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by Chanon
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The Light Worker’s Manual – An Unpublished manuscript

I had the privilege of being best friends with a psychic channel for a period of twelve years when I was much younger. The entity who spoke through her was named Alexander. Alexander and I were friends from another lifetime. When he spoke directly to me through my friend he told me many things and asked me to write everything down. At the end of twelve years my friend moved to another city and we lost touch. I began seriously to write down and arrange everything Alexander had said. The result was this manuscript.

Much of what I have written has already come to pass, and as humanity continues to evolve into the fifth dimension, I find the words spoken by Alexander are indeed the truth.

Perhaps one day this manuscript will be published and will become a Light worker’s Manual.

Live Love, because Love is all there is.

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April 29, 2017 at 4:26pm
April 29, 2017 at 4:26pm
The crimes of the corporate world or white-collar crimes, as they are sometimes called, seem to be treated much differently than the crimes committed by the ordinary people. The convicted white-collar criminal can afford the best lawyers for their own defense. Poor people must rely on the defense lawyers appointed by the court. The outcome is often very different. Even the jails of the rich are not like the jails of the poor.

All throughout our society, the rich and the educated are treated and thought of as being superior to the poor. This is not the case at all. All are equal in the eyes of God because He created all souls to be equal. It is only in the eyes of man that the rich and powerful are better than the poor and helpless. When we again become beings of light, there will be no difference, all will be equal once more and the division that separated us while in the human form will be no more.

The lesson here is that we treat those among us who are living in the margins of society with all the respect that we have for the rich and powerful. It is important that those who cannot advocate for themselves are taken care of by those who can advocate for them. Corporate crimes are to be judged in the same manner as crimes of the poor. Corporate crimes are crimes of greed and greed is the main reason that evolution is not progressing as quickly as it should.

April 15, 2017 at 6:02pm
April 15, 2017 at 6:02pm
There is still much work to be done and God wants us to bring peace now. We have delayed far too long in doing His will. Why do we delay any longer? If we know and understood that heaven on earth will come only when we do the work, we would not be living in the chaos that we are in now. We must spread the word, the truth, that heaven will only be ours when we ourselves work toward that result. Heaven on earth cannot be and will not be handed to us as a gift. We must make it happen. There is no other way.

God will not break His promise of free will. It must be our will and our work that brings us peace and equality. It is our responsibility to work towards our ultimate goal of peace and equality for everyone. Our conscience will show us the way and our teacher, Jesus, has demonstrated to us the love that will bring us back to God.
April 8, 2017 at 4:00pm
April 8, 2017 at 4:00pm
People of good will that teach courses for meditation for us to learn to listen for the voice of God are no longer the brunt of jokes and slander. Their stories are being told in news broadcasts and newspapers and they are being spoken of with respect. That which was once scoffed at has now gained more respect and credibility. These are the signs and signals of the soul’s evolution.

Many churches and organizations members have a strong sense of justice and they are forming groups to help and to teach the equality of man. There are those who attend in courtrooms to report to the public when lawyers and others with influence misuse their power to the detriment of the poor and disadvantage.

Many church leaders and teachers are speaking out on subjects that have not been discussed before in their church. It is important to take a stand and to support those groups and organizations that speak out for justice and equality. All souls are equal in value and all deserve our support and understanding. It is when all people speak out against injustice that we shall have peace on earth.

March 25, 2017 at 7:06pm
March 25, 2017 at 7:06pm
There will be opportunities for the young people of the world to come together through conferences and through the Internet that will speed up evolution from generation to generation.

As democratic governments bring pressure to bear on those corporations who allow greed to rob from the poor and when the youth of the world come together in faith and harmony, we will see the progress we desire.

There are still many who cling to power only for the power itself. Such individuals will be brought down in embarrassment because they do not have the right attitude to govern wisely. Those with a strong social conscious will gradually gain power and leadership.

It is not God’s intention to allow such disparity between the rich and the poor for much longer. Change will come but it will come slowly because the spiritual hierarchy cannot interfere with our free will. They can only instill good thoughts in the mind of humanity. It is up to us to elect social-minded people as our leaders and rulers. The longer we delay, the stronger the suggestions will be until at last we hear the will of God loud and clear.

I like the last sentence.

March 18, 2017 at 9:04pm
March 18, 2017 at 9:04pm
Many of our younger generation now have retained the knowledge of thought transference and are able to communicate with their spirit guides. With each successive generation, this ability will be available to more and more individuals. Eventually we will all be in communication with each other and with spiritual beings by this method of thought transference. This is the process of evolution. We must listen in a different way and realize that spiritual beings do not always use voice in communicating. Sometimes mental telepathy sounds like our own voice in our own mind. If there is sometimes what seems like a two-way conversation in our mind, it may be a spiritual being communicating with us.

In the book we call the bible we read of our spiritual teacher speak of the children as our teachers as He blesses those children who come to Him. We can learn from Him to honor the children. Let the children teach us the blessings of mental telepathy.

There is value in the thoughts that come to your mind when you are in a state of meditation even though these thoughts seem to be random at the time of origin. This is the way of thought transference. When these thoughts are written down they will always become valuable. When these sentences are read over at a later day, the value of the thoughts will be made clear to you.

It is especially our responsibility to care for the children of the world. They will be the leaders and rulers of the world in the future. If we do not bring about changes that will bring equal opportunity for all young people then we are the creators of our own destruction. If we teach our children greed then greed will be their master. If we teach them honor, they will bring honor to the world. If we teach them truth and honor we shall see them blossom with goodness and we shall bring a better world into existence.

What we teach our children will reflect back on us and on the world of the future. How much better it would be if we taught them to shun greed and showed them a better way, a way to coexist with our fellow man that would share their blessings and their abundance with those who need them most. This is the example of universal love and compassion that the world needs.

The best gift that we can give ourselves is to teach our children to love one another, and to show them compassion by our own example.

March 11, 2017 at 5:03pm
March 11, 2017 at 5:03pm
When we look at a child’s coloring book, we often think that the coloring is done in a sloppy way when the colors fill the whole page instead of just the outline in the picture. Here again the child sees the aura of the picture and colors the entire aura. Of course, the child’s coordination has not yet developed but by teaching the child to color within the lines we are teaching them that they are wrong to see auras and in time the child will learn that what they see is wrong and what parents say is right.

We teach our children to ignore their spiritual knowledge and teach them it is better to obey the adult. Children of course want to please their parents so they will put aside their own truth and adopt the parent’s point of view and in this way, they eventually forget or disregard their true spirit.

When we honor our children we cannot only learn from them but we can encourage them to be the truly spiritual beings that they are.

A child even at birth can communicate by mental telepathy or mind transference. It is the adults who have forgotten this method of communication so the baby eventually gives up trying to make themselves understood because they do not receive answers to their communications. In the future we will relearn this means of thought transference and will be able to communicate not only with our babies but also those in spirit form. There are many physical bodies now that are able to communicate by mental telepathy and in the future, as we progress in our evolutionary path there will be many more until mind transference will be the general means of communication.

March 4, 2017 at 8:37pm
March 4, 2017 at 8:37pm

With each successive generation, our children are being born with more and richer awareness of spirituality. This is the result of our own progress in knowledge of our spirit self. When one physical lifespan is complete, we move on to a higher level of knowledge so that our next physical life is started at our new level of knowledge or higher. Children retain their knowledge of spiritual truth up to an age of approximately seven. When we listen to the stories children tell us we should be aware that they indeed have knowledge in the ways of spirit and we should be aware that they are our teachers. The mind of a child seems to be full of fantasy and make-believe. If we listen closely to their stories, we will find that they often relate to past lives that are remembered and future experiences that they will encounter in their own present physical experience. Unfortunately, adults all too often do not take serious note of the conversations of the young.

We can learn a great deal from the young in our family. Sometimes we will argue that a child should wear certain clothes or certain colors. We mistakenly think that we know what is best. In fact, a child will select the colors in clothing that are most compatible with the colors in their own aura on any particular day. When we wear colors that are compatible with our aura our day will turn out to be more harmonious and successful. Adults would learn from their children if they would ask a child, “What color do you suggest I wear today?” often we stand in our dressing room trying to decide what to wear, sometimes discarding outfit after outfit until we hit on the right color for the day. We are also trying, on a subconscious level, to match the color of our outfit to the color of our aura.

February 25, 2017 at 4:54pm
February 25, 2017 at 4:54pm
True progress in the evolution of humanity can be made when the advocates take up a cause and fight for the equal rights of their fellow man. The advocate will usually endure many trials and triumphs but the progress of evolution will be rewarding indeed.

We see such advocates in every group of the disadvantaged. People with strong convictions and a strong sense of justice can achieve great advances in evolution. There are now more advocates than ever before and their numbers will continue to grow until true equality is reached.

In the last one hundred years there have been great advances made in all fields with regard to marginal disadvantaged groups. We used to lock up those with mental illness. Children were used as slaves and women were not considered as persons under the law. The people who fought for equal rights for all humans brought about many changes.

There is still much work to be done by advocates for justice. Many groups in all countries are still feeling the pain of bias and discrimination, especially those who cannot speak for themselves. The children, the poor and the sick are not able to advocate for themselves and are not heard by the leaders of the land. We must do more for those who cannot help themselves. Acts of kindness to help the helpless will bring about change and increase the advancement of evolution.

February 18, 2017 at 6:30pm
February 18, 2017 at 6:30pm

There will always be advocates for the marginalized in our society. Strong-willed individuals who speak out for the disadvantaged will usually be members of the group that is being discriminated against.

The chosen soul path of these advocates is usually to be born into such a marginal group, spend their young lives being victimized, later in life they become an advocate or spokesperson for that group. In this way, they truly understand what it is like to be victimized and marginal.

February 11, 2017 at 5:54pm
February 11, 2017 at 5:54pm
Only the most respected and wise judges will be chosen to represent their areas. They will be chosen by the people of their own area and culture and then appointed by the central government.

Communication between areas and the central government will be instantaneous and clear. English will be the language of government. There will be translators in the areas as well as at the central government.

The system software will be massive and there will be thousands of programmers and technicians to keep the computers up to date and running smoothly without failure.

The central government will be located in the United States but all areas will be of equal value to the cooperation and harmony of the world as one unit instead of many countries as it is now.

A psychic told my grandson that he would be working for this one world government as an IT worker, and that he would hate it. He is in the Canadian military now, so it is possible.

When something happens I often wonder what karma caused it to happen. I was crossing the road at a crosswalk yesterday when a car struck me and knocked me down. Obviously I am fine after spending six hours in ER. But i wonder, what is the Karmic connection between the driver and me. I hope I get the answer.

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