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Rated: E · Book · Sci-fi · #2251946
I cant wait to see what I write in here! That title just sprung up so ... here goes!
This is supposed to be more of a journal or blog than an actual novel or book.... ongoing as I attempt to dive back into the writing world I left behind several years ago. I have a notion to write a script. I don't like most of what is on tv these days, havent in a while. so ... I think I can do better, maybe. Over the years I've written opening scenes, started first chapters, even scribbled down plot ideas--- none of which, if they are not on this machine or a thumb drive, I have anymore. Maybe Tropical Moon can finally be finished and find a home? I'll have to speak with my co-author.

Not once, during my writing years, or in the past years of not writing, have I ever thought of having a Dragon.. so it will be interesting if I ever find out where that idea came from. Now I have an ornate decorative blade holder intricately carved like a black dragon but I was hardly thinking about it right now. We shall see....

Primarily this blog is mainly to write in, like a journal, but in public. It should remain E-rated but if something isn't, then I will rate and label that entry appropriately. I want to move from erotic romance into other genres, most of which I have read for decades. Yes, I am old enough to have seen the moon landing on tv in 1969. Not saying there will be no romance, but it wont be primary or even secondary.... I dont think.. Better not jinx myself here. Lets just hop on the roller coaster and see where it throws us off!
June 20, 2021 at 3:27pm
June 20, 2021 at 3:27pm
Tentative decision on a new project... is it the height of egotism to want to write a script or screenplay of your own book? When I wrote Psychic Reunion, I spent days on the computer, just writing, mainly because one night, it kept me awake. The story rolled through my head like a movie, on a film loop, over and over again. Once I started writing, it took over my sleeping hours as well--I dreamed it, all of it, every night, until I had it all written. During editing, different parts, scenes and characters popped up, which basically got me through the editing phase.

So, even though I've never written a script, or screenplay, or anything like it, I find myself wanting to do this one. It was envisioned as a moving picture--movie or miniseries perhaps, and , dare I say it, I'm not sure trust anyone else to do it So, throwing my hat in the ring, and hoping I'm not about to drown, I'm jumping in with both feet---and no safety net!
June 9, 2021 at 2:43pm
June 9, 2021 at 2:43pm
Covid pandemic sure makes things kind of surreal. I’m at ER with hubby waiting to go back and see him... but can’t until he is in a room? On top of having to drive all the way around to public parking on other side of building... cause ER parking is full. So are we having dystopian fun yet? Yes, I got the shot so I can get on a plane this summer. I keep waiting for something more in tune with sci-fi to happen... you know, aliens, AI gone crazy, even a zombie or two... I plan to list my published works in my profile somewhere. Psychorp might make a decent miniseries or two season series unless I get around to writing the third book

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