage and indignation.
They're judging me already, and they don't even know my name.
"That's enough!" a voice rang through the air. Everyone stopped their chatter and turned towards the direction the shout had come from.
When I laid eyes on the source of my unlikely aid, I was greeted by a creature that looked like a dragon standing on its back legs. He was tall and muscular, with large green, scaly wings folded behind his back. His chest was bare, as if he wanted to show off his well-toned abdomen.
One Enfulzi (a Diamond, I think) scoffed. "You're defending an Onyx, Vonokova? Shameful." There were a few snickers.
Vonokova strode over to where I was standing. "It matters not what her Shard classification is. The Overseers make no mistakes." He stood in front of me and said with a bow, "Vonokova Ethkron, Yellow Citrine Enfulzi of Bisentia."
I smiled. Finally, a friendly face. "Hannah Broeman, Green Onyx Enfulzi of Araz."
He returned my grin. "Araz, eh? Well, you'll certainly have your hands full for a while. Andorea left you quite the mess to clean up."
The Enfulzi surrounding us continued to stare as Vonokova offered me his hand. "If you would like, I could give you a tour. Trying to find your way around this place for the first time is a literal nightmare."

I'd write more, but I have two essays due that I will be spending all day working on, so I want to get this out of the way now so I'm not as distracted.
Also, I know that it seemingly has nothing to do with the song. Just the repetition of "I'm sorry" reminded me of Hannah feeling guilty for being a "cursed Shard" (an Onyx) and all the judgment she gets from the other Enfulzi.
Thanks for reading!

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