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September 9, 2014 at 6:11pm
September 9, 2014 at 6:11pm

The only news I have that's new Is I'm not working and have to get another job. That is a whole new story. Let me just say this about that.... When one owns a company and has children who have become employees and moved up the ranks or are now the RANK & FILE of the company, they need to take classes. They need to know how to run a business for the next generation. What the Dad did might not be the same vision or situation that the children are going to face. Economy is different, laws are different, requirements are different and that needs to be something the next generation has to learn.
Just because the Dad was successful at one time, doesn't mean the same rules will apply to the next generation. How sad when just a few years after the first generation is retired, that the next generation is so short sighted that they don't see the life draining out of the company. Anyway. My position had been eliminated because I did such a great job building a reoccuring pipeline, They don't need me any more.

Sad because that pipe line was built pretty much with me at the pump house. I might just turn the wheel and shut some of it down to be diverted through me to other sources.

Breaking news, Never be so arrogant that you allow your pumphouse to stand alone with no support, foundation or appreciation. If you try to divert the water after the pumphouse, you may find the source is dry at your end. Water will not pump on its one all the time! You'll get just what gravity sends you.

Ok so I'm a bit snarky about my job. I am good at it. So good I may be able to do it without my former boss and send my leads to a variety of sources for bids! Shazaam!

*Countryus* * *Countryus*

Two days until the anniversary of 9/11 and I will not forget nor will I bury my head in the sand and say the Taliban is gone and there is no one to be afraid of. The complete idiocracy of our LAME DUCK president is beyond words. When he speaks the forked tongue stabs everyone listening...

August 25, 2014 at 10:37am
August 25, 2014 at 10:37am
PROMPT: What do you like to find in a blog prompt? Do you prefer open-ended or very specific prompts? Is there a particular type or element of a prompt that you dislike? Do you have a prompt that you think would be great? Include it and I'll see what I can do to make that happen.

I'm glad you asked. I've been following the blog prompts for a while. Some I can really get into and others I ignore. They either have no application in my life or writing style (sometimes I just don't have time to write or opportunity). I don't mind genre prompts. Some I can comment on just in general.

I feel blogging is putting your thoughts and ideas down in print. The prompts help to jog the thought process which may lead to other things. If you were to take the days I didn't write (minus weekends) you would be able to tell the ones I ignored. I can't say I dislike any of the prompts. Some are better than others. I can tell when the prompt is a "throw it out because I don't have time to think or research another."

I would prefer those who do the prompts to look at other sites, Facebook and just things that people are asking about. At a writers conference, I saw a notebook with 365 days of prompts. I picked it up a few times and then decided I have enough prompts I don't do, I didn't need another notebook of prompts I don't do.

I like writing prompts that tickle the creative part of your brain. Things around you that you take for granted until you have to use them in your settings, situations. Writing them helps to keep your brain and eyes actively seeking adj.
For instance: Your MC walks into a room and meets his/her hero/enemy. From the MC POV write the setting and their first dialogue.

Create a backstory for a character in your favorite story.

Write a comedic scene for a serious character.

Why do you write the genre you do? What is it that intrigues you about this genre over others?

A 5x grandfather/mother is time warped into your living room. How do you explain the items they see in this room?

I have trouble describing people. I read, "Go sit at a mall or public place and write what you see about people. I see people. they are walking, talking and eating. To me they are just people. I don't get how to do that.

I can write the scene. People, siting on a bench, resting, waiting for someone shopping. Someone reading a book or paper while eating their lunch. They look like an employee as they are wearing a shirt with some kind of logo on it, or a name tag. A woman walks by removing her name tag. Why? She doesn't want anyone to know her name? Feels self conscience about wearing a name tag?

At the opening of a C.J. Banks store they were offering 40% discounts on clothes if you modeled on their little fashion show. When I got there they had enough models and asked if I would be a store mannequin. I thought sure! I picked my outfit and stood in the window facing the escalator and an entrance from the outside. People ignored me as I stood still, my arms in a stiff position much like you see on a mannequin. My eyes, however followed people. It freaked them out. They came up the escalator and saw me. My eyes followed them as they began their walk down the aisle. Then I winked at them. They jerked to a stop and stared. I went back to looking at the next person. It was the kids that were funny. They looked and stared then I stuck my tongue out at them. They tugged on their mother's shirt but I wasn't looking any more. I looked back at them and widened my eyes. They began tugging harder and finally their mothers looked and a I waved. They laughed. I had a couple come in the store and tell the employees they liked the human mannequin in the window. They asked if I would come back the next time they did this. OF course!~ 40% is a good deal!!! I had too much fun not to do it.~

August 22, 2014 at 1:10pm
August 22, 2014 at 1:10pm
Your younger self is about to be offered your first job. What would you tell yourself knowing what you know now?

This is a hard question. There are many things I'd like to do over yet as I look back, I learned so much from the mistakes I made. Given the era, if I could have, I might have buckled down and did better at school. I had no self-confidence so the thought of going to college even if I could have afforded it was out of the question. What would I do with a college education? what would I be? I still have no idea what I would have chosen for a major. Life was grey, with marriage and children as the only goal I was told I was good for....

I'm terrible at math. I think I would have gained more confidence if I would have had a mentor that guided me to see where my strengths were. To really show me I was a person with abilities worth developing. That never happened.
As I said in my Red Carpet blog, it wasn't until then that I felt I had the ability as a writer to "BE SOMEONE." I'm willing to work at marketing my book when its published, but all the things I learned over the years has made me what I am so I can't fault that. I often wonder what I might have been if I would have taken a different course. I'd not had my two wonderful kids, but there might have been others.

I my advice to my younger self, if I were able to go back and stand by her would be don't get married so quick. Step back. Is this what you really want or is it the despiration talking? I would have sat her down and said let's look at your options. Take some CC courses in business so you could be something more than a flunky or an assembly worker.

I had no dreams, no aspirations. There was nothing I got from home or marriage in the way of encouragement to step out and find a job in a good company where I could work my way up the ladder. My sister did data entry and was very good at it. (It was key-hole punching) She and her friend out did all the older ladies at Penny's office and they got mad at these young girls for doing so well and making them look bad. My other sister is an accountant and very good at her job.

I had no experience in anything like that. Even today my typing is bad and my arthritic finger sticks out and makes things hard. Okay, no excuses, it isn't that bad. I do have terrible skills. I'm great at customer service and doing cold calling for the business I'm at now. Even that is waining and it looks like the end of this position is near.

I would be great working at a hotel; setting tables, greeting guests and working in hosptitality. That being said, I don't like working Saturday and Sundays. I have church commitments that I need to be available for evenings also. The Hospitality business is a 24/7 job dedication. They want you when the customer wants you.

I guess I'm no better at doing anything then than I am now. I'm older, expierenced the world of hard knocks, I have good work habits, but I have my foiables too.

If I could just win the lottery, it doesn't have to be a big one, just big enough to let me retire and work part time. Better yet, be able to travel and write whenever I wanted to. It is my goal to someday be able to go to a writers weekend or some big writers convention. I saw one listed ofr next year in Minneapolis, MN for a weekend. I have my eye on that. My daughter lives there and I can stay with her. There were some very big names going. By then my first novel will be out and I can hand out bookmarks and postcards to people.

August 21, 2014 at 11:53am
August 21, 2014 at 11:53am
You hear a noise coming from your book shelf. Your books are talking to each other. Which books are they? What are they saying?

"The dog's ruffing again, its bedtime."
"That dog is always on time to get them to go to bed. Now maybe she'll head over here before she goes to bed."
"Yep, here she comes. I know she's going to pick me, I've been sitting here for months, since her Aunt suggested I would be a great inspirational read."
"Who's talking up there, I can't tell."
"Quiet, Listner she just put The Hotel on the corner of Bitter and Sweet on the shelf. That's an odd choice. Not like any of the rest of us."
"None of us are like the rest, she hasn't picked up How to Write a Thriller in a year now. How do you think I feel?"
"Really? She grabbed How to Write and publish your First Novel, and The Litererary Guide and sent them off for a visit to another home. Who knows when we'll see them.
"She tapped me the other day."
"Well, she's going to do the Nano again so of course she'd look at you, No Plot, No Problem"
"I saw her signing up for two WDC classes to get ready for the Nano. I wonder what she'll write about this time?"
"I won't be anything related to you,How to write a Romance"
"(sigh) Why can't she just write a romance for once?"
"Hey! Quiet down over there. She never comes to this side of the fireplace. How would you like to be squished in a row of John Grisham books?"
"Watch it bud, What is The Last Templar doing over here anyway? These are her husband's books, you should be over there with all her How to it books."
"I don't think you should be too uppity. She bought the Jan Karron set for her father and when he died she got them back. She's never read them but here they sit on our side."
"We're the better books. We're hardbound.That's why we're all on this side of the fireplace."
"Speak for yourself Girl who Kicked the Hornets Nest You're her book set, there is one paperback among you so don't get too uppity."
"She's headed this way again. There she goes, picking the one book that gets the more reading time than any of us."
"Is it one of her Christine Feehan books?"
"Well, I can't argue with that choice. Guess we can all go to sleep now."
"Night, The Writers Journey"
"Goodnight, It I'm glad your books are all together now.

August 19, 2014 at 11:48am
August 19, 2014 at 11:48am

It seems my fears have been realized. My position will soon be eliminated. As I said in my last post/rant that when I was hired it was to call customers and clients for new business. I was so good at it that they now call me with business. I'm no longer needed as the business is set (in my bosses mind) and they are getting all kinds of business without my intervention.

When he heard I might take my skills out into the field and "shop" the business I would otherwise hand over, he was concerned it would be a conflict of interest as my husband works in the field doing somewhat the same a I am doing. HMMM??

If he doesn't think I can make any money doing that job and it isn't of value to him to keep my doing it full time, then he shouldn't have to worry about what little business I might find on my own. I think there's a concern that its possible I WILL get business and shop it getting the best price for my customer. Then what? He's in a pickle jar.

What I don't want is for him to keep me on in the position with an axe over my head and a rope around his neck. This has to be a mutual benefit for both of us. He has to feel that I am a valuable employee to the company and worth my pay or forget it. Just because I know what I'm doing and he has a perception about it, isn't my problem.

He was taught that the value of an employee is what they know about the product or has a skill that would be difficult to replace. Like the girls that "work" here. One is the shipping/?payable person. She sits all day in her office and piddles around doing what the 'accountant' should be doing. The other one plays on her computer and runs back and forth talking to the other one five or six times a day. He has no clue because he isn't in this office and is 1200 miles away. The one who should be reporting all this isn't or the boss isn't listening.

All I can say is I like what I do, but if it isn't valued then I'll go elsewhere.

August 16, 2014 at 1:24pm
August 16, 2014 at 1:24pm
I am going to vent about my work situation.

I was asked by a long time friend of mine and my parents, if I could do a job for them none of their employees would do. Make follow-up phone calls. I told them I'd love to. It was something I'd done well before so I knew the process.

I began the job with gusto, calling vendors and distributors/customers. It went well the first year and a half. I was bringing in business they weren't getting otherwise. (Keep that last part in your mind) The commended me, by giving me a small commission on the business I brought in. In the mean time the Owner had some health issues and began to spend less and less at the business. #3 of the four sons who work there began the take over process. (See where I'm going?)

My calls, follow-up and new business were still bringing in a good supply, but the repeat business was equal with the new business. I make cold calls all day long and take in any business that is sent our way from previous contacts I'd called as well as referrals. All of the sudden my commission was taken away. I was told I had to reach a certain $ amount each year to make it worth their while to keep me.

I covered the required $ amount and added to it. It still wasn't enough. I had mentioned that the cold calls were harder to find on my own and I needed a service to provide me with leads. I talked one of the brothers into getting me the service and it has generated over what they paid.

A few weeks ago I got an EMAIL that my hours would be cut to 4 hours a day and that none of my repeat business would be attributed to me as they "Would have gotten it anyway." I had to get New Business and still make the quota. Even though he looked me straight in the face (at at a meeting I asked for when he came to town) and said there isn't really a $ amount but said I had to get this new business. I had to the end of the year to prove I was worth keeping on.

REALLY? I began bringing in business based on the web searches. I have no way to check to see if they are customers or vendors so I get a notice: "They buy from us, this doesn't count." I am so through with this. These boys have no business sense. They have done things the way their father did. He has no business sense. If you bring in inventory and can sell it at a profit, have an accountant (#1 son) who can't manage his own money, deligate the payables and recieveables to others you can run a business. They are nothing more than INVENTORY SPECIALISTS. They bring inventory in and sell it at a profit then spend the profit on a high lifestyle. When the slush fund gets tight, they cut their employees pay, take away incentives.
If it weren't for the fact that there is a dedication to the Owner most would walk away. I think many will be looking for another job. Some are close to retirement, or were until the recession hit. I have a few years before I can really retire. I've been putting feelers out and have a possiblity.
Here is the thing that put a little smile on my face yesterday. My hubby is close to #4 son. He called him and said, "Tina is ready to quit. #3(CEO)son taken all this and that away and made her job impossible to do." He went on to tell him all that happened, even though he sits just a few yards from my office, none of the brothers talk about what the other is doing with the $ or the company. #4 son was surprised at what was going on. My husband said, "In any other company after 3 years of doing this, all the incoming business would be turned over to her and she would follow-up with no requirement other than to do her job. New business would be a plus but not a requirement to keep her job." #4 son agreed. The kicker was when he told the son, "She's thinking of going on her own, doing exactly what she does now but shop the inventory instead of just turning it over to you. Is she does that how much do you think you'll get from your repeat customers she has already made friends with. You won't know who these people are you are buying their inventory unitl it is shipped to your location." #4 son is the smart, frugal one who owns most of the company but has no real backbone or desire to do anything but what he does. He does see the problem and is going to talk to #2 son and together they will confront #3 son with the problem. It may or may not make any difference but they will see that if you don't honor loyalty and reward it now and then, it go away and then come back to bite you in the END.

August 15, 2014 at 2:24pm
August 15, 2014 at 2:24pm
You were hired by Yelp, to write a restaurant review about an amazing restaurant in your city. Give us some examples of things you liked and disliked in your review. Convince us this is the place to go.

Key's Cafe and Bakery Twin Cities,Minnesota.
Key's was started when Barbara, a single mother wanted to provide for her girls and do something she loved to do. Cook.

The restaurants serve well porportioned plates of appitizing, comfort food. A number of years ago when one of the restaurants opened in our area, we began a ritual of Saturday morning family breakfasts there.
They have a lunch/dinner item that's their specialty and that is the Open-faced Turkey sandwich and the Turkey dinner. Served every day. The gravy is so good, I made arrangements with the manager and cook to buy a 1/2 gal or so the day before Thanksgiving. Why would I try to duplicate the gravy when I can use theirs and everyone loves it.
One of the restaurant's (White Bear Lake) chief's made a mullagantawny soup that had me calling to find out what day it would be made. I'd never had a soup like it and haven't had since. The Chef no longer works for the company but the taste of the apple, curry, chicken soup remains with me.
Barbara began her restaurant in St.Paul with a number of soup choices and sandwiches that is still the menu's staple.
We take our visitors there for a meal and they love it.
When I go back to MN for a visit I stop at one of the restaurants for a meal.

August 12, 2014 at 2:26pm
August 12, 2014 at 2:26pm
Robin Williams is dead. What a shock it was to hear those words. I listened to a number of stations to be sure then called family and friends to tell them the news.

I felt sad. Very sad as the news of his death came forth that he had committed suicide. WHY? He was a great guy, so everyone says. He had so much to live for. What would drive a man like that to suicide?

Depression is something I don't understand. I hear about it and wonder what is going on their minds? Why do some get it and others not? What is it about the brain that puts a cloud so far down on a person's mind they can't see any sunshine?

I'd like to slap a huge Bible verse on it but I hear that isn't the answer either. There are many Christians that face depression. Its the trick of the Devil I'm sure and its something many people have to deal with.

Robin was a hugely funny man that popped on the TV screen as Mork. I loved to watch him heard that he adlibed so much many of his fellow actors had to just go along with his diatribe. Similar to Tim Conway, once these comedians have a thought train it must be followed through to the end.

When Jonathan Winters came on the show it was a mad house. I didn't like the concept of JW character, but the action between the two comedians was unmistakeable. They were just too funny.

I loved his roles and he was an accomplished actor is his serious roles as he was in the comedic ones. I have never watched "Good Will Hunting." I have watched Dead Poets Society. I have to recitify that the concept of the story was not my favorite. In fact I still don't watch the whole movie. What impressed me was his teaching of the boys. His challenging them to step outside of tradition, the box, the norm and see what they could do to change the world around them. When he asked them to step on the desk, or to question authority in light of what was tradition not actual learning, I was moved. Then at the end when the boys stood on their chairs and began to recite (my eyes are already tearing up again so I can hardly type) "Oh Captain, My Captain, our fearful trip is done....." I wept like a baby. What honor to a man that became their friend.

It is my hope that at the funeral/memorial that someone will stand on their chair and recite that poem in honor of a great actor that has fallen. He wasn't an Abraham Lincoln, but he was a leader in his field. A man that stood out in a crowd and it probably wasn't what he wanted to do every time,but what he thought was expected of him.

I saw him as a man driven by his addictions, not just the drugs alcohol and depression, but driven by something deeper. He desired to be average. I can't say normal because I don't know what Normal is. But average is something he would have wanted.

To leave his house and not be mobbed by fans who adored him and expected him to be funny. When you are battling dark thoughts and constant insecurities that aren't true except in your mind, you'd like to never leave the house. There was the side of him that loved to entertain and that side warred with the dark side. I'm so sorry to see the wrong one won.

August 5, 2014 at 12:46pm
August 5, 2014 at 12:46pm
Have you had any experiences with a person who has become morally or politically corrupt? Do people need to be persuaded like Shakespeare's Macbeth or does it happen on its own? At first I almost ignored the prompt as something I had no experience with. BUT on further thought I had a lot to say. Please read below:

I can't say I've had this experience personally, but I've seen it in real life and seen it played out in books and on the screen. Its one thing that makes for a very good story line. The 7 "deadly" sins has since it was first enacted has been the subject of many a story, told first by the traveling minstrels and later in the written word.

What is it about sin that has everyone so interested? Corruption isn't what's interesting. If all we saw was Al Capone driving around shooting people or cattle rustlers stealing cattle, or kidnappers throwing people in a van and driving off, we'd lose interest real fast. Its human nature to have an equalizer. The Great Equalizer, demands a restitution for wrongs. These are choices made by people. Whether it's a lie, stealing, killing, embezzlement or just not doing something when you should, it's a choice. There are consequences to choices made.

We think of the word "consequence" as a negative. Yet the dictionary just defines the word as: a result or effect of an action or condition , neither good or bad.

Without some kind of interference one would expect the "sinner" to continue on their way. Its the result of what drives them to be morally or politically corrupt. Once the path is chosen, why would they change without some outside influence to do so. If one likes to stop and get a coffee every morning, why would they stop? No Money? late for work? see someone they don't want to talk to? These are all external interference that cause the person to rethink their habit or ritual.

So what is it that makes us tune in or open the cover when we read about corruption? We want to know if they were caught and how it happened. Who discovered the dastardly deed? Who blew the whistle? Who went undercover and got the goods on the corruption? That's what we want to know. What was the process of equalizing the evil with the consequences?

We saw the movie 21 (I think it was called) about these M.I.T. students who beat the system and robbed from the rich casino owners. Who did we root for? Think about this. It was the thief stealing from a thief. In the end the Vegas Casino owners, beat up the main teacher and one or two of the students as a warning not to come doing it again. The cheaters do not want to be cheated. What do you think about that?

We love reading about Robin Hood who robbed from the rich and gave to the poor. Did it make him in better in reality? They were both thieves. What is it about corruption that makes it good sometimes and not others? The act of corruption is still wrong, yet many justify it with the motive of the person committing it.

That's why we have ANTI-HEROS!!! YES!! there it is. We have a corrupt situation and yet we are drawn to sympathize with the person because why? There is a redeem-ability in them. We want to see the good not the bad.. For instance I am writing a character based on a concept we are all familiar with; a Mafia lord.

We see them in movies but they were real life people. These men were married ( I was married to the Mafia-movie) with families and children who attended school, went on trips, had parties in their homes and sometimes no one knew the father was a Mafia crime lord or drug dealer or hit man.

My character is one of the above. When my FMC meets him he is concerned about his sick wife. He needs a nanny for his children. FMC is hired but finds out his is an abusive Mine owner and prejudice against the Chinese that work for him. The reader doesn't find this out until the FMC does and then will worry what happens as she is part Chinese. Why has he chosen her for his Nanny?
The reader will have already come to see him as a "father" figure to her and his children and a loving concerned husband. What will happen when they see the real man?

This is what constitutes an ANTI-HERO. They make great characters in a story. Try writing about one.

Tina Weaver

August 4, 2014 at 1:25pm
August 4, 2014 at 1:25pm
This was an amazing two days. It's the first real writers conference I've ever been to. To see, talk to and meet published, and notable authors was amazing. To see other authors flagrantly, self-promoting was fun and inspirational.

On a whim, Saturday morning I pitched my novel to a film agent!. Really! with very little prep and just the idea that others thought it would make a great movie, I did it. I wasn't nervous because the outcome didn't make a difference to my work being published. That was an accomplishment in itself. I was just excited to hear a response. I didn't have any expectations so there was no need to be nervous.

Tai Duncan was a wonderful man who put me at ease and right up front told me that drama movies were usually only made from successful books, but he wanted to hear about my story anyway. After giving my pitch, he asked a few questions and said the thought the concept was very interesting. He asked me to contact him when the book was released and took my information (I don't have cards yet but will be making that happen pronto!)

Larry Brooks (www.storyfix.com) was a wonderful teacher of story structure. His Story:101 class fell a bit short as his computer is (10 yrs) old and kept timing out. For someone with his expertise, I would have thought he'd invest in a reliable laptop or tablet and know how to work the projector a little more. His basic premise was familiar to me as its what I've learned here on Wdc. He fumbled a lot but one thing stuck with me. When you ask a person what is their story about, they will ramble on, but what they have is an Biography of a fictional character. In a lot of cases this is true. Let me give you a great example.
Just after I walked out of that class we went to lunch. A woman sat next to me and we talked. She said she was going to pitch her book to an agent. I said, "OK, tell me your pitch."
"Its about a man who has been downsized in his job and buys a fixer-up house on the Columbia River. His wife is upset that he doesn't have any interest in seeking more work and it causes contention. He has interaction with his new tenants and meets an older concrete mason that teaches him about repairing his foundation." {I held back the Yawn} I asked my basic review questions.
1) What is the man's main goal in this story? None, its just about his journey through this time in his life and fixing the house and his relationships.
2) How does he change from the beginning to the end? Does he learn anything or make any changes in his life? No
I had an epiphany! This was exactly what Larry was talking about. She had no Goal, Motivation or Conflict AT ALL. I made some gentle suggestions that the conflict could be with the wife. That her needs were not being met with his lack of vision. I told her that women need financial security what he was no longer providing. That he wasn't meeting her needs with emotional support and encouragement. She hadn't addressed his needs. Why didn't he want to get a job and provide for his family which is necessary to a man's well being. Did he see his house as his castle and she wasn't fulfilling that need? How did he feel emotionally about his wife?
All these things would certainly make the story more interesting. I think she was married to her story and wasn't going to change it even when she said one Agent told her to make the wife a more prominent Character. I saw her the next day waiting for her turn to pitch. I don' t think anyone would want to read a "Biography of a Fictional Character." Boring!

Story 202: He got the computer synced and it was working fine. He was a great teacher and gave loads of information that was pretty easy to follow.
He broke writing a story down into easy to understand chunks with lots of examples you can go home and watch. He tells you to go watch the Hunger Games, get your stop watch out and test his theory. It works. He explained that THE HELP was rejected 46 times before it was picked up. She must have edited and changed and what was finally written followed the process that he laid out. Did she read his book? No. She is an instinctive writer and through the editing process ended up doing what he tells new writers to do.
Diana Gabaldon was the Key Note speaker at the Gala dinner. He repeated from an article interview that when she starts she doesn't know how the story will end. What she doesn't tell you is the first time though is pretty rough and with each draft she instinctively knows where to put the first Plot Point and to increase conflict. Then by the time she's edited it for the final draft which could be 5 or 6 or 10 drafts later she has a complete novel.
Its a harder way to write a novel. If you follow instruction, much like you would get from the"experts" here on Writing.com, you will get to bypass all that hard work of editing by planning the novel a bit at the beginning so you have a small skeleton to begin to hang your story on.

The other class I almost DIDN'T take was on designing covers. We all have a view of what we want our covers to say to the reader. BUT He said the cover should tell the reader the genre or entice them before they turn to the back. The more I listened the more I knew my cover didn't fit that criteria. Mine was sweet and kitschy not something that would get the reader to turn it over. Maybe a few people but not enough! I got home and went to the websites he gave us and began to look for a photo I thought would fit what I needed. After getting a few and a few ideas for my publisher I emailed them all to her with an explanation, Saturday night. I've yet to hear from her.
I think my new idea will be a much better one to grab the browsers interest. He said he'd even critique or redo free if we sent him what we had.
I picked a Gazebo in a park/ a couple of small town street scenes. I told her I wanted them photo-shopped to have a white and grey look with very little color. Maybe a flag on a beam in color. Then the figure of a women, either in black blurry silhouette or a real figure of a woman fading or ghost like. I changed the font and title lay out and will have my name Christina and Weaver spaced to fill the area under my first name to make a block like look. I'm sure this will be a better look.

I sat in a class on writing setting. Hallie Ephron is a wonderful speaker and has a lot of interesting ideas. She picked 4 people to read a setting from their MS. They were great and interesting. One I would love to read as the first line intrigued me. "The day MC fished the trunk out of the Mississippi river would be......" I can't remember the rest of that sentence but what came after as she began to describe the archaeological group poking in the muddy banks looking for bits of stuff left from the storm. She went on to include skeletons, metal, glass and what not. The writer gave the reader a very visual description of what was going on.

I plan on going again next year and then going to Wordstock Festival. I hope to have a booth selling a stack of my books

Tell us about something you follow.

What can I say I read Writing.com every day(almost) I follow my Facebook account and now and again Twitter (I'm still trying to figure out how to get around it)
On the TV side I have begun to follow GRIMM and I watch CSI and NCIS. That's pretty much it. If I'm not writing I'm just hanging out. My days are pretty busy with things right now.

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