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My thoughts and ideas inspired by my perspective and life.
Welcome to my blog!

This is a space where I share my thoughts on what I see in the real world and in my life!*Cookie*

Please, when reading and commenting, remember that most ideas here are only opinions. Please respect them even if you disagree!*Cookie*

There will be some foul language, just because I know who I am and what I do when I'm in a rage. If I offend anyone during my little rants/rages, please contact me and I will apologize personally! I truly don't want to upset anyone with my thoughts.*Cookie*

I am a teenager, one of the few here on this site. So please understand that despite my age, I have plenty of street smarts to know what's right and wrong. I'm not like the stereotypical teen seen on tv, as you will see in these entries. Please don't disregard what I believe just because of my age.*Cookie*

And please no hateful, discriminating comments! I am both black and white, so please understand that I'm not racist. I love everyone who doesn't harm for pleasure.*Cookie*

Thank you and I hope you enjoy reading. Every Wednesday I'll post a blog entry. Please understand that this schedule isn't permanent and there will be some changes or delays.*Cookie*

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Weirdness #10 | Confidence
November 16, 2020 at 1:28pm
Hey there, friends! So I finished my week and a half of my third trade cycle, and things are looking good. I have been getting pretty used to how LucidPress works, the Principles and Elements of Design, and I have been practicing on my own time. But on Friday, my neighbor was looking for help with her restaurant's menu, so I've been trying to clean it up. A lot of stuff freaking happened! I've been working on my Youtube Channel plans, so I've got some things in progress. ... [Read more]
Wierdness #9 | November is Here and Habits...
November 6, 2020 at 5:34pm
Okay... I'm so glad its almost Christmas! I get to see wholesome things happen during this not-so-wholesome time! I'm not really wishing for much this year, since I don't really need anything... Hopefully, someone on this site could get you something from your wishlist! Today, WDC sent me a little motivation card, and I feel great to get back into writing. I spent a few months with a habit journal, and the thing is, I'm not very consistent with it. You can see with one of... [Read more]
Weirdness #8 | A Dark and Stormy Night...
October 23, 2020 at 8:43am
Hey guys! It's another Friday, and honestly, I meant to make an entry yesterday with a cool story for the prompt! But as things tend to be with me, get delayed or never finished... I'm so happy this week! This week just kept getting better and better! I reconnected to my friends on Discord, and I installed Among Us so we can play a few rounds soon! I got back into some real projects with art, I can't wait to see what's going to happen with that! I plan for my youtube chan... [Read more]
Weirdness #7| Sweeter Moments
October 16, 2020 at 7:44am
Hello, I'm late again! But, I must say, things are going a bit more smoothly in my life. I'm not going to talk much about them, but let's say all the problems in school are slowly disappearing. Today's my last day for Cycle 2 Trade and my shop for today is Graphics, which I've been waiting for all month! I'm so excited to make art and design and websites and videos! Hell, I've been thinking about making short animations of the most popular of my stories! Then I c... [Read more]
Weirdness #6 | A Return from Laziness
October 9, 2020 at 9:10am
Another spooky morning, another fall day! How are you all today? I'm sorry I wasn't as social or active these past few days. In fact, I was super lazy. I did take a walk yesterday, but the entire day was just me watching videos while waiting for a response from my teachers. That also meant I lagged behind in classwork and need to get it done straight away. I did finish and turn in a lot of it already, so I just wanted to say hi to you all and do a prompt! It will be a nice br... [Read more]
Weirdness #5 | Things are getting spoopy!
September 30, 2020 at 7:59am
Good morning to you all! Just coming by with a few updates about what's going on in my life!!! So, I'm old enough to get a job, but the only jobs near me that I can get in is the McDonalds down the street! They have it where one worker can do any job randomly throughout the week! I don't want to get hurt working as a fry cook, so my best option is to wait next year when I turn 15 and look for new opportunities. I could also wait for my parents to get me a bank account so I ... [Read more]
Weirdness #4| New look, New start. (P)
September 23, 2020 at 6:55am
Yes, I know it's early! But time to write another blog anyway!!! So, as you might've noticed, I changed my blog A LOT . It's in a different format, but most noticeable is my title and pretty much everything. I wanted to wait a few months and see what might work, and this is the result! But, that isn't all. I'm also going to talk about a couple of prompts, questions, or issues with my response as a teen. Hopefully not political, politics give me headaches! You might h... [Read more]
Weirdness #3 | Habit/Health Journal
September 16, 2020 at 8:45am
Hey guys! So on Friday, I'm going to do some academics! But I did receive an email telling me about SATs. I don't think I can handle that test just yet, even the practice one! As I'm writing this, I'm waiting for the one class I look forward to; the only one I actually get lately. Language Arts Labs. Seriously, it feels like I no longer have to stare at the screen for six hours waiting patiently for an assignment. School life is becoming more bearable. I'm so sor... [Read more]
Weirdness #2 | First few days of boredom!
September 8, 2020 at 9:23am
I've finally got back to school last Wednesday. I'm a freshman, in a new district, in another town, in a different type of school. It's all so very new for me!!! It's really been boring for me though. I was given the impression that the people work from remotely would be in Google Meets every period, but it's been the exact opposite. I've only had one Meet, and barely any work. I mean, I only have two classes for the first couple of weeks to figure out my shop, but I ... [Read more]
Wierdness #1 | ft. a letter for teachers!
September 1, 2020 at 12:43pm
Its been nearly a month since I've written an entry. Tomorrow is the first day of school for freshmen, but I don't know what's going on. The school is required to hand out electronics to students who need them (I can't use this computer since my dad works in the same room and I have to do calls), but I haven't received mine yet. I am so nervous, its too soon!!! Anyway, I've been really, really busy! Partly, my computer started to break and my dad and I had to replace ... [Read more]
Feeling a tad lonely... just read!
August 10, 2020 at 1:26pm
It's been over a week since I've written another entry! I got a new haircut (finally some bangs to complement curly head!) and tomorrow I'm getting fake nails to be applied. I've also found my new drink love: Snow-Berry Peace Tea! The tea is cold, minty, and fruity at the same time! Sadly, they're about 150 calories per can so it's a once a day treat! Still, it's so delicious, mmm! But not everything has been good with my emotions lately... I must admit, even thoug... [Read more]
A hot day...
July 20, 2020 at 11:07am
Yesterday (I know I said Friday, but I made a mistake, oopsies!), was my cousin's birthday... He looks so different than the last time I visited! There was lots of good food, I must've gained several pounds just trying to stuff it all in my mouth! The only bad thing was, it was nearly 100 degrees outside and his friends are quite rude when it comes to girls! The party was enjoyable! Today, I woke up at 3 in the morning unable to sleep. I must've eaten so much! Though, once my mo... [Read more]
One short time
July 11, 2020 at 8:17pm
On Friday is my cousin's birthday party! I really don't know what to expect, considering that it's been nearly two years since I've last seen him and his family and COVID-19. It might be the first time this year that I get to pet a dog! I'm already a kitten's mama (recently, my neighbor's kitty has taken a liking to me, so I treat him like my little baby), so petting an animal isn't too strange. It's been a week since I've came back from the trip. I got... [Read more]
June 28, 2020 at 10:25 PM EST
June 28, 2020 at 10:40pm
So uhh... I'm visiting my grandmother and uncle. I haven't seen them in what seems like ages, due to the coronavirus. But hey!, I get to see them today! They have so many cats, three of whom are FAT. The smallest one is Tiki, she's black and white. She's a dwarf cat, though when she was a baby she was super skinny. For only a month though, recently, she's gotten a little more tummy. Sadly, this happy rejoice won't last for long, considering I'm expected to visit... [Read more]

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