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This my first blog narrating my rising star experiences.
I hope you will love reading this and I am so excited *BigSmile*

This journey was one with so much fun. I made many friends (my Rising Stars classmates) and I got to learn many new things here on this site. It helped me to improve my writing style and made me more dedicated towards the art. It was a pleasure to submit the given weekly assignments in the given time. I'm glad that I was a part of this and I am proudly a Rising Stars Graduate now. *Starstruck*

Merit Badge in RS Summer Camp
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   Congratulations!!! You did it! You were carefully selected to participate in the program and you rose to the occasion! *^*Flipflops2*^* The Rising Stars Program was designed to give gifted, black case members special acknowledgment and to introduce them to different types of writing through weekly tasks. *^*Flipflops2*^* I hope you enjoyed the program, learned a little, and had some fun. You are amazing and I can't wait to see what is next for you!!! Kindest Regards, Lilli
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August 31, 2021 at 11:39am
August 31, 2021 at 11:39am
Olivia's Imagination

Breezes were calm and moon was above in the sky. It was a full moon night. Olivia was lying on the grass. She was gazing at the stars and the sky. The atmosphere was chilly. Fireflies were making noise.

Olivia was thinking of going deeper into the forest- 'Athora'. She wanted to explore it more.
It was her only muse since childhood. She used to have visuals of her running in the forest alone, in her dreams.

They were because of her escapist tendency. She wanted to escape from the harsh reality of the world and move into a world of her own imagination. She wanted to live joyfully like a kid playing with sand on a beach. She had her own world in her mind. She wanted a parallel universe with only glee and no sorrow.

All this time, she was thinking of how to escape from reality when she really knew that she couldn't run. Her only muse was to explore 'Athora'. She felt like home. She felt free. She felt herself.

The forest too, was familiar with her. She was like a native or inhabitant. The forest seemed to welcome her. She could listen to music coming from there at nights and whispering in her ear. As if the forest is calling rather attracting her to come and visit. Nobody knew what secret existed. Though, Olivia believed that it was a door to her new life. Her perfect imaginative world is yet to be explored.

After Story


September 6, 2021 at 11:41am
September 6, 2021 at 11:41am
Poem 1: Haiku

Soft breezes in skies
Lily's fragrance in the winds
Filled my heart with joy

Poem 2: Acrostic

Under my blanket at the night,
Never have I stopped to think
Coming future life to me.
Everyday it makes me curious
Replying me with good notions
That everything will be okay
And everything will be fine.
In this life's long journey,
Nothing is certain and fixed
It depends upon what we do at present
To make our future bright and
Yield the best out of it.

Alarm (extra)
Anna is sweet and hardworking
Loren and Lurie are teens
Aneska is always on time
Rhymer is never gonna late
Marvilla is marvellous friend

Poem 3: Cinquain

knows more than you
can fight the world for you
feels like your secret diary

September 18, 2021 at 9:17am
September 18, 2021 at 9:17am
John- It's not the right time to go. We must have coffee before going.

Michael- Coffee isn't good for health.

John- What!! Who told you this?

Michael- No one. But I think so.

John- And why do you think so?

Michael- Have you seen people drinking coffee in hospitals? The answer is NO. Sport players have to leave drinking coffee. Do you how many calories it has?

John- Yes, I agree it is not given in hospitals. But that's because we have better alternatives like soup and tea. This doesn't make coffee bad.
Many sports people are coffee lovers too. Coffee helps in curing many diseases. A person who drinks a cup of coffee in a day can work for more hours than a person who doesn't drink. And do you know that a cup of black coffee has only five calorie?

Michael- But then why people say it is toxic?

John- Probably your people are not so coffee lovers. Coffee is one drink which is affordable by many. It is not toxic when taken in right quantity. Yes, overdrinking may be toxic but, you know that overdoing anything is bad. It's something special about coffee.

Michael- Hmm. You have good points to say, John. You made me speechless. I am proved wrong.

John- It's nothing about right or wrong, man. I only cleared some of your misconceptions.

Michael- I think it's a good idea if I join you now.

John- Cheers! So let's have our coffee.

September 21, 2021 at 3:24pm
September 21, 2021 at 3:24pm
Rose was sitting alone in room
Occupied with sorrowful thoughts
She was waiting for a telegram
Since AD 1891.

It's 1910 now, 11 years passed
Yet no mail nor any telegram
Not a single message or a photograph.

Rose was waiting as always, while sitting alone
Maybe one day she'll get a call
A telegram is yet to come
A telegram is yet to come

September 27, 2021 at 3:13am
September 27, 2021 at 3:13am
I have just brought the brim of cup near my mouth and titled it to have a sip when everyone came shouting and howling. I left my coffee on the table to watch the matter. The conference room is filling with spectators and reporters.
There are lights, camera, bodyguards, interviewers and intellectuals all gathered. I am standing at a corner, waiting to see the influential personality.

Jaw dropped! I can't believe my eyes so I pinched my hand to check. I rubbed my eyes and blinked again to confirm. Shri Narendra Modi is standing right in front of me with much crowd in between.

Everyone other is going closer to the prime minster of India. Some are rushing with their cameras ready and some are racing to get his signature. I too am very excited.

I am going closer to him.

"Move aside" is what I am saying to everyone around me. Between the rush and gush, I managed to get within his range. He saw me.

"Hello Lurie. I think I can recognise you. You are a young aspiring writer, right? I have read several of your works and let me tell you, Lurie, they pleased me very much."

My eyes widened. I am having goosebumps but I have to reply him. .

"Yes sir. It is an honour to meet you. You are an inspiration, admiration and the heart of the nation."

"This proves how good a writer you are."he said and gently patted my back with his old, mature hand.

I bowed him, " Thank you sir. I do not have words to express how escatic I feel standing beside you."

He responded to me with his constant elderly smile "And so am I. Child, you are a teenager, the future of our country. I see you have high ambitions and I like this."

He continued on saying, just as a father narrates his story to his son, "When I kid, I had high ambitions. I did not decided to be a political man but my aim was purely for nation's service. With a lot of hardwork and dedicated time, I can serve my nation rightly. For you my child, I am telling you, people are never so full of knowledge at any point of time, nor they have achieved their goal."

"Why do you say so, Sir? Are goals unachievable?"

"For those who have smaller goals, they can achieve them. But with people like you, who has to have bigger goals, you cannot. You asked me why so? Because at the moment you think you have achieved a goal, another sets in your mind and you start working for the bigger goal. That's the key to success. Always growing and improving from what we have achieved yesterday."

I drank the elixir of life. "Sir, your words are like pearls. It is a great talk with you....."

The interviewers interrupted and took him to the hall centre. But my meeting with Shri Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India is the one remarkable moment of my life.


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