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My meandering thoughts

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February 22, 2015 at 11:28pm
February 22, 2015 at 11:28pm
Utopia and Dystopia are imagined worlds in which humanity lives in the worst possible or best possible conditions. If you were to write about either, which one would you choose and what would your version of that world look like?

Good, bad or ugly? Either place could have these characteristics. We all seem to be drawn to the dystopian writing. We like to promote the underdog. Give those less fortunate a chance at survival and maybe even a chance to overcome and win.

Utopia, a desired state is perceived to have less physical conflicts and more character conflicts. When you have it all what more do you want? If you don't have enough, who are you going to take it from? When you then gain your desire, what lengths will you go to keep it or take from someone else their fortune? Life is like this now. We don't have to dream it or make it up. There are those who have achieved great wealth through hard work, tickery, rich family or a winfall of the lottery. Again you still have the choice of, what to do to keep it?

Either place will need the same things. A city/state or universe with some kind of living space. Be it the Taj Mah Hal or a burned out warehouse, you will need to have a base of operation. We have seen on TV and movies dystopian worlds. Not too many movies are made up of Utopia. Jim Carey's TV Land is one I think of. Stepford Wives. Now I ask, what about Iron Man? Would you say he lived in a Utopian world? How about Gotham? Dystopian? Jurassic Park? What kind of world would that fall into? Untopia is my vote, but you might see it in a different light.

You will need some kind of outside influence. These worlds will need a "take over" mentality group. You are in the group or you are fighting them. Either world has to have this conlict medium. You choose based on the story you'll write. I mentioned movies in the previous paragraph. These movies all had some kind of outside attack made on their world or those in it.

At first when I read the prompt I almost skipped it. I'm glad I didn't. This question has sparked a lot of deep thinking into the worlds we build that aren't like WALKING DEAD. They aren't handed to us with the total wipeout of a known existence. What if that didn't happen? What if you were set into a world of glitter, champaigne and caviar? What if you had to fight just as dirty and underhanded to keep what you had? Or you are the servants in this world collecting others to do a take over. You probably know more about your bosses weakness' than they do.

This prompt should trigger a lot of feedback mentally and conversationally with others. I'd love to read it

February 18, 2015 at 1:36am
February 18, 2015 at 1:36am
What do you think about thinking itself, in general? Do humans think all the time?

I smiled when I read this prompt. Women's minds are always thinking. They open the file drawer in the morning and pull out a stack of folders. Through out the day their minds have to deal with a number of file drawers and folders. Sometimes they can close a drawer and sometimes a folder gets moved to another file drawer.

Most men on the other hand deal with one drawer at a time. They wake, open the drawer for the day and deal with all their folders in and out. Then close the drawer when they leave work or take it home leaving that drawer open. The idea that one can deal with multiple situations throughout the day/week and month is foreign to most men. They accept their lot in life and are amazed at the juggling a woman does.

Never ask a man how he's feeling (unless he's sick). Always ask a man, "What are you thinking about this minute?"
"Right now?"
"No the moment I asked the question."
Chances are you are going to get a very odd disjointed thought. Safety answers are, "You dear."
They get the eyeball roll. If there is a long pause while they think of an answer you'll accept, you might want to ask that more often or keep him engaged.

Humans are higher on the animal chain as they can think, reason and have free will to chose their life. Animals have instinct and can be taught to respond, but rarely rationalize a situation.

We can create with our minds. Process a formula and end up with a conclusion. Sometimes right, wrong and way off base. We have that ability. Our creative process varies with each person's makeup.

Some are pantsters who write while the juces flow then go back a rewrite until its the best it can be. Others plan every detail. Some like me plot the story, maybe add some notes by chapter points to keep the story flowing, but then just sit down and write.

Training your creative mind to think along a pattern that seemingly works but needs an adjustment now and then is a good thing. We learn by asking questions, trying different styles and formats to our writing until we find the best one for us or that particular storyline.

I once saw a show about a man who had been deaf all his life and got a cochlear emplant and could hear. By the end of the day he was back at the hospital crying. He couldn't deal with all the sounds bombarding him. As children we adjust to sounds and filter what we want to hear and ignor the rest. We get "selective" hearing when we get older. Our brains think the same way. We can train it to filter what we don't wish to think about and concentrate on the things we like.

All in all it still means, putting your buttocks in a seat and writing. Then doing it repeadedly. Happy writing.

February 7, 2015 at 11:40pm
February 7, 2015 at 11:40pm
"If you don't don't know where you are going, any road will take you there." George Harrison Do you agree?

I went on a 3 week road trip with my husband. In the early days of our marriage (now arriving at 42 years) I did the navigating by holding up the atlas or fold out map with the pre-planned route in color. The paper type maps we used or the atlas allowed one to see the begining and the end of the trip. Very nice for those of us navigating.
Now days its a bit different. When I planned his trips for him I printed out the map quest with the hi lighted route and the written directions. That was great until I traveled with him and couldn't do that. The WAZE he uses gives him directions from some far away planet, inhabited by a crazed maniac that loves to plan a route that is neither the most direct or fastest.
When you have never been to the destination before, any road the strange woman speaking from the phone tells you to go, is supposed to get you there. When I'm able to zoom out on the map and see the whole route to its final destination, I can reroute as we go. Not so with the insane woman who keeps yelling, " Make a left/right then another Left/right" until you are back on the wrong street following her turning instructions.

FEB 6th
I'm going easy on ya this time. Make a list of 15 things/elements of your favorite television program and place them in italics in your blog as part of your conversation with us. Don't tell us the name of the show but you can include locations, common phrases used in the show. Let's see how many of us can guess correctly. Kind of like playing charades but blog style.

I can't make a conversation using these things so I will just list them for you. Please don't google until you are sure you dont know.

An uncle estranged from the family has left his antique shop to his niece and nephew.

They are joined by their uncle's friend and occultist

"The cup of Time"
"Read my lips"
"Cupids Quiver"
"Root of all Evil" to name just a few episodes

Revenge for the soul that was lost
Cutting edge for the time, pushed the violence envelope and only lasted 3 amazing seasons.
The director and actors had ties to a movie with the same name

Had a sister site here on WDC, (One of my favorite places to visit and use for inspiration)
I would love to resurrect this series, but others have done so already, just not enough story to my liking.
The series was nominated twelve times for writing, editing, directing, production design, acting, sound and music in Canada.

January 26, 2015 at 2:40pm
January 26, 2015 at 2:40pm

I'm sorry none of the prompts I was able to read caught my interest. I left week two of Jan with my husband on a trip to the South. An hour or so south of Atlanta to start with. From there it snowballed and we were on the road for three weeks.
I saw a lot of country I that I'd not seen before as well as passing through some familiar places. As we had to take a sudden side trip to Ashland, KY I realized that this was close to the area I'd used as a setting for my novel. The hills were a little smaller than I'd expected. I'm from the Pacific Northwest where mountains abound. What are mountains to some are more like hills to me.
I also learned to pronounce Appalachaien correctly. I said it with a long -l-A-chein. Its more the A in Latte. Something new all the time.
Life is about growing. In the last three weeks I've had a wonderful time touring the area between Atlanta, GA, Memphis, TN and Indianapolis, then to Baltimore where we drove to The Amish country (we checked up on the quilt we ordered) and back home. I learned what to pack and what not to pack next time. I'm skipping his next trip, whenever it is, and will go out another time.

On January 20th my novel was published in e-book format. Insomnia-Publishing out of NH is now working on the paperback release. I know I've had short stories published in the past six years. The fact they were chosen and published gives me a great feeling, and to say "I'm published." What has really made me proud and amazed at the same time is the response to the book. Now I get to hear from those who have read it. They have no reason to lie or tell me they liked it when they didn't. These people (I'm surprised at those who are reading it) say they love the story and can't wait to get back to reading it. Some have sat down and read it all at once. Others its taken a few days. That in itself tells me the story is holding their interest.
Last night a gentleman leaned over the pew at church and said, "Wow, I'm sitting behind a real author." Then in a couple of minutes he said, "After reading about the hoarder, I had to go and start cleaning my closet." We both laughed. He's reading my book! This guy is a few years older than I am and has poor eyesight. Beside the fact he is very narrow minded about what he reads. I don't think he will be too shocked. I don't use bad words or have sex in my book.(Sorry people its about characters not sex) If he gives me a thumbs up then I really have made the cut with the very religious!
Its not a religious book at all.

I'm hoping to get a little vacation in Mar for the two of us that has no work or driving involved. Just reading, relaxing and playing. I'll catch-up on the next book I'm working on.

January 6, 2015 at 5:38pm
January 6, 2015 at 5:38pm
What would make an effective leader? Which characteristics, do you think, a good, effective leader should have?
A leader is a servant to the group. This person knows the scope of the group, its goals, strengths and weaknesses. A leader makes sure everyone in the group is heard no matter what is said. No question or suggestion is too stupid. Even if they are a leader will make the person feel it was ok to say it, even when it wasn't received well. If others begin to make fun of the speaker, a leader will nip the comments and keep the group on track. They will let it be known, intolerance will not be tolerated.
A leader will guide the group to a common place all at one time and not move so far ahead of the group acting alone. As an example I will tell a personal story. I had a pastor who isn't known for his good driving skills. At 70+ I chose to drive myself to a meeting. I was following him and he knew it. He took a way I wasn't familiar with. He had to merge into a heavy traffic lane that eventually accessed to a freeway. No minding that not only was I following, but he didn't mind the traffic. He drove along side the lined up cars and eventually pushed his way into the line while cars honked and gave him hand gestures. I was granted entrance by a nice person. He didn't wait to see if I got on the freeway, but hurried on to the meeting. Eventually after a phone call and directions I arrived. My comment to him was, "You make a great pastor but a terrible leader." One never should be so far ahead of those following that they can't be seen or heard.

My daughter is an Admin assistant. What she sees in the groups she has to admin for is unbelievable. No one cares for anyone but their own friends. All others are just there for their existence. Leaders can be made if they want to be made. I don't think they are born leaders. Environment over genetics.
December 21, 2014 at 4:28pm
December 21, 2014 at 4:28pm
Gandhi said, "Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony." Agree or disagree? Is there more to happiness than that?
I do not agree with this statement as it is written. I think the statement is possible. What if you were angry? what you said what you thought and what you did was in harmony? Is that happiness?
I truely believe happiness can only be experienced if there is something external that resonates with an experience of the same magnitude inside. What I mean is; if you see a chocolate bar and smell it and you already know what it tastes like, the combination of the sight, memory and taste will combine to give you "happiness." If you have never experienced lets say for instance, a roller coaster, you might not feel the same way as others do.
I don't like the feeling of having my stomach drop or climb into my throat. I might not mind it once, but repeatedly? Not me. However, there are many who will travel great distances to experience the biggest, highest and fastest roller coasters made. When they see it, they can imagine the feeling and they will be euphoric even before getting into the car.

I also believe that the only real or true happiness is something asked for and given by a higher power. One who has that ability. This last week I lost a very good friend (see my post 12/17) When I saw him I was happy to see him. When I heard his voice I knew it was someone who understood me and my feelings. I appreciated his strength and abilities. I will miss him. I have a mixed feelings. I'm sad at him not being there to give me a hard time. I know he has stepped into heaven and is walking or jumping on streets of gold. Saying hello to the many friends who have gone on before. Would I wish him back if I could? Not in a heartbeat. Have you ever known someone to win the vacation of a lifetime? Would you ever wish time could be called back and they didn't win it? Only if you are selfish and hard hearted.
All people are born with a missing part in their life. Some will spend money, to buy what they think will bring happiness. Drugs, alcohol, friends, making more money, but what they really need is God. Its that simple. Whether you believe in Him or not, the fact doesn't change; we need God in our lives to be truly happy. Why not try it? If you're honest and ask to find him, he will be there to guide you.

At this season where God gave his only son to the world as a gift with a purpose, you might take the time to find out what he is all about and how you can receive the greatest gift he has, Happiness beyond what you can contain.

December 18, 2014 at 1:19am
December 18, 2014 at 1:19am

Prompt: Someone is baking a cake for you in the shape of six books. Name the books you would choose for the cake.

The first one would be MY novel The Vanishing of Katherine Sullivan The second would be Lord of the Rings (even though I've never actually read the books) The third would be Deception Point by Dan Brown and the fourth I guess would be Shanna. The fifth would be Term Limits by Vince Flynn. The sixth would be Mind Games by Christine Feehan.

I have read so many books in a variety of genres that its hard to pick 6 other than my own. What would be the criteria? Most read? Then, since i very rarely read a book twice much less three times it would be The Mistress of Mellyn by Victoria Holt. Its the only one I remember reading over a number of times. I was young and it was the first real GOTHIC ROMANCE i'd ever read.

I'm not sure what I would pick as the next criteria? I chose LOTR because I love the cover and the characters (in the movies) Its a classic. There are many books I think are classic and could make a long list. I also think most are still advised reading in Lit class in schools today. Deception Point is a book I've read parts of a few times over. Its the way he wrote the book. The twist, the mystery of how it would end. It kept me reading. rather listening. I would sometime find myself not able to get out of the car since it was on CD. I recommend this book to many people as I think its his best book. Better than Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons. I wish he'd go back to writing like his first two books. The last 2 were abominable.

Shanna is an all time classic love/mystery story written by another classy woman, Katherine Woodiweiss. No I didn't name my book after her. Maybe there was a subliminal thought but it wasn't intentional. This book has conflict, conflict and more conflict. Just when you think its resolved Shanna makes a change and Roark just bides his time. Interspersed is a murder mystery. Clues are given. There is a Chekov's gun but so skillfully placed you have no idea until the murder is revealed who it is. Maybe not Chek's gun, but the murderer is placed with clues you don't see until he is revealed. Did I say he? oh well one clue is thrown to the audience.

There you have it. I love a book with a twist. Something that keeps me reading, conflicts that have me wondering what is really going to happen next. Like the movie DEVIL I love the ending where ALL the loose ends are tied and I sat there in awe of a well crafted storyline. Movie was a little gory, but the story line was infallible.

I have a story like that, I have the beginning, start of the middle but am missing the end of the middle and the beginning of the wrap up. Maybe I should skip the middle and just write the beginning and the end, Call it a short story. HA HA HA!

December 17, 2014 at 5:26pm
December 17, 2014 at 5:26pm
In Memory of my friend Dan Walden

It is with a very sad heart that I write today. This morning my husband called me to tell me our friend died in his sleep sometime last night. Dan is the same age as I am, 62. He was like my older brother/"husband" during the months of September through Dec. We were joined at the hip decorating the Church for the annual Christmas on the Camp grounds. I lost my job and got busy doing other things this year. I didn't help out as I usually do. The people in charge were changed with a new and brighter purpose. Dan was deep into overseeing the decorating crews. I stepped out for a break. Now I will wonder if I had done more maybe he might not have had the same end? Was he so stressed (a normal for Dan) and I might have alleviated some of it? It was a passing thought. I know God had a hand in whatever happened. It wouldn't have mattered if I were there or not when He calls. I'm just glad it was in Dan's sleep.

I've known Dan since I was a kid. He lived 28 miles away in another city. He played the harp and studied music. He followed in his father's footsepts as a Music director. Over the years I've visited my folks, attended our midsummer church convention and Dan was our music director.
When I moved to Portland and was asked to sing in the choir then to be in charge of the dramas, Dan was right beside me. When it was discussed that the church would put on a yearly Christmas on the Campground light display and walking Nativity, Dan and I worked on this activity. To say we worked closely is putting it mildly. He became my "church husband" We texted and talked every day often multiple times a day through Dec until a few months later when we took down all the lights and put them away.

I find as I contimplate our friendship and the relationship our families had my heart is heavy with sadness. I will miss Dan so much. His laughter. his unique directing style (He put his whole body into directing) and his nervous nasal sniff. I wish he was here to share the release of my novel, he would have loved to help me with its launch.

I don't question God's plans. In 2000 He took a cousin suddenly with an anurism. Her full-time involvement in sewing costumes for the Christmas and Easter programs as well as decorating the cabins used for visitors was a great loss. Her niece stepped in and took up the slack. Others have found a spot to fill her shoes. I'm sure God has someone that will step in and fill Dan's shoes. They were big and talented.

Dan Walden you will be missed by many. I know there are many what will be there to welcome you into heaven.

My friend and church Husband
December 10, 2014 at 1:23am
December 10, 2014 at 1:23am

Prompt: A second Royal Baby will soon be joining the Windors in England. Would you rather be an heir to the throne or an off the hook sibling?

In response to this question I don't believe there is any difference in treatment to either. As I saw The boys grow up the only difference is in the protection of the heir. They are both well liked and due to the strong will of their deceased mother, they gained a life they might never have had.

I would never want to be a member of the immediate Royal family. As disfunctional as it is, they are held to a high standard by their subjects and the media. I love being a nobody. The only fame I desire is to have my book read by thousands of people. I'd love to be a successful and well known author. Its a lot of work, but I'm sure the Boys of the Royals might not want to trade my lowly state for their advantages.

December 9, 2014 at 1:30am
December 9, 2014 at 1:30am

Prompt: In movies and fiction, cartoonish heroes and characters such as Rambo, Batman, Indiana Jones, Wonder Woman and The Warrior Princess Zena charm the audiences. Why do you think is this popularity of cartoonish heroes, and why are they so loved in popular culture?

Since the begining of written storytelling, we have used pictures to tell the story. Then along came the "Comic Book." Stories written with the combination of pictures and words.

I often heard from teachers and some adults that "Comic books were for idiots that couldn't read!" That was never my idea. The art work that went into depicting a character was just as important as the verbiage a writer used to depict the same characters. Yes, it is easier to relate to a picture than have to come up with the picture in our heads. The reader being subject to their own ideas and experiences may have different ideas about what a written character might look like.

Reading these paper stories in the late 50's and 60's seem to bring the adults wrath upon children. They were demeaned for liking to read this form of written storytelling. I never understood why. These stories had just as much thought, plot and character in them as was the artistic aspect of them. In order to keep kids buying the books, the writers had to have characters that were bigger than life. They had to overcome great odds. They might even have to use powers or instruments no one had ever thought about.

Talking wrist watches, webs that squirted from the wrist of a suit. Hooks and ropes that looked small when tied to a belt yet could be thrown to attach to tall buildings. We want to believe that good overcomes evil. We might like the evil guy, but never want him to win.

Watching Gotham, the TV program is very interesting. The characters are deep. The story intertwined. They weave the back story into the week's plot so one doesn't have to have it told to them up front. Although the whole Gotham story is back story to the original Batman. They have written these backstory characters with faults the person watching feels sympathy for. We all dispise The Joker. Here we see the had a bad home life, was bullied and treated badly. It made him what he became. Lesson? Don't bully kids, they turn into killers with face paint!!!

I remember reading my first real love stories in a comic book. Archie comics. They were teens when I was a teen (of sorts) I could identify with them. I loved the interactions and the conflicts. Each month I saved my nickel or quarter to buy the next installment.

It's no different today. The format has changed. Some are still soft paper but now the writers and artists have created live versions of what we imagined. They are life size on a screen. On our DVR so we can watch them over and over.

After the old comic books preserved in mint condition rack up millions of dollars to some collectors, we know animation and the animated heros and heroines of the past will be around for generations to come.

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