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This is a blog about my life, thoughts and opinions hope you enjoy reading my first blog
Hello and welcome to my first ever blog. I'm Jamie and this blog is where I'll be posting my daily life and stuff that interests me.

I'm 14 and I enjoy Gaming, writing, reading and a bunch more hope you enjoy blog.
March 5, 2018 at 2:45pm
March 5, 2018 at 2:45pm
Today I have an interview for you guys about bigender. The brave person I interviewed is Freezinq and they generously allowed me to post this interview to help you guys understand their situation, and many others, better.

Jamie: Well. What exactly would you say it is? I mean how can you tell what gender you feel like when the day starts? Are there any telltale signs or feelings or do you just know?

Freezinq: Both, honestly. It's most common to know along with feelings, and it's possible to change in the middle of the day. Sort of like Genderfluid but put down to two genders.

Jamie: Okay next question. Does it affect your thought process beyond just thinking "I'm male" or "I'm female" or even "I'm neither"?

Freezinq: For me, no. But maybe slightly on the way you see things for some people. Like, being more attracted to 'feminine' or 'masculine' things.

Jamie: So do you tend to have habits that you only do when feeling like a certain gender?

Freezinq: At times, yes. Maybe I'll want to paint my nails when I'm feeling female, etc.

Jamie: How did it affect your social circle?

Freezinq: Yeah, it did. People would judge me or not be friends with me.

Jamie: How do romantic relationships work for you?

Freezinq: I identify as homosexual. I am attracted to females and was born female. I date females or trans people, and other bigender people.

Jamie: Do you wear gender natural clothing or do you swap clothing based on your mood?

Freezinq: I always have a gender-neutral, feminine, and masculine set of clothes ready every day. I will normally wear gender neutral, though.

Jamie: Do you dislike being bigender? Are there any aspects of it that make you wish you weren't?

Freezinq: I wouldn't say I dislike it? But it can be stressful. Sometimes I dislike that people judge me, or that I have to do something/go somewhere that's against my feelings at times.

Jamie: What do you like about being bigender?

Freezinq: I like that I'm unique, and 'being' two genders is pretty fun. I love the support I get as well.

Jamie: So would you say that if given the chance to pick a gender and stay as one, you would choose to stay bigender?

Freezinq: Hmmm... Hard choice, either Bigender or Female. I'm 50/50. But I like feeling male, though.

Jamie: Is there anything you wish to say to everybody about being bigender or knowing someone who is bigender?

Freezinq: Being Bigender is different from being a Tomboy. Bigender is where your gender identity changes between two genders day by day, or possibly twice or more in one day. It normally lasts one day for me. Please be respectful to Bigender, Genderfluid, or anyone else if you have a friend like this. Ask what they are feeling like at the moment, make them comfortable when they are around you. We are all still human.

I am so thankful for freezinq for being so willing to talk about their situation. If you have anymore questions you wish to ask them please leave them down in the comments and if there's enough I'll do another interview with them as they said they would be happy to.

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