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by Chanon
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The Light Worker’s Manual – An Unpublished manuscript

I had the privilege of being best friends with a psychic channel for a period of twelve years when I was much younger. The entity who spoke through her was named Alexander. Alexander and I were friends from another lifetime. When he spoke directly to me through my friend he told me many things and asked me to write everything down. At the end of twelve years my friend moved to another city and we lost touch. I began seriously to write down and arrange everything Alexander had said. The result was this manuscript.

Much of what I have written has already come to pass, and as humanity continues to evolve into the fifth dimension, I find the words spoken by Alexander are indeed the truth.

Perhaps one day this manuscript will be published and will become a Light worker’s Manual.

Live Love, because Love is all there is.

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May 12, 2018 at 3:38pm
May 12, 2018 at 3:38pm
Meditation is itself a process of healing. It is a time when the individual can listen to the voice of God or the voices of any member of the spiritual hierarchy who are working to assist the human form.

Spiritual intervention in the human body is continuously ongoing. Without the spirit, the body has no use or function. We know that when the spirit and soul leave the body the body dies. If one is conscious of this fact then one can learn to be aware of the healing and protective nature of the soul and spirit towards the human body.

As soon as a child is born, the aging process begins and continues throughout life. When we become conscious of the sounds and feelings of healing, we can better understand the functions of the parts that make up life, as we know it. We can hear the sounds of healing in our ears and can imagine the communication of spirit within the body. One can feel the warmth and tingling in various parts of the body and again imagine the partnership and energy that contributes to the functioning of the magnificent creation we call the body. Only God and certain other spiritual beings can create the perfect masterpiece that is our body – the perfect blend of body, soul and spirit that we are. Those of science that believe they can clone a human are sadly disillusioned, the secret of the soul will never be revealed to science. It will remain in the mind of God alone.

When we are completely comfortable with the knowledge that we are truly spiritual beings living in the protective shield of the human body, we will take a giant step forward in the evolutionary understanding of why we are here. Science has a long way to go to develop a space suit that can compare with the space suit that the spirit must wear to visit the earth. There is continual improvement in scientific space travel and the gear required for such travel but the human body has never required improvement, such is the magnificence of the creation of humanity.

It is no wonder that God expected His creation to return to Him in all possible haste when He allowed us to experience free will and the process of evolution. It is a tragedy that we have allowed ourselves to let greed delay the return backs to our original spirit self. Any astronaut of today is happy when they are able to remove the cumbersome, restrictive suit of protection that allows them to live during space travel. Think of the joy we will experience when we can lay aside the protective gear that we call the body and experience the blessed freedom that our true existence allows us.

I like to relax and meditate in the bath tub. When I cover my eyes I see the yellow light of Arcangel Jophiel.
Try it, see which colour you see, then look it up to see which angel looks after you.

April 28, 2018 at 6:06pm
April 28, 2018 at 6:06pm
Toxic shame can be the beginning of long-term illnesses such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, arthritis or other medical conditions. An individual who feels inadequate for most of their lifetime usually carry toxic shame in the form of anger or hate. Eventually the organs and tissues in the body are affected and over a long period of time, illness and even death of the body could result.

Feelings of guilt and shame are the beginnings of physical death. When these destructive feelings can be neutralized by spiritual healing the result will be joy and peace and the slow progress that leads to physical death will be delayed.

Spiritual healing can come in many forms but positive results are compounded by mediation. When the mind is in an altered state of consciousness during meditation, the spiritual beings that hover about the human form in the delivery of assistance can then accomplish their duties much easier than when the human body and mind are active.

April 14, 2018 at 4:15pm
April 14, 2018 at 4:15pm

We can gradually change the chemistry of the population by the healing we do, one individual at a time. Even in mass gatherings if one or two receive a significant healing that will benefit them for a lifetime, the gathering would be considered a success. The gathering itself will leave a lasting memory but not necessarily a lasting healing. A temporary healing however is also a very significant event. Healing of the soul brings long lasting results, not only in this lifetime, but also into future lifetimes. Soul healing brings enlightenment and expansion and therefore eternal benefits and creates significant forward motion in the evolution of the soul.

When we compare our self to others, we are sometimes disappointed in ourselves. This comparison serves no useful purpose in soul development and indeed, leaves scars on the emotion of the soul. These scars must be healed in order to develop and evolve to our fullest extent possible. This is an example of soul healing. Once this soul healing is accomplished, future lifetimes will not be harmed by self-comparison. Comparisons can then be beneficial in that it can be used to promote advancement in personal growth.

The result of comparison to others may lead to toxic shame that remains in the body and can be seen by the psychic healer usually as black material. Some see it in the form of black balls of various sizes. Toxic shame gathers in the body when an individual has thoughts that are harmful to the wellbeing of that individual. An example, feelings of diminished self-worth may lead to toxic shame. In the life of a young person, there are often feelings of being inadequate or of being not good enough or even thoughts of not wanting to live. Thoughts of suicide or of taking the life of a tormentor create toxic thoughts. Toxic thoughts create toxic shame, which are stored in the body and can be harmful if not removed by soul healing.

March 31, 2018 at 6:46pm
March 31, 2018 at 6:46pm
The gentler a parent is the wiser the child; the gentler a world power is the more respect it garners from weaker nations. Only bullies use their bluster and bullishness to announce their power and might and in the end, there is no respect and no ally for the bully. The meek shall inherit the earth as it is written because the meek hold the strength and the wisdom that attracts friends and allies. Who would follow the bully to their death when there is a choice to follow wisdom?

Surprisingly, many do. The temporary glory of war – if one is disposed to call it that – can blind the eyes of the bullies to the long-term goal of peace.

We say again – war can never lead to peace only to domination. There must be a pre-existing plan for equality with consideration given to culture and religious beliefs before there is enduring peace.

We are all one – all are connected to each other and to God, it is our responsibility to remember that world peace begins at home.
March 17, 2018 at 9:23pm
March 17, 2018 at 9:23pm
We must caution the people on earth now to resist the aggressive nation’s call to war. War is the result of greed and we ask you to carefully seek other options. When a leader of a country is elected, it is not the will of the people to be led by a bully. Power, greed and fear create the values of the elected leader after the election. The campaign promises are hardly recognizable after power, greed and fear take over.

It is then up to the people to resist following a leader who has demonstrated aggressiveness and a willingness to sacrifice his people to satisfy his own greed. This is not an easy task. Indeed, it is very difficult to resist a tyrant and a bully, but it must be done in order to achieve the peace that we desire.

The stronger a nation becomes the gentler it must be. The nation who holds the power needs more than ever to cherish those who witnessed the rise to power.

This seems an appropriate entry in today’s world.

Any pain can be relieved by saying the following three times and asking for relief.

This opens a path through our free will and allows our guides to enter and relieve our pain. I don’t know if it works for emotional pain, but I think it does. No harm in trying.

March 3, 2018 at 6:03pm
March 3, 2018 at 6:03pm
Leaders of the future who grow up in harmonious families will bring harmony to the country and therefore the world.
Our lives are a very complicated dance between spirit and physical reality, between teachings of love or follow the bully who leads by aggression.

It is important that we resist following the bully. There is always a price to pay when we play on the bully’s side. In schoolyard games, the bully is never the one who takes the punches. The bully is the one who orders others to take the fall for him/her.

So it is with countries, the mighty are difficult be befriend. As the schoolyard bully, the price is often much too high. You can only be a friend to a bully or an aggressive country if you are willing to be the one who bears the defeat. The aggressive leader is not willing to be your friend unless you are willing to obey his or her every command and then when the fight is over, there will only be glory for the bully. The friendship ends when victory is achieved.

February 17, 2018 at 4:55pm
February 17, 2018 at 4:55pm
Now we see that people and nations are somewhat the same in their patterns of growth. We sometimes hear of a child who has reached the age of two and is just beginning to learn that they have choices but are not yet able to verbalize those choices. This is what we sometimes call the terrible two’s. In fact it could be looked at as the wonderful two’s. We can see with wonderment the awesome progress a child has achieved in such a very short period of time. Now is the time when the individual personality if formed. If a parent is wise, the new personality will be honored. If a parent is not so wise, they will continue to dominate the young one and cause much grief for both the child and the parent, and indeed for the whole family. It is to be remembered that this child has come to fulfill its own individual life path of evolution. At this time it is wise for a parent to provide needed guidance and protection but not impose their own personality. This will surely lead to rebellion and aggression.

So it is with nations. As one nation matures and develops a unique personality, it is in the best interests of the world as a whole to provide guidance where it is needed and to allow progress to be individualized in the best interests of the developing nation and therefore the world.

The ‘terrible two’s can be avoided for the most part by wise guidance and understanding and allowing the new personality to develop freely.

If we can teach our young to respect the personality of the individual, this lesson will be of great importance in the evolution of generations to come. Harmony begins in the family. We cannot emphasize this enough; it is of the greatest importance.

February 3, 2018 at 5:19pm
February 3, 2018 at 5:19pm
All acts of abuse or domination are based in the fear of losing position and therefore based in greed. Greed is an all-consuming master in our world society, and in the end greed and possession of power is of no value at all.

The only value we should seek is the value and power of love. With love in our hearts and minds and the commitment to share that love, we cannot fail. The aggressiveness of nations or people will only result in retaliation. Greed can only result in the fear of losing possessions and possessions are of no value unless they are shared.

We, as a world must come to the understanding that we do have a choice, we have the choice to elect governments that know the true value of love and cooperation. Borders are our way of keeping our possessions from our neighbors. Eventually in a time that is appropriate, our world leaders will come to understand that greed is what is driving our governments and that greed will destroy our beautiful planet.

We hope and pray that the time will soon come that the people of earth will learn the lesson of love and make better choices. We need to learn that our gift of free choice enables us to choose unconditional love and unconditional cooperation and to create a better world. Everyone would agree that there is a better way. We only have to choose not to follow the bully. It takes courage but the realization that the bully is acting from a base of fear can be the source of the courage we need.
January 20, 2018 at 5:46pm
January 20, 2018 at 5:46pm
Just as a parent must learn to understand the needs of a child, so must the powerful learn to listen to the needs of the weak.

Just as a new friend must conform to understanding the mannerisms of another, so must nations adjust and accept the culture of other nations. Learning to adapt brings respect and respect brings unity. Demands bring hostility and aggression. Fear is the underlying cause of aggression. When a child fears a parent the child will eventually retaliate. When a weaker, smaller nation fears an aggressive powerful nation the weaker nation will find a way to retaliate when they feel they can beat the bully. There is no doubt that the downtrodden will rise up in retaliation eventually. Let the bully beware, aggression will surely follow.

Whether it is nations, governments, parents or anyone else in authority, when bullying tactics are used against a weaker, more vulnerable opponent, there will be retaliation. The retaliatory action may not always be directed back to the bully, it may be directed down to a smaller, still more vulnerable individual, government or nation. Aggression or bullying is always based in fear. Often the fear is of losing position or a lowering of status. Position and power are considered things of value in our present level of evolution. A parent will abuse their child for fear the child is taking away the parent’s place of attention in the family. Those who put too much value in their position are the most likely to be abusive to others whom they fear. Countries that fear their loss of position are those who will demonstrate aggression towards those countries that they fear may take away their power and prominence.

January 6, 2018 at 7:34am
January 6, 2018 at 7:34am
It seems that world leaders are dividing into two categories’ the hawks and the doves. More now than ever before the division is more pronounced, there are those that feel that aggression is the way to peace and those who feel that peace can be negotiated.

The division of wealth is a major factor in the turmoil we find ourselves in today. Negotiations and a sharing of wealth will bring about the peace we all want and deserve. Rich countries seem arrogant and lacking in sympathy toward developing countries. It would be in the best interest of all countries to stay away from aggression and ask for help in bringing about equality. It is the responsibility of the rich to sit down with the poor and ask how they can help.

It is not advantageous to give poor nations a hand up and then demand that they conform to standards set by the rich nations. Democracy is preferred but it cannot be demanded. Fairness and equality must be the cornerstone to build on, not threats and aggression.

It is necessary that those countries that have the knowledge and the resources hold out a hand of friendship to others. Only then can we begin the healing process. Help given freely and without the expectation of reward will be the way to world harmony. In time, even the most aggressive will learn to trust if a concerted effort is made towards equality and justice.

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